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Juggernaut (JGR) is a special hull that boasts a massive amount of hitpoints, five times more than any heavy hull, while also still being able to drive at a speed faster than any fully upgraded light hull. It comes equipped with a special overdrive which, when activated, fully restores the hull's health and launches nearby enemies away. In this guide I will talk about the various ways to destroy, protect and attack with the Juggernaut as well as various other tips and interesting facts that will most certainly improve your game play in the Team Juggernaut game mode. I will not go over every single way to destroy/protect the Juggernaut, I will just go over the most common and best approaches to this. These tips can be applied into the Solo Juggernaut mode, however this mode is much harder and you will need to play much smarter and more safely.


Team Juggernaut was introduced to the game on September 27th. The game mode is based on the Solo Juggernaut mode, which appears only on special events and during celebrations. In the Team Juggernaut mode, there are 2 teams, each with a Juggernaut. The first Juggernaut is chosen randomly, and each time a team's Juggernaut is destroyed, they are replaced by another player from their team. The team that destroys the most Juggernauts wins! Before we start, I have to go over the basics. Team Juggernaut is a game mode consisting of 2 teams of 8 players in which one player from each team will be chosen to become the Juggernaut, in my experience the first player (at the top of the team's battle list) will be chosen to become the Juggernaut or the player with the lowest ping as you will load into the game faster than the rest of the players (so the faster your internet the better!). Another tip is to try to and click the continue button as soon the game you are in ends, this way you will start loading in the next matchmaking queue before most players.

The goal of the mode is to find and destroy the enemy Juggernaut; and the player who does so gains a point for their team along with a significantly increased amount of battle points compared to destroying other tanks. The game will end when one team has reached 7 points (the team has destroyed the enemy Juggernaut 7 times) or when the battle timer reaches 0. So you can play for an easy 1-0 game and stall out till the timer ends, or go for the game crushing 7 points. While the goal of the mode may be to destroy the enemy Juggernaut to gain points for your team, you should not make this your main focus (especially if you're the opposing Juggernaut). Lastly when a Juggernaut has entered the battle a message in the colour of the team will be displayed at the top of your game screen as well as when the Juggernaut gets destroyed as shown below:

Blue Red JGR has joined.png

Blue JGR has been destroyed.png

Red JGR has been destroyed.png

The first message of the Juggernaut's joining the battle should be displayed around the 6:53 mark on the in-game battle timer; this is approximately when all players have joined the battle and each team's Juggernaut is chosen. The other two will be showed (unsurprisingly) when a team's Juggernaut gets destroyed. When a team's Juggernaut gets destroyed the next player to die (excluding self-destruction) will become the next Juggernaut.

Destroying the enemy Juggernaut

Let's start off with the part you most likely came here for, the most satisfying part when the enemy Juggernaut is destroyed. There are many different approaches to doing so, and the most common and best ways include using various hulls' Overdrive to inflict massive amounts of damage to the Juggernaut. I will go into different hulls separately and the best turret combos with each hull. You can also pair some of these combos with different drones to completely destroy the Juggernaut from full hp to zero in one attack! However, drones are not necessary in some cases.


Wasp's Bomb is extremely useful and can deal massive amounts of damage when enemies are relatively close to the explosion. With this being said, an obvious choice for a turret would be to use Freeze with the Shock Freeze Augment. You could use other augments or none at all, however the problem with this is that the Juggernaut has a 50% resistance module against the slowing of Freeze/Other slow effects and after-burn damage from Firebird/Overheating. Therefore, it would be extremely hard to burn or slow (in this case) the Juggernaut. The whole point of the Wasp/Freeze combo is to reach a point in the battle when you have Overdrive and head towards the Juggernaut slowing him to the point he can no longer escape your radius, when you have reached this stage simply press overdrive, and he should be dead soon after!. As I said earlier, drones are not an essential part of destroying/protecting the Juggernaut but in some cases they are extremely useful, so I will add a drone part to each section and you could use it if you have it or not. This being said Wasp is a light hull making it extremely fragile as it can be 2 shot by the Juggernaut in most cases (given Double Armor is being used), so you should really take a Defensive Drone. Examples include: Lifeguard, Defender or even Blaster, you can also take the Saboteur drone but I wouldn't recommend it. Lifeguard drone is great because it gives you those so needed extra hit points when you were meant to be dead allowing for more Dps to be dealt as your N2-Bomb is getting ready explode, Defender is also great when upgraded close to max, however, with the recent nerf I would only use it if you have none of the other choices I just mentioned. Lastly the Blaster drone is possibly the best drone to use with the combination, a fully upgraded Blaster Drone can deal 2700-3300 damage and this is doubled on the Juggernaut! paired with the Overdrive from Wasps we can safely say 75% of the hit points from the Juggernaut is gone. To conclude this combination is very strong, you only need to make sure you can attack at a point when you know the enemy Juggernaut does not have Overdrive otherwise your attack will be a complete failure as you are sent flying in the air.


