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Guide to playing in Gravity effectively

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About Gravity

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Overview: Gravity is a map that players joyride through across the spectrum - be it the vertical gameplay or the tight premises, it's worth taking a look at, since it can be a nice alternative to the norm, but it isn't the easiest to find at all times. Parkour is limited, but it has the same appeal as Madness in rolling off of cliffs and doing flips.
Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP
Size: 20 players, 10 vs 10



Given the cramped quarters in this map, it would be expected that shorter-ranged turrets prosper here, and whilst they do, they're not as viable as they should be. The reason for this is the fact that there are many, many inclines on this map, and they have to be used to navigate around the map, meaning that often, you will have to fight on them - since these inclines are mostly a single prop in length, shorter range turrets will be forced to fight at undesirable angles, meaning their charge may miss whether they're at the top or the bottom. Essentially, in order for close ranged fighters to use their tools, they're going to need to be on the slopes themselves, making it difficult to fight tanks coming from directly above or below them.

With that being said, they're still viable, since opponents will also be faced with this problem - just that it comes down to mind games as opposed to being a certain offensive presence. Turrets such as Thunder, Hammer, Smoky and Railgun have a useful role in shooting from the further corners of the map where the platforms fan out.


Despite the problems that shorter ranged turrets face, they can still be a problem from an offensive and defensive standpoint. Any Twins on a flag can effectively deter enemy Hornets from diving headfirst into their flag, and even Vikings typically have issues with scaling the ramps when they're constantly being buffeted by plasma projectiles. Meanwhile, since there are few places to run, a Firebird can effectively crush a defensive bastion by constantly dishing out damage through contact and lasting burns during its invasion into base. Freeze is less optimal for this task, since the turrets don't have far to turn before finding you again, but it's still an acceptable choice.

Each base is cramped, making it ideal for attacking by surprise, but it also leads to more prosperous defensive strategies, which can be beneficial or a hindrance depending on the role you're playing . Longer ranged turrets can also be a midfield presence on the outskirts of the map, attacking offensive threats, often with no way for them to respond. Well, besides helplessly spraying fumes in their general direction as they wait for their inevitable death, that is. Magnum deserves a special mention here as the turret can be used to eliminate large group of enemies while staying on the outskirts of the map, without the need of interfering the enemy's base.


There are five control points, and Gravity isn't too large, meaning all points will be under threat at all times. Gravity is a sardine box -- there's rarely a moment when you're not directly next to someone, unless you're out on the farthest loops surrounding the map. Even then, prepare to be a target, since that stretch of land is highly prized by many a Shaft, Vulcan, Magnum and Railgun. Besides, plenty of players will be annoyed by the fact that someone's picking them off constantly from the sidelines as they try to hold points.
Light hulls still have a niche role in navigating around the map - the very narrow inclines make it significantly easier for light hulls to move around the map, although they can be bowled over in combat just as fast - it's advised to equip Firebird or Freeze, since they both leave a mark after they've dealt with you. However, if you're going to be gunning for the control points, a medium or heavy hull would be most recommended, preferably something with mid-range and impact force to knock off players from their precarious ramps. Ricochet would be an option, but you'd have to be careful with where you place your shots, lest you wind up fighting yourself to death. With 45° angles everywhere, your shots may go wild. If you're not down for that, then maybe Twins, Hammer or Smoky might be acceptable choices for pointsitting.

As always, an Isida or two is always welcome to join the fight, covering for Vulcans on the shores or patching up sleeping giants on the points. Remember that you're going to have to defend yourself, too, so be conscious of the ramps and how they affect your beam connection.

Recommended Equipment


Thunder, Hammer, Smoky or Railgun.
Viking, Titan or Mammoth.


Firebird, Freeze, Twins, Isida, Magnum or Thunder.
Hornet, Viking, Mammoth or Titan.


Firebird, Freeze, Twins, Isida, Vulcan, Magnum or Railgun.
Viking, Titan or Mammoth.