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Guide to playing in Desert effectively

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Map Desert.jpg

Overview: Desert is a very open map. It is commonly used for XP/BP Death matches
Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP
Size: 5v5, 10 Players



“Camping” Tactic

Desert is the perfect map for Railguns, which explains why it is commonly used for XP/BP battles. There will be a ton of campers in Desert as it is set up perfectly for it. There are a few good spots where you have a great view of the map, have great cover and can go unnoticed. You will want to pick one that isn’t targeted by others or being used by others so you stay “under the radar”

  1. Position A – Top right corner of the map. This is a great spot if you can shoot through bushes with precision. You don’t have a massive area to aim at but the area you can see it generally filled with tankers
  2. Position B – Bottom right corner of the map. This spot is quite open and does not cover you as much, but pick your shots well and you should remain hidden. You will need to watch the wall for someone trying to get a sneaky shot on you.
  3. Position C – Very commonly used, but if you gain control of this area then you will certainly get a good score.
Desert areas.jpg

“Hit and Run” Tactic

This tactic is much harder to use effectively as it requires you to be as unpredictable and sneaky as possible, which is hard in a very open map. This tactic works well in any part of Desert, from the close combat side (Middle) to the open area (Sides). The key to pulling off this tactic effectively in the enemies’ base is to always try to attack your target from behind and keep out of your targets other enemies sights, which shouldn’t be too hard considering their focus will be on your base. You will need to be moving almost always as that makes you a harder target to hit, especially for shafts and railguns at extremely close range. You will need to try and finish off your enemies very quickly as there will be camper teammates waiting to steal your kill. The best combos for this would be Firebird, Freeze and Hammer, as they are extremely high damage turrets.



Defending in Desert is easy if done correctly. It is very easy to stop an attack is you pick the right equipment and spots. Camping is a great way to defend in CTF, but you will need to know where to go and what to do there.

  1. The “walls” – The walls either side of the flag are the perfect spot to defend. They allow you to pop out and shoot the flag carrier while giving you protection when you are reloading. As there are spots you can defend from in the middle section of the map, you can also allow you to go and quickly return the flag. Works best with Thunder, Smoky, Railgun and Hammer on top of Hornet, Hunter or Viking
  2. Corners – These are also great as they provide some protection while reloading while still having a big field of view. It also has a good view of the flag which means you can damage them as they take or are about to capture the flag. You remain quite well hidden as well. Works best with Railgun or Shaft


As it is so open, attacking in Desert is all about speed and agility. It is near impossible to attack with anything heavier than Viking. You will be exposed to enemy snipers for short distances while trying to get to their base or capture the flag, so you need to get through these areas as quickly as possible. You will have to try and get 2-3 tankers going at once and preferably from different directions. This will provide good backup and a stable attack. When returning the flag, never go straight up the middle. It is extremely exposed and you are a very easy target for a Shaft or Railgun. Try zipping around the sides.


The tactics for Control Points are the same as always, rush to the point and try hold it for as long as possible. As all 5 points are in the middle of the map, heavy hulls will be a bit too slow to get there. The most effective hulls would be:

  • Hunter - because it has insane pushing power and good health to speed ratio
  • Viking - because it is incredibly stable and has an awesome health to speed ratio
  • Hornet - because of its great speed, manoeuvrability and its decent amount of health.

The turrets to use depend on what you are trying to do. If you plan to go and try stealing a point out of the enemies control, Firebird is the way to go. It has incredibly high damage, can damage multiple enemies at once and even if you die, the after burn can still take out the remaining enemies so you team can get in and steal the point. Hammer is also good if there aren’t many enemies around the point, especially if they are using light hulls or have already been damaged. If you plan to hold back and wipe them off the point from a range then attack then Smoky, Vulcan and Thunder are the way to go. Their max effective firing range is quite long so there is no need to worry about your shots not doing as much damage as they could be. If there are multiple tankers trying to clear you off a point, try spread out so they struggle to clear you all quickly.

Recommended Equipment


"Camping" tactic

Railgun, Hammer, Smoky or Thunder.
Wasp, Hornet, Viking, or Hunter.

"Hit and Run" tactic

Firebird, Freeze or Hammer.
Wasp, Hornet, Viking or Hunter.



Thunder, Smoky, Railgun, Hammer or Shaft.
Hornet, Hunter, Viking, Titan or Mammoth.


Firebird, Freeze, Isida, or Railgun.
Hornet or Wasp.


Firebird, Hammer, Vulcan, Twins, Freeze, Smoky, Thunder or Isida.
Viking, Hunter, Titan or Mammoth.