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Guide to playing in Forest effectively

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About Forest

Forest 1.jpg
Forest winter 1.jpg

Overview: Forest is a somewhat popular map in the current game. You don't need to know it inside-out to prosper in the game overall, but it's worth knowing how this map is designed for the occasional drug wars that pop up.

Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP
Size: 20 players, 10 vs 10



It's worth noting that, it being a forest and all, there are loads of plants and cliffs to illustrate that. Therefore, turrets such as Hammer, Freeze and Firebird can thrive here - these cliffs are close to each other, making for cramped quarters, and close quarters are where short ranged turrets shine. However, since the cramped quarters are particularly extensive in length, if at the bottom, it is still possible to be beaten with range, albeit situationally, and this is where longer ranged turrets such as Railgun, Magnum and Vulcan come into play. If they position at the corners at the bottom of the map, they are able to pick off enemies, and this gives a niche role for light hulls here, as they'll need to be fast enough to move away from the combat, and pick off from afar.

With the map being decently sized, there's plenty of bounty in the form of supply boxes to be had. Try and see if you can organize your own supply usage in relation to what supplies are free for the taking on the field immediately. Another reason that light hulls can also do variably well here is that they can get to these first, leaving Vikings and Dictators in the dust and possibly using the newfound boost to bring them to the same plane of attack as the bigger guys.


Forest isn't very unique in the flag placement; the same typical setup of a massive no-man's-land between two occupied locations is applied here. The middle section is a safe haven for a retreating flag thief, since ranged fighters couldn't even hope to try tackling them properly in that labyrinth. The edges of the map are great for hulls that want a straight shot back to their bases if need be, but it makes them greatly susceptible to being blasted to pieces by anything with distance on its side. The corners of the map are also exceptional at housing skilled Shafts and Magnums, giving them a wide range to cover and effectively keeping the flag from ever leaving their base.

The aforementioned corners of the bottom part of the map can be used effectively in terms of defending, but not offensively. This means longer ranged turrets such as Railgun and Vulcan once again have a niche role in picking off enemies, although it is still outclassed by massive bulk in tandem with shorter ranged offense, such as Twins, and Firebird, although the former can only hit one enemy, which isn't fruitful in a swarm, and the latter has the potential to run out of juice, meaning that it has the potential to fall down. From an offensive standpoint, mixed stats along with support (primarily, Isida) are viable - Isida is useful in any team-based situation, but it's particularly useful here due to the nature of the map.


There are three control points in this one map; and given the map isn't too large, all control points will be under fire and domination constantly. As such, bulk is required; anything less and you'll be floundering before you die, as whilst you might have the firepower, you won't have the HP to keep it up consistently. (There's a reason so few people can use Wasp/Twins properly.) From Hunter and above, in terms of HP, you'll be fine, but light hulls fall in terms of their viability as no control point will be left untouched. The best they could do is try to peck at opponents from the sidelines, supporting the stronger tankers while scouting for other incoming challengers.

Recommended Equipment


Firebird, Freeze, Hammer, Twins, Thunder, Magnum, Railgun or Vulcan,
Wasp, Hornet, Hunter, Viking, Dictator, Titan or Mammoth.


Firebird, Freeze, Isida, Twins, Magnum, Railgun or Shaft,
Wasp, Hornet, Viking, Titan or Mammoth.


Firebird, Freeze, Isida, Hammer, Twins, Thunder, Magnum, Railgun or Vulcan,
Wasp, Hornet, Hunter, Viking, Dictator, Titan or Mammoth.