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Guide to playing in Island effectively

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About Island

Island 1.jpg Island winter 1.jpg Island above.png

Overview: Island is the smallest map in the game based on dimensions. It is very common throughout the ranks, especially in Wasp/Fire or XP/BP battles. There are usually a lot of battles on active servers and battles in all game modes.

Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP

Size: 6 players, 3 vs 3




Island dm.png

Try get to the palm trees on the sides (as shown in the image beside) and hide behind them. It may seem useless but 1 shot from an enemy that hits the trees is an extra shot you have to hit your enemies. Always target the weakest player as every kill is equal.

You will need a heavy hull, as first of all you need to survive and second of all you can be prone to being pushed off.

The best turret would be Smoky, Twins, Thunder or Ricochet as they all have decent reload, range and most importantly Damage.


Winning a TDM requires co-ordination between all the teammates. You should know exactly what everyone's plan is and how you can support them to help them destroy the opponents as well as staying alive.

Use the houses to your advantage, as they are the only form of protection on Island. Try and take cover behind them after you run out of ammo or in-between shots. Use a medium/heavy hull mounted with a high damage turret such as Hammer, Firebird and Smoky with an Isida backing up the attack.

You can also use the houses to bounce Ricochet balls off and hit the opponents while staying in a position where it is virtually impossible for any one to hit you from their base.


The key to winning an Island CTF is teamwork and co-ordination, like every other map. You should always have 1 person ready to take the flag at a moment's notice.

The best line up would be:

The Isida should try and take cover behind the houses, so he has minimum damage done to him. The other 2 should try stay on opposite sides so they can attack the enemies from 2 different sides, making it hard to deal with the 2 of you.


Equip a Heavy hull. The easy way to get the points ticking up is to get hulls with heaps of armour partnered with Freeze, Firebird (can damage multiple enemies at once), Isida (Heals itself while damaging, which makes it very hard to kill. As well as healing teammates), Hammer or Twins. You just need to clear out the point. Once you have control over the point, block off the ways to get to the point so even if you are destroyed the enemies have to wait a few more seconds to get to the point, giving them less time to turn over.

Recommended Equipment


Twins, Smoky, Hammer, Freeze or Firebird.
Mammoth or Titan.


Twins, Ricochet, Hammer, Freeze or Firebird.
Viking, Dictator, Titan or Mammoth.


Twins, Hammer, Freeze, Firebird or Isida.
Mammoth, Titan, Dictator or Viking.


Twins, Ricochet, Hammer, Freeze, Firebird, Thunder or Isida.
Hornet, Hunter, Viking, Titan or Mammoth.