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Gold Box

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GoldBox banner 2.png

Supply item, after activation one Gold Box with crystals inside will drop at a random spot on the map.

Maybe you’ve heard somewhere an ancient greeting uttered by an old clan of gold diggers - “Gold pls”. At one time, that request was for mods and admins, but also for regular tankers. Gold diggers would haunt the battles in search of Golds yet to drop, and the thirst for shiny boxes would dominate their minds, rendering them incapable of coherent speech and play.

There are drop zones for Gold Boxes on every map - and most maps have several drop zones.

Originally the Gold Box was dropped when the battle fund reached a multiple of 700 crystals. Since Update 1.78.0, it can now appear in a battle with any fund size. The probability of dropping was 1/10000. However, now it is connected to the timer, and not the battle fund (with the actual probability undisclosed by the developers).

On February 19th 2016, an option to disable Gold Boxes dropping in PRO battles was added.
On July 29th 2016, the "Gold Box Supply" was added to the game. This new supply is available for purchase in the shop for players ranked Warrant Officer 1 and higher — and can also be acquired by completing special daily missions. Once you have a Gold Box supply in your garage, you’ll be able to drop it using the 6 key.

The Gold Box Notification Siren

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FAQ: Gold Box

Q: Why are some Gold Boxes that drop in battles black?
A: With the introduction of containers, sometimes, black-colored boxes drop, taking the place of a regular Gold Box. These boxes reward you with a single container, as opposed to the standard 1,000 crystals.

Q: Can users, Helpers or Administrators drop Gold Boxes?
A: Gold Boxes are completely random; i.e., they have a random probability of dropping which is connected to the timer of the battle. The only way for users, Helpers and Administrators to drop a Gold Box is by using the "Gold Box Supply".

Q: How long after the notification does the Gold Box start dropping?
A: Since March 24th, 2018, you will have 10 seconds after the notification before the Gold Box starts dropping.


Q: Where do Gold Boxes usually drop?
A: Gold Boxes drop at different, fixed random "zones" placed all over the map. The best place to start looking would be your base first.. After you have scanned that area, try looking in the middle, your enemies' base, the edges of the map or other obvious places.

Q: How can I find out where a Gold Box is dropping?
A: You are looking for a white square with a golden crystal in the middle. Move your camera to its highest point so you can see as much ground around you as possible. After about five seconds since the notification has appeared and you still haven't found the zone yet, bring your camera down to the lowest it can go and start looking in the sky for the Gold.

Q: What is the best/easiest way to catch a Gold Box?
A: Have a read through this guide to Gold Box Hunting.

Q: Can Gold Boxes be disabled?
A: Yes. There is now an option to disable Gold Boxes from dropping in Pro battles. The Gold Box Supply will also be disabled.