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The correct choice of gun is only a part of being successful. You also need to choose a hull. The good news is that there are plenty of them in Tanki Online; from the lightest and fastest, to the heaviest and best protected. Each hull has also got 4 modifications (from M0 to M3). You can already try the most popular tactics on junior ranks without having to spend a large number of crystals. But it’s impossible to get everything you want at once. Particular hulls and modifications can be purchased only with a certain rank. Now let’s look at each hull in more detail.


Hull wasp m0.png

Fast, with negligible armor. Its high speed and maneuverability take skill to control, but allow it to perform well on cramped maps. Great with short-range guns.


Hull hornet m0.png

A light hull for those who want above average speed without completely trading off on armor. With its tendency to skid around corners, Hornet is a tough hull to maneuver but is nonetheless very steady. Looks great with any gun.


Hull hunter m0.png

An excellent choice for any tanker. It has decent speed for a medium tank and enough armor to handle itself well in battles at any range. Goes well with almost any gun and is a real hunter!


Hull vicing m0.png

A real Viking: wide and incredibly stable. Average movement and maneuverability, but enviable armor. Works well with mid and long-range guns.


Hull dictator m0.png

An unforgettable hull adored by seasoned clan players, Dictator inspires fear and commands respect. Its height allows it a higher vantage point from which to fire. On the flip side, this makes it a bigger target. It lacks speed, but has multiple armor plates to make up for it. Works well when outfitted with Railgun.


Hull titan m0.png

The name says it all: heavy armor, low top speed, tons of weight and power. A durable hull, ideal for those who want to last longer in skirmishes. Pairs beautifully with long-range guns.


Hull mammoth m0.png

There is no match for this one's armor, although your grandmother would beat it in a race. A fortress of a tank, chosen by those who are in no hurry and prefer to shrug off anything the enemy throws at them. Works best with long-range guns.

XT Hulls

Wasp XT Hornet XT Viking XT Mammoth XT