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Guide to playing in Deck-9 effectively

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About Deck-9

Deck9 winter.jpg

Overview: On June 4th, 2010, this map was introduced into the game along with Canyon. It was created by M0ONL1ght, the same creator of Gravity and the aforementioned Canyon. The map’s small size allows people to use pretty much any combination while still being effective in any battle mode; however, using a medium or heavy hull in confined spaces is almost always recommended, since an opponent is usually within range to attack you at any given moment. While it was very popular in its earlier days, it slowly started to fade behind the more popular maps at the time, such as Polygon, Silence, and Desert. To many people's disappointment, the map was removed in 2014 due to a lack of activity. On December 8th 2016, however, Deck-9, along with Canyon and Magadan, were added back into the game.

Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP

Size: 8 players, 4v4



Deck-9 is a very cramped map, to put it bluntly, and utilising the Red base, which is significantly more expansive in comparison to the Blue, is recommended. Due to the map’s small size, short and medium ranged turrets will definitely be the name of the game, since long-ranged turrets will have little time to react against hordes of cumulative-damage-based tankers. Titans, Vikings, Mammoths and Dictators will be dominant here, especially if paired with a Ricochet, Smoky, Twins, Striker or Hammer. Sitting idle in a corner, complemented with the aid of a couple mines, can be an efficient tactic to ward off proximity weapons that enjoy the tighter corners of the stage. Another strategy is to use Firebird or Freeze, mounted on a Mammoth or Titan, to stalk the medium and heavy hulls that love propagating on Deck-9. It is crucial to pay attention to enemy’s protection and Micro-Upgrades (if applicable) in order to find and target weaker enemies, since facing someone with full health on this map will not leave either competitor with much in the aftermath. Long ranged turrets such as Railgun, Shaft or Magnum likely won't be very impactful due to their long reload time, which again, causes them to suffer when being attacked on short notice.


Deck-9 boasts a wonderful layout, where gameplay is rather balanced while still sporting distinguishable base types. Red team has a substantially larger base than its Blue counterpart, which is fortified beneath an entire building. This can be a detriment or a blessing, depending on the types of weapons being used by both parties.


Mining the ramps leading to the Red base is an astute move, so long as you can find shelter quickly enough to avoid being killed and ultimately wasting them. Defence on the Red team generally revolves around consistent camping. The goal of the Red team is to have designated campers equipped with high damage turrets such as Hammer, Thunder or Striker mounted on a medium hull such as Viking or Hunter, so that they can give chase if required. The Blue team could greatly benefit from short ranged turrets such as Firebird, Freeze and Twins, also mounted on a Viking or Hunter if chase is required. Ricochet is a noteworthy option for taking advantage of the confined spaces within the blue base, the odd surfaces and tight interior making it very difficult to avoid a reverberating shot.


Attacking in Deck-9 usually isn't overwhelmingly difficult. If playing on the Red team, there are three possible ways to reach enemy flag. You have the choice of using the hole at the end of the middle ramp (only light hulls can fit through) but this can often end up in either getting stuck or flipped, be it by your own hand or an enemy tanker's. A smarter move would be to use the two side entrances to swipe the flag and capture taking the same route back. The huge ramps in Deck-9 have a few gaps in them, which can allow weapons with a line of sight shot to potentially flip fleeing enemies through the holes. If attacking on Red team, Viking or Hunter is recommended so that if needed, you can swiftly go defensive or chase down enemies. Ricochet, Hammer, Thunder or Twins make brilliant choices for turrets as they can make life miserable for the Blue team, due to their recoil and/or splash damage. Not to mention that constantly knocking a fleeing enemy can cause them to lose balance and flip over. Magnum is an entertaining choice for launching shots into the central path's maw, and if aimed properly, can easily obliterate anything inside.

Attacking on Blue is often simpler than it looks. Blue has to be wary of campers in the Red team and need to make sure that they don't take too much damage from the campers. Paired with Hunter or Viking, Railgun, Ricochet, Hammer, Smoky and Twins make great attacking combinations due to their ability to annoy enemies with pesky chip damage and to stay safely away from enemy fire. Hiding at the bottom of the small ramps allows you to capitalise on the gaps between ramps that allow you to shoot unsuspecting enemies. Your only getaway is using the two smaller ramps and capturing through either side-entrance. Once again, Magnum might make a useful siege option by launching shots over the building and onto the Red team's base of operations, but this is certainly a practiced maneuver -- if firing blindly over buildings isn't your forte, then Striker and Thunder might be better choices offensively, since splash is a useful element for targeting multiple enemies in a contained environ such as Deck-9.


Deck-9 only offers two points - naturally being Point A and Point B. (Another map sporting only two CPs, and an even number to boot!) Point A is positioned inside the Blue base and Point B in front of the centre ramp in Red base. Due to being a small map, heavy hulls like Titan and Mammoth are best, especially in combination with some medium/short ranged turrets like Ricochet, Twins, Firebird, Freeze or Hammer. Ricochet is a smart choice as it can completely take out opponents hiding in the Blue base structure. It is also recommended to use Modules that protect against these turrets.

Recommended Equipment


Ricochet, Smoky, Twins, Striker, or Hammer.
Titan, Viking, Mammoth, or Dictator.



Red team

Hammer, Thunder, Ricochet, or Striker.
Viking, or Hunter.

Blue team

Firebird, Freeze, or Twins.
Viking, or Hunter.


Railgun, Ricochet, Hammer, Smoky, Thunder, Striker, Magnum, or Twins.
Hunter, Viking.


Ricochet, Twins, Firebird, Freeze, or Hammer.
Mammoth, or Titan.