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Ico35.png Nicknames

Each user, when registering on Tanki Online, had to pick a nickname — there are millions of users currently registered and each one of them has his / her own personalized nickname! They may refer to famous people, famous books, films, comics, etc..., they may refer to invented fantasies made by users or even exist only thanks to random pressing keys on a keyboard — what is important to note is that each nickname is part of an user's career in Tanki Online and all his / her friends will address him / her with it!

Ico35.png Registration

It’s really easy to register an account in the game. First of all, you need to choose a nickname and a password. Later you will be able to link your Tanki Online account to your e-mail address. This will protect you and your tank from becoming a victim of violators and will let you easily change or recover your password.

Ico35.png Lobby

After completing the registration and entering the game, you will see the main game screen called the "Lobby". Here you can choose a game mode and enter a battle, read game news and communicate with other players using the Chat (chat is available after reaching the rank of Gefreiter).

Ico35.png Garage

In order to fight with opponents on equal terms you will need to equip your tank with state-of-the-art equipment. This can easily be done using the in-game shop. Any acquired items are carefully stored in your Garage. It will be kept perfectly safe by a team of experienced mechanics.

Ico35.png Settings

You can tweak the sound, adjust the image, change the password, specify your e-mail address and do many other things in the settings menu.
To open it you need to click on the corresponding button in the top right corner of the screen.

Ico35.png Tank controls

As the famous "GVA" once said, "If you want to survive, learn how to rotate your turret."
Learn all the ins and outs of the game controls here.

Ico35.png Mouse controls

Looking for something a bit different from the standard keyboard controls? Switch to mouse controls and command your tank in a whole new way. Learn all about mouse controls here.

Ico35.png PRO Battles

Want to create a battle with your own rules? Then this is the right place. Specify preferred characteristics (game mode, number of players, etc.) publish a link to your battle in the chat and fight on your favourite map.

Ico35.png Matchmaking System

Can't find a good battle? Do not have time to make one by yourself? Need to complete your Daily Missions? Then join a random battle! Based on your rank, and battle type, the server will pick the best battle for your needings.

Ico35.png Entering the game

The game can be opened via a web link in any browser or using the Standalone HTML5 Client. If you get disconnected while in a battle, you can get back to the same battle without losing your progress by reloading the game or restarting the client.