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A unique and "smart" paint that can change its appearance depending on the occasion. On a regular day it is simply a black and white, checkered texture. But when a holiday kicks in, its appearance changes dramatically.

Note: This paint is automatically issued to all players who register in the game. Its appearance often changes with celebrations in Tanki Online.


0 Crystal.png

Available From

IconsNormal 01.png Recruit

Interesting Facts

Old appearance of Holiday paint
  • Holiday, along with Green, are the only two paints issued for free to all the players who register in the game.
  • During celebrations in TO, the appearance of this paint is often changed by the developers for the duration of the festivities - and thus the name. You can view a complete list of its past textures here.
  • Prior to October 16th, 2018, the default appearance of this paint was slightly different from what it now is.
  • Due to its cheapness and availability, an easily-accessible paint like one this is often required to be equipped in media contests such as Video of the Week - to prevent older content from being used.


Holiday 2.png