The ever so strong Hornet can be used with almost any turret, however it is best paired with turrets that can deal massive amounts of damage in quick succession. Hornet's Overdrive allows the entire team to see the health bars and location of enemy tanks for 20 seconds. Additionally, your tank will ignore any and all of your enemy's defences such as supplies, protection modules, Hornet's Overdrive cannot ignore the supplies from the Juggernaut but it can ignore the protection modules making it an extremely deadly attacker. This being said you can pair this amazing Overdrive with any turret (as you are ignoring the protections of the Juggernaut/enemies). There isn't too much more to be said here just make sure to make use of the full 20 seconds on the Overdrive as the Juggernaut has a huge pool of hit points that you may need to dps down yourself, you can also use Booster drone with this combo and preferably a long range turret to deal massive amounts of damage from a distance making sure to keep an eye on your hit points and other enemies coming after you.


Viking is an interesting and very versatile hull, Viking's Overdrive significantly increases your turret's fire rate, damage, and range for 7 seconds, making it the best option to deal with an unsuspecting cluster of enemies and destroying the Juggernaut before they can react!. Viking can be paired with any turret as long as you make sure to use your Overdrive at the correct time, taking full advantage of the 7 seconds. Another reason why Viking's Overdrive is so strong versus the Juggernaut as it truly doesn't matter if the Juggernaut has Overdrive or not you can easily dps down regardless!. This being said the best option I can recommend is charging your Viking's Overdrive as the game progresses and heading towards the Juggernaut to check his protection, this is very useful as you can change accordingly to a turret they may not be using protection against then you can proceed to return and destroy the opposing Juggernaut quickly with your Overdrive. Personally my favourite turrets to use with Viking's Overdrive are: Hammer, Railgun and Magnum, this does not mean that there aren't better turrets to use with this overdrive, this is just a personal preference for me. In most scenarios the Juggernaut will have Railgun protection but by just activating double damage you can effortlessly press Overdrive and shoot down his hit points to none, the best augment for this would have to be Large Caliber Rounds this is because this augments already gives increased minimum and maximum damage but at the expense of a longer reload time, but with Viking's Overdrive you don't have to worry about reloading making this augment perfect. Likewise for drones I would simply recommend Defender or Booster drone, Defender drone will allow you to sustain more and take more damage also giving you more time to deal more damage to the enemy teams Juggernaut and Booster will make your damage excel through the roof and possibly 3-4 shot the Juggernaut with or without protections. Again, these drones are not a necessity but if you have them the choice would just depend on whether the Juggernaut has protections or not, the choice is merely up to you just make sure to keep a distance away from the Juggernaut's Overdrive and sneak up behind him to finish the job.


The less popular option for a medium hull as opposed to Viking, Hunter can be used for defensive and offensive purposes, but it is much more suited towards defence. This being said there aren't many options to pair Hunter with. I would say the only turrets you could pair hunter with to deal a suitable amount of damage to the Juggernaut would be: Firebird and Striker i'm sure some may disagree and even add more but these turrets paired with Hunter's Overdrive deal a greater amount of damage than any others however you could add twins and if you have heat immunity you could add Vulcan to the list. I have chosen Firebird with Incendiary mix as an option as Hunter's Overdrive already acts as a slowing down in order to close the gap between you and the Juggernaut if he seems to be retreating away, after using your Overdrive you can deal massive amounts of damage with these augments which increases you damage whilst reducing your energy consumption allowing you to deal good amounts of damage for a longer period of time, similarly with these 3 combos that am I mentioning Booster/Defender drone is a great suit for them, I would personally recommend using Booster drone if it is available to you as you can activate it when you have stunned the Juggernaut and possibly some enemies around you dealing great amounts of damage when the enemies can do nothing but watch!. Next, which is possibly one of the top 3 methods to kill the Juggernaut is Hunter paired with Striker, a great augment for this combo is the Missile launcher "Cyclone" augment, this is because this alteration already does a great amount of damage if you can let off all the 8 rockets, but the increased aiming time makes this difficult to do. To solve this problem you can use Hunter's Overdrive to stun the enemy Juggernaut whilst you are locking on giving you enough time to release the full salvo and deal devastating amounts of damage, this should leave the Juggernaut in about 3 rockets range making the job easy to finish off, you can also pair Defender or Booster drone with these combos as I believe they are the two best drones for the Team Juggernaut mode. Defender drone will give you more time to let off the full salve as it will decrease damage from enemies, whilst the Booster drone will allow you to completely one shot the Juggernaut with these 8 rockets!. Lastly there are some factors to be aware of and to include in your game play when using the Hunter and Striker combo. Be aware of the self damage that the full salvo will deal, this can easily make you self-destruct making your attack useless; in order to avoid this use Hunter's Overdrive about halfway into locking on and then keep your distance and let off the Salvo. Similarly, Hunter's Overdrive takes 1.1 seconds to detonate so make sure to not waste it and time it according to your health bar.


