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Guide to playing in Garder effectively

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About Garder

Garder new.jpg Garder winter new.jpg

Overview: Garder is a map common for 1v1 or 2v2 XP battles and also for intense CP games lasting hours. It is also very popular for Firebird with Wasp/Hornet battles.

Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP

Size: 12 players, 6v6



Ricochet is without a doubt the best weapon for this map. Using its well, ricochet effect it can reach virtually any point of the map from any position. Even the raised ledges are vulnerable due to Rico's high angular firing range, meaning that it can shoot targets both fairly high and low compared to itself.


As can be seen from the above pictures, a Rico ball can be used effectively in Garder to reach areas which you could not with any other conventional weapon. If your enemy is hiding behind a wall, fear not, as your Ricochet can easily kill them. The skill with Rico comes with mastering the angles in Garder. If you can do this correctly, then Garder DM is the ideal map for you.


Rarely played with standard weapons, but quite commonly played by XP users. There are several trick shots in the map which can be made using Railgun.

For example, when the enemy is on their flag, it is possible to still shoot them despite them seemingly being behind a wall:


A second special shot can also be made, this when the enemy may be about to capture, yet you shoot them at the last moment:



Uncommonly played, but like DM, Ricochet is a very good option. Thunder can be used effectively as there are many walls, which, using splash damage, can essentially be shot around. Hammer can also be considered as a good alternative for Thunder.


A fairly popular, no-supply battle. The key to playing well in this mode in Garder is using heavy hulls, and not using Isida. Isida is not necessary as the small size of the map means that respawns do not place you far away from the action. It is better to choose high damage weapons, like Freeze or Firebird. Leading on from this is recommended to use protection from these weapons. A Vulcan or Magnum with Mammoth sitting on top of the ramps shooting through the hole is another great position. It constantly deals damage down onto the other team while making it hard to be shot at.

Recommended Equipment


Ricochet, Railgun, Hammer, and Thunder.
Viking, Dictator, Titan and Mammoth.


Ricochet, Magnum, Hammer, and Thunder.
Viking, Dictator, Titan and Mammoth.


Firebird, Freeze, Ricochet, Railgun and Hammer.
Hornet, Hunter, Viking and Titan.


Firebird, Freeze, Ricochet, Magnum and Vulcan.
Titan and Mammoth.