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Guide to playing in Atra effectively

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About Atra

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Overview: Atra is quite common map at the M0 to early M1 ranks, after that it loses popularity. It is quite a dynamic map, suiting almost every turret, hull and playing style. It’s most common battle mode is Capture The Flag.

Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP

Size: 10 players, 5v5



As always, camping is the best strategy in a Deathmatch. The best spot for camping is either behind the fences on both sides (F) , so you have some form of defence or around the top of the ramps (A&C) , but you can sometimes get attacked from both sides while staying around there.
The ideal equipment being a heavy-medium hull topped off by a quick firing, high damage and decent ranged turret such as Smoky, Ricochet, Vulcan, Striker or Thunder.

Another strategy is the Hit and Run strategy. This involves moving around almost all the time attacking everyone, as suggested by the name. You will probably need a few supplies to pull this off superbly, but it can just about guarantee a top placing. The key to pulling this tactic off effectively is to get out of the enemies line of fire. Try to damage them while driving around them, staying behind the turret if possible.
The ideal equipment being a quick, sturdy hull with a turret that has high damage and a reasonably quick reload speed.

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The key to winning a Team Deathmatch on Atra is to take control of the top of the map. If you can shoot on them from above, you’re almost guaranteed to win. Try to avoid the bottom (unless you’re going down to pick up supply boxes) as it is easy for the other team to shoot down on you, especially if you’re using Firebird, Freeze, Isida or Hammer. Having a player hold back and shoot at them from behind the fence is also a good idea, as they can catch people trying to sneak around the bottom.
The best combos for this would be Mammoth or Titan with Shaft, Railgun or Striker

If you want to clear out the top, the best way would be to have two tanks, one driving up each side, that are using different weapon to prevent paints having a major effect. They need to just peep up, shoot the opposition then drive back down to cover themselves.



Atra defence.png

The best way to defend is to behind the fences and peek through the hole. This not only provides an epic defence, but puts you in a position where you are covered from most enemy fire and can also help out the attack if needed.
When equipped with a heavy hull like Mammoth or Titan and a long rang weapon like Vulcan, Thunder, Shaft or Railgun, you become the key part of the team. Laying mines is another great strategy because it means you can slow down and stop a group of enemies that would otherwise be very hard to stop. Playing with Magnum and camping behind the walls of your base is also a great tactic, since you'll just be shooting the enemy base over the top.


Atra attack.png

Attacking in Atra is pretty close to Team Deathmatch tactics. Once you own the top, you own the game. The one major difference is that the bottom path is a great quick escape from the enemies’ base.
The best attacking line up would be a Viking with Smoky, Railgun, Thunder or Twins (this is the one that stays up on top), a Wasp or Hornet with Smoky, Thunder, Railgun, Hammer or Ricochet and a second Wasp or Hornet with pretty much any turret.

It is the light hulls job to take, return and capture flags while the Viking or Hunter owns the top. As soon as you have taken the flag drive down the lower path as that will offer slightly more protection than having to drive up the sides


If the opposition have control of the points, don’t go up alone. Go up with 2-3 other team members so it is harder for the opposition to deal with the attack. Don’t all go up one side as well, as this makes it not only easier to kill you all, but harder to get space to shoot at the enemies. Use a medium ranged turret such as Smoky, Hammer, Twins or Ricochet mounted on a Hornet, Hunter or Viking on the each side with an Isida backing one of the two up. As for the bottom two points, send down a tank with Freeze, Firebird, Isida or Hammer and Hornet, Hunter or Viking. They should be able to hold it on their own.

Once you have gained control of the points, position yourself at one of the three spots (A, B, C) or if using Isida, stay around the middle spot (D) so everyone is in range to be healed. That way you can attack the enemy as they spawn and drive up the sides. Laying mines around the sides is another great strategy, as mines take the enemy by surprise and deal a massive amount of damage. The lower tanker should try be positioned around the lower spot (E).
If they have control of one point, it shouldn’t matter but try to hold at least four of the five points, for a near certain victory. Note that if you're using Magnum, stay in your base or at the top and shoot the enemy base over the top or over walls.

Recommended Equipment



Firebird, Freeze, Isida, Hammer, Ricochet, Twins, Vulcan, Smoky, Thunder, Railgun or Shaft
Wasp, Hornet, Hunter, Viking, Dictator, Titan or Mammoth

Hit and Run

Firebird, Freeze, Isida, Striker or Hammer
Wasp or Hornet


Defensive Positioning

Thunder, Railgun, Magnum or Shaft
Titan or Mammoth

Attacking Positioning

Hammer, Ricochet, Vulcan, Smoky or Thunder
Wasp, Hornet or Viking



Vulcan, Smoky, Thunder, Railgun, Magnum or Shaft
Titan or Mammoth


Firebird, Freeze, Isida, Hammer, Ricochet, Smoky, Striker, Thunder or Railgun
Wasp, Hornet or Viking


Firebird, Freeze, Isida, Hammer, Ricochet, Striker, Twins or Smoky
Hornet, Hunter or Viking