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Guide to playing in Arena effectively

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About Arena

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Overview: Arena is a very popular map for a range of battles and mini games, such as Wasp/Hornet Fire battles and Save the Golds as well as regular battles.
Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CP
Size: 8 players, 4 vs 4



Avoid the middle - the best place to be situated is behind one of the four posts on the way up to the top. This way you have got the post to protect you and you can shoot at almost anyone. You will want a high damage turret with decent reload speed. The best for this position is Smoky or a Striker on top of a Viking or Titan as they are hard to knock off and are well suited for that position.


Isidas. They are your key to winning a TDM in Arena. You also need to use the fences as to protect your tank while attacking. You will need to crowd your enemies into a bunch and attack from all sides so they cant wipe your team out in one go. The best equipment for this is Firebird, Freeze, Thunder or Hammer as they can all deal a fair bit of damage and hit a number of enemies at the same time. Anything after Hunter works well in TDM in Arena


Get heavy equipment with a Viking lurking around. It is very hard to keep the point off a team of 3 Mammoths with Twins, Ricochet, Hammer, Firebird and Isida and a Viking going around patrolling the surrounding area with a high damage turret. Get at least one Isida and make his/her focus healing rather than helping to kill. That way you can survive while being attacked and then get healed as the opposition start spawning again

Recommended Equipment


Twins, Smoky, Hammer, Striker, Freeze, Railgun or Firebird
Mammoth, Dictator, Viking or Titan


Twins, Ricochet, Hammer, Freeze or Firebird
Viking, Dictator, Titan or Mammoth


Twins, Hammer, Firebird, Ricochet or Isida
Mammoth, Titan, Dictator or Viking