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The correct choice of gun is only a part of being successful: another critical element is your hull. The good news is that there are plenty of them in Tanki Online; from the lightest and fastest, to the heaviest and best protected. Like turrets, each hull has 7 modifications (from Mk1 to Mk7), and the higher your rank, the more powerful modification you're able to purchase. You can try all the most popular tactics at junior ranks without having to spend a large number of crystals, but beyond Mk2 or so, it’s impossible to get everything you want at once, so find a hull of each kind that you enjoy and specialize in it!

Now let’s look at each hull in more detail.

Light Hulls

The fastest way to get around the map, these three hulls all have an HP of 1000 at Mk1 and 2000 at Mk7+.


Hull wasp m3.png

Light hull. Has the fastest maximum speed. Overdrive plants a bomb with a timer.

A small light hull, “Wasp” can look dismissable only to beginners. Small size and high speed grant true freedom on the battlefield, but its speed and maneuverability are a pleasant extra benefit. From the structure of the hull, all of the unnecessary parts were removed, including armor, to allow the installation of the incredibly powerful N2-bomb. This tool for opening up any defense is actually a tiny thermonuclear round, which can be dropped without losing speed and enabling the tanker to quickly ditch the future hot spot. Extraordinary fireworks are always better observed from a nearby cover.


Hull hornet m3.png

Light hull. While turning can enter a brief drift. Overdrive allows to see all enemies in battle.

Light hull with aerodynamic curves. Moves beautifully smooth, carefully sliding between obstacles and other tanks. Top-notch dynamic attributes are required for recon operations leading into a lightning-quick attack. Powerful radar, thermal visor, and multichannel system of communication allow the tanker to detect all enemy tanks in the battle, fully analyze their current status, and send orders to allies. Also, an automated system of data collection and processing enables the hull to stabilize each shot and hit the weak spots in the target’s armor. This makes Hornet a must-have for any recon mission and quick strikes at the enemy base.



Light hull. It soars above the surface with outstanding maneuverability. Its overdrive doesn't just stun and set fire to enemy tanks, but also tosses «Hopper» up in the air so it can jump over obstacles.

The «Hopper» hover tank uses the maximum available antigravity engine resources to let the tanker pursue their dream — flying up to the sky far away from danger. Instead of armor and a defense system, the hull has a detonation jumping engine which can toss your tank to significant heights. Antigravs provide stability in the air creating enormous tactical opportunities. An opponent who is unlucky to be near you at the moment of your jump will regret it. The detonation engine instantly ionizes the air, stunning and torching everything that crawls on the ground. Are you daring enough to break through the enemy's defenses or perform a surprising escape with the flag? «Hopper» can do both.

Medium Hulls

A varied and versatile group, these four hulls all have an HP of 1500 at Mk1 and 3000 at Mk7+.


Hull hunter m3.png

Medium hull. Has the most maneuverability among all medium hulls. Overdrive disarms enemy tanks for a short time.

This hull, covered in strengthened armored steel, is the most universal. It will perfectly suit the fans of the active, dynamic battle, and also tankers who like to play positionally. You will never be out of work, be it protecting a point or an intense battle for a city block in ruins. The hull got its name from the ability to use an electromagnetic impulse and make the life of all enemies a living hell. Attacking from cover, Hunter can disable a full group of tanks, turning them into easy targets for fire. If you’re annoyed by an organized enemy team masterfully using supplies, then pick Hunter. After the first cover attack, all of the enemy tanks will start putting more and more distance between you.



"Medium hull. It hovers above the surface and can pass through any harsh terrain without difficulty. Use its overdrive to shoot a big icicle which can neutralize enemy tanks at large distances.

Second generation hover tank: to create a compact but powerful hull with attacking possibilities, a lot of ingenious solutions were used. Compactness of the second generation anti-grav allowed engineers to equip enough armor to the tank for it to be a medium hull without decreasing its speed. Attacking capabilities are provided by the built-in cannon. To meet the size requirements, instead of a super-powerful weapon, a cryo generator was installed. It makes a shell from almost nothing by cooling moisture and then shoots a big armor-piercing icicle. After being hit by the chunk of ice, the opponent's cannon will be frozen making it easy to finish off the tank, if not destroying it."


