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Gold Box Hunting as a Concept

Before you read this article please evaluate why you are here. There are many reasons for wanting to catch Gold Boxes, most of which can be found in the list below:

  1. Lower ranks tend to catch Gold Boxes for crystals. The 1000 crystal reward from catching one of the coveted boxes may seem insignificant to an experienced Generalissimo however for a low rank, catching several Gold Boxes can be enough for another Mk1 or Mk2 turret/hull.

  2. Some people try to catch Gold Boxes to win the weekly Gold Box Hunter of the Week. The current rankings can be found on the Tanki rating site home page. The Gold Hunter of the Week used to be shown on the Tanki Video Blog. You can find the latest V-LOG here on the Forum, or on the official Tanki Online Channel here on YouTube.

  3. Another common reason to catch Gold Boxes is to make YouTube videos. PORTES_S was one of the first Tanki Gold Box Hunters who became famous because of their Gold Box montages on YouTube. At the time of writing, he had approximately 52,000 Subscribers.

  4. One of the more simple reasons regardless of rank is the sheer thrill of the Gold Box hunt. Many people experience a genuine speeding up in their heartbeat upon hearing the Gold Box siren and seeing the infamous "Gold Box will be dropped soon" notification flash above their head.

Combinations for Successful Gold Hunting

The first thing to consider here is what combinations you have. Certain combinations are definitely better in some maps than others. For example, although dictator is widely considered to be the best combination overall for Gold hunting, it is far less useful in large maps.


Dictator is generally the best hull for Gold hunting due to its relative height, width, speed, and strength.



For a start, its armor is greater than every hull except Mammoth and Titan which gives it a huge advantage when competing for Gold boxes. Unlike Hunter which has relatively low health, Dictator will survive for a considerable time when being focused upon by enemy tanks. This means that Dictator users can get themselves into a better position to take the Gold without having to worry about dying so much.

The second and admittedly most important advantage that Dictator has is its height. Towering above all other hulls in the game, if even a fraction of the tank is below the Gold, it will always succeed in taking the 1000 crystal box. The possibility of this happening is increased by Dictator's maneuverability and width.

It, therefore, goes without saying; that the priority of all Gold hunters should be to kill the Dictators as they, if under the Gold location will most likely take the gold.

Dictators, incidentally, can also be used to help friends catch Gold boxes.

Smoky / Hammer / Thunder - Wasp


This combination can be used effectively in big and small maps alike. In big maps, Wasp's incredible pace coupled with a nitro can mean that you will cover all possible Gold Box locations. Also, when you arrive at the location, any competition for the greatly sought-after box can be nullified using a simple trick.

Gold hammer.gif

As you can see in the picture, to get on top of a tanker and take the Gold Box, lean forward then as you lean backwards shoot once and the front of your Wasp will be raised in the air. This can be used with hornet as well, or even some medium hulls, yet Wasp is definitely the most effective choice.

The reason Smoky, Hammer or Thunder are recommended is because of their high recoil and high reload rate meaning that if your first shot fails, you will always have another try. If you were using Railgun, for example, you may not reload in time, and the opportunity to shoot yourself up to take the gold will be lost.

Other Gold-taking combinations

Although the 2 above combinations are prolific, and also the most common used by successful Gold-hunters this is not to say that other combos will not work.

As mentioned before, hornet's extra health can be useful in big maps, where you could be shot on the way to finding the drop location.

Mammoth or Titan is also an option in very small maps like Island, Farm or Ping-pong. Their huge amounts of health, and wideness of hull, along with a fairly good height, can make Gold hunting easy. Titan, in particular, is the most powerful hull out there, and can outpush any other hulls with ease.

The best maps for taking Gold Boxes

Of course, it is possible to catch Gold Boxes on any map however there are two maps in particular which are suited to Wasp and Dictator respectively:



Polygon is suited to Dictator simply because it, due to its size, nearly always ends up in a scrabble for the Gold. Dictator's height can be a huge advantage here as can the extra health it has. Here are the possible drop locations for Polygon:




Serpuhov is ideal for Wasp as it has many open spaces, meaning that a Wasp can hide but still allow itself time to get to the Gold location without being damaged too much. The flat ground is not a problem as the recoil weapons can be used to shoot itself up onto other tanks. Here are the possible drop locations for Serpuhov:


General Rules for Gold Hunting

How you approach Gold boxes in general, obviously depends on your hull as discussed above. However, there are some general rules:

  1. If smart supplies are enabled, always equip a Double Armour first. This will allow time for nitro to be equipped, all before the Gold box even starts to fall. Then, when you're in the rush for the Gold you will also have a health kit handy.
  2. If you are a heavy/medium hull it is usually best to equip high damage weapons which can affect lots of hulls at once, and also fire a lot of charge in a short space of time. Weapons like Freeze, Firebird, and Thunder are ideal for this task.
  3. Never go too early. By this, I mean that if you run straight under the Gold box you will get targeted by everyone and most likely be destroyed.
  4. Equip a module with protection against the above-mentioned turrets. Nothing is more infuriating than being directly beneath the Gold Box but then being killed at the last second.
  5. If there is a ledge nearby, or a ramp, use this to get on top of other players. Once you are above them you are at an incredible advantage of taking the Gold Box.
  6. Upon seeing the famed "Gold Box will be dropped soon" notification; self-destruct. This gives you a fresh start upon your drugs and you can apply tip 1.
  7. One trick that sometimes works is sitting on top of the Gold Box marker. This can sometimes fool other players into searching somewhere else. However, caution is advised with this, as a clever player can realize your attempt to deceive them and subsequently open fire on you as revenge.