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Guide to playing in Berlin effectively

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About Berlin

Overview: Berlin is a very unpopular map; you'd be hard pressed to find it no matter which rank you are. It has a niche role for being the setting of rank up parties, but is still outclassed by Stadium and Rio in that aspect.
Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP
Size: 36 players, 18 vs 18



Thunder is a good choice because of all the buildings and props planted into one map. You can effectively utilise the splash damage with ease. Railgun is also viable since you can use the many props and buildings to hide behind while reloading. Closer ranged turrets can also be useful due to the cramped quarters in the map. This is referring to turrets such as Firebird and Hammer. All hulls are viable here - light hulls can be used to adopt a hit and run strategy as all the buildings can make for an easy escapade. Medium and heavy hulls can be more out in the open, and the need to move for heavier hulls decreases if they're using a turret such as Shaft. Moreover, Striker wont do any good here -- the fact that Berlin's such a big map means that anyone could just run away behind some cover while you lock onto them. Firing the rocket one-by-one could possibly work, but it will definitely be very hard trying to advance your rockets while firing at enemies that are far away.


Light hulls are useful for a swift attempt at capturing the flag. The key to prosperity is knowing the map - let's face it, most of your opponents are not going to be as knowledgeable on this map, since it is simply not so often played. If you know your surroundings, you can plan a solid attack. Heavier hulls are better for defensive work, no surprise there. Equip a long ranged turret to support it in order to remain a constant problem for the enemy team. For defensive play, Magnum can be a good choice. It can take out any onslaughts as well as deal with any sort of enemies, big or small, close or far.


There are seven control points in this one map; as such, a couple of the control points will be neglected. You can use a lighter hull to quickly capture the neglected control points, which can make a difference in the long run, or alternatively, you can use a medium/heavy hull to seize control of the more popular control points. The issue with that is that if you're using a heavier hull such as Mammoth, and you respawn far away from the control point, you're going to have an issue in terms of being an asset to your team.

Recommended Equipment

Due to the sheer size, and nature of the map, all turrets and hulls have their own niches, whether it be replenishing neglected control points, or using a vantage point to pick off enemies in deathmatches.