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Guide to playing in Aleksandrovsk effectively

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About Aleksandrovsk

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Overview: Aleksandrovsk is a map that's quite popular in the lower-to-middle ranks. However, on the right servers, you wouldn't be too hard pressed to find it in the higher ranks. It's a map that certainly has gained attention since its somewhat recent addition to the game, just over two year ago.
Battle Modes: DM, TDM, CTF, CP
Size: 24 players, 12 vs 12



Aleksandrovsk is a large map, so you'd assume that longer range turrets would prosper - however, that's not necessarily the case. The reason being is that Aleksandrovsk has quite a few cramped quarters; take the section with buildings, for example. Shorter range turrets such as Firebird, Hammer and Isida can, if situated at the right points, take control of the situation, since there's little open space for enemies to escape fire. Thunder is also an option for taking advantage of those cramped quarters, although you'll want to be careful of splash damage - it's a blessing and a curse. It is imperative you stay in these cramped sections though, for wandering out leaves you susceptible to enemies that beat you 1-on-1 with their range. Though Thunder can prove to be agile enough, Striker is also a great choice, since it deals a lot of damage, even when its rockets are fired one-by-one. When it comes to the salvo, this turret can literally take out anyone in certain situations. Magnum isn't a bad choice either. It allows you to sit back, relax and hit the enemy or their base safely from yours. Alternatively, you can find a vantage point with Railgun, Vulcan or Shaft (there's a great point where you're stood between a cylindrical prop and the map's cliff) which will enable you to beat down enemies from a distance. Be wary of close range enemies that may choose to sneak up behind you. If you're using a close range turret, it's best to go with hulls such as Viking, Hunter or Titan - you've got to be able to move around, since there will be many opponents, DM or TDM. If you're using a long range turret, you can opt for a heavier hull, such as Mammoth, although if you respawn far away from your vantage point, it's going to be quite a trek; and especially if it's a DM, you might not make it there alive. Luck comes into play at this point.


Whichever side you're on, both bases have buildings which you can capitalise on. As aforementioned in the DM section, shorter range turrets can take control of the defence, severely injuring enemies, leaving behind residual damage, in the case of Firebird, or straight up taking them out. You don't "lose", so to speak, to long range, since you have the buildings to shield you from fire. Excessive reliance on keeping your HP intact can jeopardise your defensive work. Of course, if you're on the blue team, the vantage point can be used again to pick off enemies before they get anywhere near your base. In terms of offensive playing, given the defensive capabilities of the base, it's one of the situations where you'll want to pick off a couple of enemies before attacking. Turrets like Smoky and Thunder are suitable for the job. You'll want to couple them with a lighter hull, Hunter heaviest, to make a swift escapade. Look behind you when escaping - longed ranged Shafts and Railguns will be looking to finish you off from a range - even if you're not doing much with your shots, due to said range, their aim will be compromised, saving you in the long run. While Striker can still be effectively used, Magnum is a better choice; since again, you can help in offense, midfield and defense safely from your base.


There's only one point to go for in this map, which means it's going to get pretty congested - light hulls are out of the question here, unfortunately. You're going to need bulk - longer range turrets cannot reach the points from their vantage points either. Therefore, you'll want to bring shorter range turrets to the battle. We're talking Firebird, Freeze, Hammer, and Isida then Viking, Hunter, Titan and even Mammoth. Turrets like Twins, Ricochet and Striker also prove to be fruitful.

Recommended Equipment


Firebird, Hammer, Striker, Thunder, Railgun, Magnum or Shaft
Viking, Hunter or Titan


Firebird, Hammer, Railgun, Freeze, Shaft, Isida, Smoky, Thunder, Magnum or Striker
Viking, Hunter, Titan, Hornet or Wasp


Firebird, Hammer, Striker, Twins, Freeze or Isida
Viking, Hunter, Titan or Mammoth