Hull vicing m3.png

Medium hull. It has the fastest speed among all medium hulls. Overdrive greatly increases the damage of its turret, thanks to the increased rate of fire.

This hull encompasses all of the latest military technologies combined in a single piece of engineering art. Enhanced armor and second-generation tracks system make this hull an outstanding universal tank. The hull can be used for any type of battle missions -- from strategic defense to a full-frontal assault. Named after the legendary warriors of the North, “Viking” is the most fearsome after overdrive activation. The supercharged weapon system will greatly increase the firing speed of any turret installed on the hull, swiping enemies off the battle with incredible ease. The best use of its superpower is to launch a surprise attack, since firing on all cylinders Viking quickly becomes the primary target for enemy snipers. That’s fair, considering true warriors always face death heads on.


Hull dictator m3.png

Medium hull. Known for stability and its size. Overdrive activates the effect of all supplies for itself and all nearby allies.

Thanks to an improved system of active protection and the latest composite material used in its construction, this hull successfully absorbs the energy of explosions from a round of any caliber, while still remaining a medium hull. Activation of its overdrive will force both attack and defensive supplies of the tank and nearby allies to activate. You will be fully repaired, extra protected, and gain more speed, plus also drop a mine. A pre-installed overdrive reactor doesn’t require user’s supplies to work. The owner of such a hull can easily lead the team into a full assault, taking the brunt of the attack, thanks to the size of the hull making it a perfect target for the enemy.

Heavy Hulls

The slow bastions of the battlefield, these three hulls all have an HP of 2000 at Mk1 and 4000 at Mk7+.



Heavy hull. Remains stable even when driving under fire. Its overdrive shoots a projectile that attacks enemy tanks with lightning and heals allies

The hovertank «Ares» became the first hull with an anti-gravity feature. The impressive weight and proportions of the first-generation antigravs predetermined the «Ares» entry into the heavy hulls category. The anti-gravity effect of the engine keeps the hull in a stable position, compensating for uneven surfaces and recoil when firing. To turn the hovertank in a battle, you need to try really hard. The uncompromising stability of «Ares» made it possible to build in a super-powerful weapon, which could not be used on other hulls: for prototypes, the first shot simply tore off the turret. Tankers say that this is the very same BFG- cannon. We do not know what they are talking about, but just in case, we ask you not to share this information.


Hull titan m3.png

Heavy hull. Known for increased dynamic. Overdrive puts down a protective dome, which protects the tank and nearby allies from enemy attacks.

Heavy hull for the hardest defense duties. Armor from the strongest titanium alloy combined with the perfect structure and geometry make Titan a perfect shield from even the big caliber turrets. And when it’s not enough, you can dispatch a stationary field generator, decreasing all incoming damage in a major way. Under the protection of the dome, you and your allies can withstand a focused fire from any turret. Tanker with this hull can dive straight into hell.


Hull mammoth m3.png

Heavy hull. Most mass and stability. Mammoth's overdrive boosts its speed and gives it a deadly touch that kills any enemy that comes in contact with it.

A moving fortress on tracks. Flagman among the heavy hulls. Solid piece of heavy, enforced by concrete armor, with slow speed, but capable of surviving under the fire of several enemy turrets at once. Even considering its impressive thickness, the defense is not the only function of this hull. Special AT-field, activated by overdrive, will allow this beast to drive through mines and protective barriers while brushing off the enemy fire of any intensity with ease and no visible consequences to its armor. It is literally unstoppable, even if you block the road with tanks, they will become an extra layer of metal on Mammoth’s tracks.

Special Hulls



He'll live

Juggernaut is a special hull that hoards a massive amount of hitpoints, five times more hitpoints than the most popular heavy tank, while also still being able to drive at a speed faster than any fully upgraded light hull. It has built-in immunity to all Status Effects, and comes equipped with a special overdrive that, when activated, fully restores the hull's health and launches nearby enemies away.