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The Gender War was a War that took place from March 2nd to Augusth 28th, 2019. The goal of the participants in this War was to collect as many stars as possible in their own faction - which was randomly assigned. The faction that has collected the most stars at the end wins.

To participate in this War, you had to purchase one of the faction paints for 5 000 crystals. The paint automatically assigned the player to the chosen factions. The paint was purchasable from the 2nd of March and remained available for purchase until 28th of August.

The factions

Paint Gentleman.png Paint Lady.png

There were 2 factions - Gentleman and Lady


Result of genderwar.png

As mentioned above, the task of participants was to collect stars in Matchmaking battles. The faction that had the most stars when the war ended won. In the end, the Lady faction won the war, earning 417 stars on average.


Everyone who bought the faction paint was able to choose one of the given animated paints. After the contest ended all of those players who were in the winning faction received the paint what he/she selected.

The list of the animated paints:

Paint Spinner.png Paint Tic-tac-toe.png Paint siberian tiger.png
Paint pastila.png Ginga paint.png Paint magnolia.png
Paint Runes.png Paint Mount Fuji.png Paint beholder.png