Titan's Overdrive drops a protective dome that will significantly decrease incoming damage from enemies in a small radius for all teammates which are located. This significant decrease in damage makes it a key factor to take into account, other than the Defender drone, Titan's Overdrive can be used to decrease damage from the opposing Juggernaut. Whilst Titan's Overdrive is more so used for a defensive standpoint it can be used to set up base on the enemies side whilst gathering a few teammates you can dps down the Juggernaut. Turrets more suited for this playing style are Vulcan, Striker and Gauss; these turrets can deal good amounts of damage whilst staying inside the dome under safe protection.


Mammoth's Overdrive lasts for 7 seconds, you gain a force field that will deal fatal damage upon contact with enemies, a noticeable speed boost and an instant and full health regeneration. Mammoth's Overdrive seems very suitable to kill the enemy Juggernaut, however its slow speed makes this extremely useful Overdrive very hard to execute. That being said you could attempt to use Mammoth and Freeze however this may not go well, again due to the lack of speed. If you do have the Crisis drone you could use it to gain a significant speed boost making the Mammoth, Freeze combo more possible.

Noticeable mentions

Lastly I have two noticeable mentions of Magnum and Shaft that should be included here. Magnum deals huge amounts of damage and at times you can 3 shot the Juggernaut with the Booster drone, Magnum is a great fit with Booster drone as after activating double damage you will have boosted damage for 3 seconds and with Magnum you can hold space bar until it is empty then activate double damage when you have come closer to the Juggernaut and then you will have another shot roughly 2 seconds later allowing you to get 2 booster shots, this will almost always take 80% of the Juggernaut's health if they have no protection, I would recommend the Reinforced gun Carriage augment so you can have a full 360 rotation view around you, making it easier to not miss the Juggernaut. Secondly Shaft is a great option regardless of the drone you use (if any) and whether or not you have an augment, the 2 best augments however would be Heavy Capacitors or Rapid-fire mode. Rapid-fire mode would be used if you wanted closer contact with the Juggernaut dealing around 6500+ damage at Mk7, however heavy capacitors is still a great fit if you want to sit in one place and deal high amounts of damage, paired with Booster drone you can deal approximately 17300 damage with a fully upgraded Mk7 Shaft this leaves the Juggernaut very vulnerable with around 2000 hit points left if not dead.

Protecting your Juggernaut

The main goal of the game mode team Juggernaut it to destroy the enemy Juggernaut in order to gain points for your team before the opposing team can, however as said earlier this doesn't have to be your teams main focus. Besides one Juggernaut, the rest of the enemy team consist of normal players, who probably will be near your team's Juggernaut. Make sure you kill any enemy that puts in danger your Juggernaut! For each kill, you receive 15 personal points and every teammate who assisted receives 5 personal points. There are few very effective ways in protecting your teams Juggernaut:


Isida is a very great suit for helping protect your Juggernaut, for defence the best augment to use would be Support nanobots, this augments significantly increases the healing rate per second and makes it a great tool to help maintain the Juggernaut's hit points at a safe level.


Another great option for defence in the team Juggernaut mode is Dictator, whilst Dictator was not mentioned earlier in the offensive section for destroying the enemy Juggernaut I believe it is much more suited for using it on your own Juggernaut however you can always attempt to share this very useful overdrive with as many teammates as possible. Your tank and all allies within the area of effect will be repaired and buffed with Double Armor, Double Damage and Speed Boost, supplies as well as dropping a Mine each and it will also speed up the recharge time of the Overdrive with 50% except for other Dictators. This 50% is very useful for your Juggernaut as Juggernaut's overdrive is already charged faster than all other hulls (approximately 40seconds) and this will give your team a great advantage.


Hunter can be used in order to attack and defend as mentioned earlier, this Overdrive can be very useful to slow down an attack, removing supplies and stunning enemies making them very vulnerable allowing your team and the Juggernaut to quickly finish them off.


Titan again, more suited for defence can have its protective dome used to protect the Juggernaut. Although this dome no longer gives passive healing whilst inside it, it can be used over an enemy dome and have your team take position inside it or just simply placed in a safe position to defend your Juggernaut if they seem to be low hp.


