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Guide to playing in Lost Temple effectively

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About Lost Temple

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Overview: Lost Temple is the largest map in the game, with a variety of different areas and paths, providing for interesting gameplay. As the name suggests, the center of the map features a raised area with a structure representing the ruins of a temple. Lost Temple battles are not often seen, however the occasional CTF or CP can provide for a fun experience that shouldn't be missed.

Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP

Size: 16v16, 32 Players



The vast size of Lost Temple means that almost any strategy and any turret/hull combination can be utilized to some degree of effectiveness. Heavy hulls should only be used if you intend to stay within the confines of your team’s base, or else you will spend the majority of the game driving across the map. You have the option of using a light or medium hull with almost any turret to battle in the middle section of the map, between the two team bases. Supplies, in particular Speed Boost, can be useful in moving around the map to seek out a new target. This applies mainly to Deathmatch battles, in which the scale of the map often leaves you searching out new enemies if the battle isn't at capacity.


Lost Temple provides ample opportunities for camping, and if done effectively it can be beneficial to your D/L in both DM and TDM playstyles.

The prime areas for camping are the team’s spawn areas at either end of the map. These are the highest points on the map, providing a vantage point over much of the center of the map. Long range turrets such as Shaft and Railgun can be used very effectively here, although it is advised to remain near cover, as there will likely be snipers watching from a similar position to you, at the opposite end of the map. There is also a large area of trees/foliage to one side of each team’s spawn area. When hiding in the midst of this area, it is almost impossible to be spotted from a distance.

The only exception of course is Shaft’s scope, which will be able to penetrate the foliage to a short extent and possibly reveal your position. For these reasons, a heavy hull is recommended if you decide to snipe from these positions, though being a lightweight, small hull such as Wasp can also be used to change hiding positions quickly before your campgrounds get locked in. Granted, it's not quite as much like camping, but you're still going to be fighting from the same general vicinity.

Another turret that can effectively camp in this map is Magnum. With perfect aim and power, one can keep shooting enemies on the opposite end of the map from right behind a wall, safely in their base.



In Lost Temple CTF, the flags of each team are highly defendable. The defenders have the advantage of higher ground, allowing them to spot incoming attackers from a distance. Additionally, there are only two routes into each base, and the defending players will often respawn in this area, making it difficult to reach the flag undetected. Furthermore, the flag itself sits on a small platform with only a single ramp providing access, which means heavier hulls have the potential to embargo the flag, preventing nothing short of a mine boosted jump from reaching it.

With the right defense strategy, capturing a flag on Lost Temple can be made almost impossible. Mines can be used on the two routes into the base, which will slow down and damage attackers. They can also be used on the small platform at the flag, which will often finish off attackers who have made it this far. This is a highly effective tactic, as attackers will often be under heavy attack by the time they reach this point, and they will be unable to muscle through the mines and reach the flag, even with drug usage.

As always, medium or heavy hulls with short range turrets are useful for defense, although a few long range turrets can also be useful for sniping enemies as they approach. (See previous section on “Camping”.) However, these are better served as first lines of defense, while a Twins or Isida fares better against already damaged invaders.


In Lost Temple, there are two main routes of attack to the enemy flag, though variations are frequent and recommended.

The first route is the ramp in front of the base. This advantage of this option, is that you are less visible to defenders at the bottom of this ramp, and it will allow you to get quite close to the flag when you emerge at the top of the ramp.

The second route is the ramps to the right side of the base. This would take longer to traverse, and you are more likely to run into spawning enemies, however there are also a few supply drop zones here which you may find useful to your attack run. Turrets such as Twins, Striker and Ricochet will prove worthy here, because each one of these can shoot quickly while still making it easy to move forward into the enemy base.

Overall, attacking in Lost Temple is a difficult practice, even with supplies and multiple teammates for backup. However, if you do manage to reach the flag, the escape is significantly easier. With a light hull, you can jump down from the small flag platform, and then jump down the cliff all the way to ground level. From here, supplies such as Speed Boost are important, as you will want to exit as quickly as possible. Teammates should be waiting along the escape route, as you will likely be under fire from chasing defenders and snipers; someone needs to be ready to pick up the baton should you burst into a ball of flames. Once you've passed the middle of the map, there’s a good chance that you’re safe from being destroyed and the flag returned.


Lost Temple CP is made up of an impressive seven control points. Due to their proximity to the spawn areas, points C and E will likely go to the red team, with points B and D going to the blue team, to start off with. This leaves points A, F and G to be contested. A possible option would be to target the two outer points F and G, before converging in the center of the map to try and capture point A.

Due to the size of the map, light hulls are highly recommended along with Speed Boost and Double Armour. Speed is key in traveling around the map and capturing points as quickly as possible. Your choice of turret is not as important, however mid- or long-range would probably be more sensible due to the size and openness of Lost Temple. Short ranged turrets, though, are not completely unacceptable, usually outgunning mid-ranged weapons like Smoky and Thunder in the close quarters of the temple.

Recommended Equipment


Firebird, Hammer, Striker, Thunder, Railgun, Magnum or Shaft.
Viking, Hunter or Hornet.


Firebird, Hammer, Railgun, Freeze, Shaft, Isida, Smoky, Thunder, Magnum or Striker.
Viking, Hunter, Titan, Hornet or Wasp.


Firebird, Hammer, Striker, Magnum, Twins, Freeze or Isida.
Wasp, Viking, Hunter or Titan.