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Guide to playing in Courage effectively

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About Courage

Courage winter.jpg

Overview: Courage is quite a small map. It is quite well known for it’s XP/BP 8v8 battles. Although not encountered often in non-pro battles, here is a guide for playing the Courage map in all modes.

Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP

Size: 8v8, 16 Players



A good strategy in this mode is to camp. This can be done with this spot here. With this place, you receive great cover from across the base. Also, you can change the camera angle to view the entire left side. With this position, you get a great vantage point of where potential enemies could come in. There is also the top area where enemies may come from, but while checking across the base and along the side of the map, you’ll be aware of the top area in both scenarios. A note of caution with this spot is to stay away from the tight gaps in which you can be shot from both across and along the map. However, you can utilise this to get a few extra shots on enemies; with good timing and with good accuracy. A mine can be used to provide additional protection from enemies attempting to attack from above.

Courage camping xpbp.png Courage minewall.png
Suggested combinations for this strategy would be Railgun with a Light/Medium Hull. A heavy hull will be exposed to too many areas, in which they could get shot from the tight gaps due to it's large size.


The camping strategy for the DM format will work for this since you can attain a high D/L ratio, which will help the team achieve victory. Another strategy to help the team would be to use a close range turret with a medium/heavy hull in the top area of the map to get a chain of kills whilst getting minimal deaths. A suitable combination for this would be Firebird, Freeze, Hammer and Isida paired with Viking, Mammoth or Titan.


Using a short ranged turret such as Firebird, Freeze is very helpful for hitting multiple targets at once. This is good for TDM in a map like Courage because many enemies typically go through the middle area. However, Hammer is useful for it's impact force and high damage at close range, which can save your team from enemies' shots whilst dealing heavy damage.

Heal or Attack

Isida is very useful for TDM due to its versatility of having a defensive ability of healing teammates and an offensive ability. For healing, a light/medium hull should be used in order to have enough speed to keep up with teammates, but be wary of enemies targeting you! For offense, a medium/heavy hull is advantageous so that you have enough armor to stay alive. Due to its high damage per second, Isida can be quite dominant if used correctly.

Splash Damage

Another way to approach a TDM match in Courage is by using Magnum, Striker or Thunder for splash damage. This is a way to deal damage to more than one enemy at once. In one sense, due to the map's compact structure, this may not be very effective because of how tight the map is - a close ranged turret could inflict a lot of damage if close to you rather than using a splash turret which could cause self-destruction. On the other hand, if more than one enemy is in one area at once, this could inflict large amounts of damage. With consideration of a splash damage turret, a medium/heavy hull combination is suggested in order to survive.


Middle control

Having control of the middle is very important. The main bulk of the map is the centre, which outputs to the Red and Blue base through 4 ramps. Within the centre of the map lies two passageways which have Double Damage Boxes. With this supply, high damage can be dealt to enemies, whether it's destroying enemies in order to take the enemy flag or whether it's killing the enemy with your team's flag. With this, middle control is vital in order to secure the Double Damage box and to stop most enemies that come from the middle section.


Side control

Despite the middle area covering the major part of the map, the left and right sides of the map are still vital. This is so that you can spawn kill the enemy team. Also, this is where flags can be taken in order to hide and it can be taken here to capture flags sneakily. Due to it being the minor part of the map, this area is typically not as populated as the middle section. With this, you can use this area to help your team effectively while remaining somewhat safe from enemy fire.

Attack - Flag

Generally the route through middle, taking either Double Armour or Speed along with Double Damage is the route to take the opposition's flag. However, the side route is also viable if attempting to avoid taking more damage. The risk of the side route though, is that running across the enemy base to take their may lead to death! Be cautious of this. When going through the side routes, a light/medium hull would be suggested for the speed to potentially evade damage. Venturing into the middle route would require a medium/heavy hull for higher livability against other tankers' turrets.

Attack - Support

If you're not the kind of attacker to take the flag, a support option is just as great. This can be done with an Isida behind the main attacker, to heal them constantly, aiding their chances of survival. Isida alongside a medium hull is quite pivotal for the equilibrium between medium armor and medium speed. Also, a support attacker can stay on the sidelines with a medium/long ranged turret and a light/medium hull to inflict large damage to enemies upon their spawn.


Since Courage is quite a small map, the frequency of enemies taking your flag is quite high. Due to this, a Mammoth or Titan with any short/medium ranged turret will do well to impede flag capturing of the enemy team. A heavy hull will be necessary for this procedure in order to survive, since over the course of the match, you may get targeted a lot! Also, as a defender, take up the opportunity to take Double Armour boxes next to the ramp. This will help your ability to halt the other tankers.

XP/BP In this mode, there are a few neat shots and spots to look out for which can do that extra bit of damage to save your team. The game can be quite long and tedious due to the vast number of players per team (8v8), which means that there are many players available to defend and attack.

Courage exampleshot.png

The side route that can be used to infiltrate the enemy base and can be done to deal damage while behind a lot of cover. Be cautious of the lower section, where enemy tankers may shoot you from below.

Courage xpbp camping.png

(A tight shot through the gap of the tower that can do damage to enemies coming from the ramp. Changing positions can also lead to shots towards the side of the house and across the middle section of the map.)


There are 4 Control Points in the map. Maintaining control of your own side's points is needed since they're the easiest to hold due to them being closest to your team's spawning.

Capturing Points - Rush

When capturing points, it is necessary to have a medium/heavy hull with any combination of turret that can deal high damage at close range or doing damage at a fast rate to enemies. This can be Firebird, Freeze, Hammer, Isida, Smoky or Twins paired with Viking or Mammoth or Titan. Due to the points very close to each other, any of the turrets above will be effective in the small tight area.

Middle Control

Since all of the control points are in the middle area of the map, the majority of the team should be in the middle area trying to keep the enemies away from capturing the points. Also, there are two Double Damage boxes either side of the middle hill with the sign. If these are controlled, then the damage output of your team will be significantly higher than the opposition. Thus, middle control is needed to attain a win.

Side Control

Similar to the CTF reasoning, side control will be key to prevent the other tankers from spawn killing your own team and to avoid enemies flanking your team . It is a must to be wary of the side areas in this map, since giving these areas to the other team to control will result in your own side's points to be potentially captured. As I said in the beginning, keeping your side's control points is very crucial for victory. For side control, a suggested combination will be a medium/long ranged turret with a light hull (for speed to get to other side), a medium hull (for decent speed and armor) or partnered with a heavy hull to block the other team from flanking and to increase survival with high armor. It all depends on the play style you wish to adopt.

Recommended Equipment


Railgun, Firebird, Ricochet, or Freeze.
Hornet, or Wasp.


Firebird, Freeze, Hammer, or Isida.
Viking, Mammoth, or Titan.


Firebird, Freeze, or Hammer.



Firebird, Freeze, Smoky, Twins, Hammer, or Isida.
Mammoth, or Titan.


Viking, Hunter, or Hornet.


Firebird, Freeze, Hammer, Isida, Smoky, or Twins.
Viking, Mammoth, or Titan.

This guide was compiled from the winning entries of the Wikimania contest.