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Guide to playing in Wave effectively

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About Wave

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Overview - Wave is a smaller-sized map, occasionally seen around the EU servers. As the name implies, the map's structure is an attempt at representing a wave.

Battle Modes - DM, TDM, CTF, CP

Size - 8 players; 4 versus 4



A good strategy for winning a Wave DM is standing on top of one of the larger 'waves', so to speak, and using a medium/longer-ranged turret such as Striker, Railgun or Vulcan to destroy all opponents. You'll want to partner any of these three turrets with a bulkier hull, since the need to move around isn't high. What makes it effective is that standing on top of one of the larger 'waves' enables you to see most of the map - you'll need to be weary of those that spawn behind you, however.

In a TDM, the aforementioned strategy works just as well, except that you can be partnered with an Isida - a re-generator of HP (Health Points), which can result in you never meeting your demise.

Alternative strategies for both game modes involve swiftly moving around the map with a shorter ranged turret, sneaking up behind opponents and mauling them before they even notice your presence; the problem with this is that it leaves you susceptible to longer ranged turrets shooting you from afar and there's little that can be done about it.



As we've established, essentially camping atop one of the larger waves accompanied by an Isida is an excellent way to defend your base. Alternatively, you can hide behind one of the walls central to the map and get a head-start on attacking offensive enemies. This method works particularly well with Freeze, as it slows them down in their tracks, or Firebird, as it puts them on a timer, whether you're alive or not.

Moreover, believe it or not, a skilled Magnum-user can actually turn the tide in this map, as he/she can shoot across the whole map into the enemy while the attackers on his/her team can waltz though and bring the flag home.


If you're playing with this map with a friend, escaping with the flag can be quite an easy thing when utilizing the following tactic:

One of you will work as a 'Suicide Lead', so to speak. In essence, you will enter the base, deal as much damage as you can before perishing, before the other person, the 'Sweeper' cleans up the mess and runs with the flag. The Suicide Lead should be using Firebird above all else, as it puts all the enemies on a timer - they don't necessarily have anywhere to run to either, given the size of the bases. The Suicide Lead should also have a bit of bulk - a medium hull will suffice, simply so they can do as much damage as possible. The Sweeper should have a light, swift hull, and should be prepared to use his evasion whenever possible to avoid taking damage. The Sweeper's speed should be sufficient to reach his half of the base, before dying to the spawning enemies, which leaves another teammate, or the Suicide Lead to finish the capture. This tactic is completely countered by Firebird or Freeze defenders, since they put YOU on a timer or slow you down. This tactic is also pretty limited to maps with a smaller team size.

Other than that, generally, Viking and Hunter, revered for their decent bulk partnered with decent speed, are pretty good hulls to use - you get the best of both worlds. You're not 'slow' as such and you can take hits. Hornet can take a hit if it needs to, but I wouldn't depend on that too much. You'll want to partner these hulls with Firebird, Hammer, Freeze, or even Twins if there are a particular amount of light hulls; that will enable you to toy with their aim.


In general, bulk is almost a necessity if you want to prosper in CPs - Hunter should be your minimum here, although speed isn't so much of a requirement, given the spawn points, and the distance needed to seize one control point.

You could still camp up top and create openings for your teammates - however, providing that offensive presence from afar won't be as fruitful as you helping out up close. There are only four of you, after all!

Recommended Equipment


Railgun, Striker, Magnum, Vulcan, Shaft, Titan, Mammoth, Viking


Firebird, Hammer, Freeze, Railgun, Magnum, Vulcan, Shaft, Titan, Mammoth, Viking, Hornet


Firebird, Hammer, Freeze, Railgun, Vulcan, Isida, Titan, Mammoth, Viking