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Sometimes, you just need to park in place and lay waste to anyone who approaches you. Other times, you need to take many hits on a long journey that isn't too time-sensitive. And still other times, you simply need a tank-sized brick to impede the movement and shots of your enemies. For all of these, a heavy hull is the tool of choice, but which one is best for you? Read on to learn about these three intimidating hulls.



Pros and Cons

Plus.png Fastest Heavy Hull
Plus.png Overdrive can take out difficult enemies and allows near-invincible long-range travel on level ground
Plus.png Very stable, almost impossible to flip or knock off course with impact force
Minus.png Turns around very slowly
Minus.png Low traction, can't push tracked hulls around very well

Why players like it

  • "Its overdrive makes the hull nearly immortal on the move and can wreck other overdrives"
  • "Very fast for a heavy hull"
  • "Hovering mechanism, very stable"


Hull titan m3.png

Pros and Cons

Plus.png Good balance between speed and pushing ability
Plus.png Overdrive can counter many other hulls' overdrives and offers excellent protection for a group of teammates
Plus.png Most maneuverable heavy hull
Minus.png Overdrive can be countered by the subsequent use of most other overdrives

Why players like it

  • "Not too slow, not too hard to control with the drift. I also like the overdrive it has."
  • "It is fast and has a very good overdrive."
  • "Heavy, but not too heavy"
  • "Big bad dome"..."good in Siege"


Hull mammoth m3.png

Pros and Cons

Plus.png Nearly impossible to push, great at blocking enemy movement
Plus.png Highest stability of any hull
Plus.png Off-center turret good for maintaining partial cover while sniping
Plus.png Overdrive charges quickly and is a good close-range defense
Minus.png Slowest hull in the game
Minus.png Bulkiness and low turning speed make it maneuvering in tight spaces difficult

Why players like it

  • "I can get easy kills with its overdrive."
  • "I like the challenge of its handling."
  • "Melee range fighting doesn't bother this hull."


Ares is the hull of choice for those who like to carry a lot of HP on the move. Though its handling and collision performance fall noticeably short of those of the other heavy hulls, its high speed (which complements its traveling overdrive ball very well) makes up for that in the eyes of many tankers.

Titan offers an excellent balance for the heavy hull user - it has an intermediate speed, and a solid combination of weight, power, and maneuverability (to the extent that any heavy hull has maneuverability). Its overdrive, while offensively not particularly useful, allows it and its teammates to command an area and survive bombardment with ease.

Mammoth is the king of camping: whether it's peeking out from behind a wall to snipe enemies at a distance or parking on top of a base to prevent the passage of enemies, Mammoth is as solid as you can get. Its overdrive is a useful emergency tool for taking out nearby enemies, but even with its increase to your speed, don't count on chasing them down if they get away.

All in all, you can be successful with any heavy hull - it just depends on your style and your goals in the battle.

Side-by-side comparison of heavy hulls' stats

Hull titan m3.png
Hull mammoth m3.png
Cdffcc5b.png Protection (hp) 4 000 4 000 4 000
6809c52f.png Top Speed (m/sec) 7.0 6.5 6.0
Acceleration (m/sec²) 8.0 14.0 15.0
Reverse acceleration (m/sec²)Icon info.png 11.0 19.0 12.0
Slide/Drift Resistance Very Low High Very High
Flip Resistance Highest High Higher
285f32ef.png Max turning speed (deg/sec) 50 90 90
C3f6cd78.png Weight 3 600 3 800 4 000
6a6145fb.png Power 800 1 400 1 500
Overdrive charge per battle point 0.7% 0.5% 0.6%
Overdrive charge per second 0.7% 0.8% 1.3%
Overdrive duration Unlimited on
flat ground
20 seconds 7 seconds