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Hornet 02.png

A second-tier hull, Hornet is the second of the two light hulls, Wasp being the first. While being heavier than its counterpart (except at M2, where they have equal weight), Hornet is more capable of diving into the fray of battle, though it admittedly has a notable speed deficit in comparison to the aforementioned Wasp. The turret is directly centered on the hull, allowing one to fight just as effectively from all sides of the machine. This feature is also responsible for the stalwart stability of the hull, though its lack of traction and high speed leave it prone to sliding off of cliffs and ledges. Its low price and rank unlock ability are some of the most desirable in the game, easily the strongest contributors to its wild popularity at ranks both high and low.

Description in Garage

Light hull. While turning can enter a brief drift. Overdrive allows seeing all enemies in battle.

Light hull with aerodynamic curves. Moves beautifully smooth, carefully sliding between obstacles and other tanks. Top-notch dynamic attributes are required for recon operations leading into a lightning-quick attack. Powerful radar, thermal visor and multichannel system of communication allow the tanker to detect all enemy tanks in the battle, fully analyze their current status and send orders to allies. Also, an automated system of data collection and processing enables the hull to stabilize each shot and hit the weak spots in target’s armor. This makes Hornet a must have for any recon mission and quick strikes at the enemy base.

Hull hornet m0.png
Hornet M0
Hull hornet m1.png
Hornet M1
Hull hornet m2.png
Hornet M2
Hull hornet m3.png
Hornet M3
Hornet icon small.png Hornet
М0 | MU Icon.png
М1 | MU Icon.png
М2 | MU Icon.png
М3 | MU Icon.png
Available from
Corporal Corporal
Warrant Officer 2 Warrant Officer 2
Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Marshal Marshal
Marshal Marshal
400 Crystal.png
23 100 Crystal.png
70 500 Crystal.png
225 050 Crystal.png
388 300 Crystal.png
Cdffcc5b.png Protection (hp)
1 323.53
1 470.59
1 764.71
2 000
6809c52f.png Top Speed (m\sec)
Lateral acceleration (m/s²)
285f32ef.png Turning speed (deg/s)
Turning acceleration (deg/s²)
Anti-inertial turning acceleration (deg/s²)
C3f6cd78.png Weight
1 100
1 455.88
1 617.65
1 941.18
2 200
6a6145fb.png Power
1 027.94
1 108.82
1 270.59
1 400
Reverse acceleration (m/s²)

Table of Characteristics
  • Protection (hp) — tank's health. Damage dealt by a turret is subtracted from a tank's protection. Once the protection gets to zero, the tank explodes.
  • Top speed (m/sec) — maximum speed the tank can get to on a straight.
  • Lateral acceleration (m/sec²) — responsible for damping of lateral speed. The less this parameter is, the easier the tank can drift. The higher it is, the more difficult it is for a tank to move sideways.
  • Turning speed (deg/sec) — the maximum speed at which the tank can turn.
  • Turning acceleration (deg/sec²) — affects the time it takes a tank to get to its maximum turning speed.
  • Anti-inertial turning acceleration (deg/sec²) — works like reverse acceleration but for left-right turns instead of moving forward/backward.
  • Weight — affects tank's stability, i.e. impact force of hits, the recoil of its own turret, and partly, ability to move other tanks (this parameter does not affect tank's speed).
  • Power (m/sec²) — affects the time it takes a tank to get to its maximum speed and ability to push other tanks.
  • Reverse acceleration (m/sec²) — anti-inertial acceleration that comes into force when a tank is moving in one direction and a player presses the button of moving to another direction. It works until speed gets to zero. After that, the usual acceleration starts working.


Hornet XT Hornet Legacy Hornet Prime
Hornet XT M3.png
Hornet Legacy.png
Hornet Prime.png

Interesting Facts

  • Hornet was the first hull belonging to the second generation, which was added into the Garage on April 27, 2010. The addition brought in both negative and positive feedback.
  • When Hornet was just on the testing stage, it consisted of five parts: the central part and four side parts, each of which was below the level of the central unit, and on each side blocks, there were tracks. Then Hornet changed to its present state because its design was deemed "too futuristic" and the complexities associated with gravity and traction.
  • On December 28, 2014, Railgun XT, Hornet XT, and Frost were added into the game as elite items that could be purchased for 300 000 crystals as the starting price which would decrease by one-third every day. They had 50% stronger statistics and were given the ability to be taken to format battles - meaning that you had an overpowered advantage against other people! These items were removed soon after on January 12, 2015.
  • Hornet XT was added back into the game on July 14, 2015 along with Daily Missions - which could be obtained by completing a specific Daily Mission or by purchasing it in the Garage for 500 000 crystals whilst having a Premium Account. This version of Hornet differed from its original counterpart only by looks, and not by any extra or higher statistics.

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