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Guide to playing in Molotov effectively

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About Molotov

Overview: Molotov is a very unpopular map. You would be very lucky to see an active battle on Molotov it no matter what rank you are. This is fairly disappointing, as the map is fairly unique in its design and moderately entertaining to play.
Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP
Size: 20 players, 10 vs 10



Molotov is the kind of map where anything goes; no turret or hull stands out more than another. However, there are a few combinations that tend to fare well in Molotov due to its unique design.

  • Viking / Hammer – The classic DM combo. Viking / Hammer is incredibly strong in smaller mid-sized maps due to the massive damage output by Hammer, the great reload time that comes with it, and the great speed to armor ratio that Viking offers. This combo can fare well on any section of the map, but the alleyways and dense polygon groups tend to be the best place for one of these to hang around. Supplies, namely Speed Boosts and Mines, will help round out what remaining flaws the combo has.
  • Titan / Smoky – Another classic DM choice. The strength of this machine comes from Smoky's incredibly fast firing rate, acceptable damage per shot (critical hits exempt) and a mountain of armor, making this tank difficult to approach directly. This combo is best suited to the elevated sections of Molotov, such as the water towers and the bridge. While using this combo, it would be wise to concentrate your fire on nearby enemies, rather than targeting distant foes. Not only will you irritate everyone with the infamous peashooter and have half the map trying to target you, but since Smoky's maximum damage range is somewhat short, it would be wiser in the long run to maximize your damage output on nearby opponents.
  • Wasp or Hornet with Firebird – This combination is seen less often than the others (unless you're near the low Warrant Officer stages, then these are everywhere). Although the apparent lack of health can seem a bit counter-intuitive for a smaller map like Molotov, make no mistake in understanding that this combination can and will crush anyone within proximity, so long as the user is relatively skilled. The speed from both of these hulls completely outweighs the lack of health, while as for damage, the beloved flamethrower is second to none, having the highest DPS (Damage Per Second) rating across the board. This combo best suited to the lower areas, specifically around the buildings. On occasions, one can pair up this short ranged turret with Hunter and possibly Viking, though it should be noted that the speed required to latch onto opponents should be as high as it can be. Lots of health won't mean much if the hull toting the Firebird isn't fast enough to reach opponents, so if you do take this route, try and have a Speed Boost active whenever you can.


Both flags are very well covered, shrouded by buildings on each side. In defense, a short/medium-ranged turret and heavy hull will do the trick easily. Twins, Vulcan and Ricochet stand out for being an oppressive force for invading opponents, the latter being able to take advantage of the building's planar surfaces to attack indirectly. Having an Isida nearby is also a good idea, should your health become dangerously low. Mines should be used early and often, barring Wasps and Hornets from charging headlong into the base and slipping away with the flag without a scratch.

As for attacking, pretty much anything goes. It’s recommended that you use Viking, Hunter, Hornet or Wasp, as the other three hulls just don’t quite have the speed needed to get in and out with the flag. Any turret works well, but try to get a variety of them on your team, so that anyone on the opposing side can't just upload a module that resists your entire army.


Despite being a unique map in most senses, control-point play is surprisingly average. Essentially, points are placed in typical corners of the map, each team gets a guaranteed point, and the remainder are squabbled over for the duration of the game. Medium hulls and short-ranged weaponry are recommended, though mid-fielding turrets like Thunder, Smoky and Ricochet are also acceptable choices. CP is essentially about raw power and longevity for holding the point, so a heavy hull would also be acceptable in this play style. Just make sure your side controls the supply spawn points, and you'll be fine.

Recommended Equipment


Firebird, Freeze, Hammer, Smoky, Thunder, Vulcan or Striker.
Wasp, Hornet, Viking or Titan.


Firebird, Freeze, Isida, Twins, Thunder, Ricochet or Vulcan.
Wasp, Hornet, Viking or Titan.


Firebird, Freeze, Isida, Twins, Thunder or Ricochet.
Wasp, Hornet, Viking or Titan.