Although earlier I mentioned that drones are not essential and not a must, however there are a few drones that are very useful to defend your Juggernaut with excluding the exemplary and very versatile Booster/Defender drones. These drones include: Mechanic, Saboteur and possible Camper drone. The mechanic drone is a great fit as you can activate a repair kit for yourself and extend this effect with the Juggernaut (and some allies also), this is amazing because the Juggernaut cannot use his own repair kits and an uninterrupted repair kit heals a considerable amount. Secondly the Saboteur drone can close off entries to your base if enemies seem to be flying in and is just great for buying time and poking at the enemies' health before they even reach your Juggernaut. Lastly the Camper drone is a great use too if you manage to maintain full health and plant many mines around your base.

Noticeable mentions

Although I didn't mention Hornet, Viking and Mammoth these 3 are still great at defending the Juggernaut at keeping enemies at bay. Hornet's overdrive can be used to give your whole team vision of where enemies may be planning an attack which is always very key when it comes to knowing the location of the enemy team, Viking is a great showstopper and can easily clear out a wave of enemy team sending them back for another round!. Lastly Mammoth is great when paired with turrets such as Magnum and Shaft that can keep damaging enemies from a distance where you can stay near your teams Juggernaut and activate its overdrive if need be.

How to play as the Juggernaut

This is a very key part of the game mode, when you are the Juggernaut pretty much all faith lies upon you. You have the option to play a very aggressive play style and go for a great amount of kills or stay safe and clear enemies that are coming into kill you. Here I will go over both play styles and how to properly use the overdrive. When starting off try to play the more defensive option that I will cover in the second phase until you become more comfortable with the Juggernaut and the overdrive usage as well as the damage you deal to various hulls and the enemy Juggernaut, as this ultimately depends on your Gear Score. Similarly, the Juggernaut has a big responsibility, if you were picked to be the Juggernaut everyone will be trying to kill you, so you have to play smart. The first thing to do as the Juggernaut is to go for easy kills, players with light hulls are most likely to die from a single shot while medium and heavy hulls will die only after 2 hits. The reasoning behind this tip is the Juggernaut's overdrive, the Juggernaut's overdrive can restore its health and it recharges faster the more tanks you destroy. That leads us to the second tip, do not use the overdrive unless you have to. The overdrive can save you from dying and if you'll use it too early you might not be able to restore your health when you really have to.

Attacking as the Juggernaut

Once you have been chosen as the Juggernaut you need to remember that you have an enemy as the Juggernaut also, so you cannot just go on a killing spree and forget about the enemy Juggernaut. When attacking as the Juggernaut you have two different options. First assess the map and find a good place that is safe and you could easily rotate around, in all the maps that are available there are different places across the map, these may be behind buildings/textures or on top of hills and others. The first play style is still an aggressive play style but a safer option than that of the second that I will mention next, what I like to do in this play style is find that safe spot that I was talking about and stay here destroying enemies and making it easier for your team to make way to the enemy Juggernaut, in this play style you have to play as if you are going for a high K/D and almost ignore the enemy Juggernaut until it may be pushing towards you. The other option is actually quite similar to this but you have to focus the enemy Juggernaut and time his overdrive with your overdrive, this option is quite difficult but with practice you can pull it off and give your team these small advantages. The procedure is saving your overdrive until the enemy Juggernaut uses their overdrive and then engaging with the Striker salvo part of the Juggernaut's kit, breaking it down as soon as the enemy Juggernaut uses their overdrive you can engage and then lock onto them as you get closer to them and use your overdrive to attempt to throw off the enemy Juggernaut or even flip them just before you fully release your Striker salvo. After you have done this the enemy Juggernaut may even self-destruct if they go too high up making your job much easier, if not after you have released the 6 rockets from the salvo about 3 more Railgun shots in most cases will finish off the Juggernaut. As you are doing this, beware of self damage and make sure to retreat back to safety in your own base until you have overdrive again for maximum safety.

Defending as the Juggernaut

Possibly the less favourable option, playing defensively as the Juggernaut involves you just using your overdrive to push away any enemy tanks coming close for an attack, if you intend to play like this just become more comfortable with the Juggernaut, the damage you deal as well as the usage of the overdrive. This play style involves staying in a safe and comfortable position in your own base and just fending off enemy tankers.

Noticeable mentions

Protections as the Juggernaut is a very important part of playing as the Juggernaut as well as the micro-upgrades of your own tank. I would first play a few battles and assess the most annoying/high damage dealers to the Juggernaut and keep those protections or the most common turrets at your rank. Personally I use Railgun, Ricochet and Magnum protection but this may differ from you and others however I recommend always using Railgun protection and maybe Shaft (depending on how common these turrets are at your rank) as they deal a great amount of damage to the Juggernaut. Try to use your best equipment as this would make your Juggernaut stronger, the higher your Gear score the more damage your Juggernaut will deal and the more health you will have.