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In order to fight with opponents on equal terms, you will need to equip your tank with state-of-the-art equipment. This can easily be done using the in-game shop. Any acquired items are carefully stored in your Garage. It will be kept perfectly safe by a team of experienced mechanics.


Turret thunder m3.png

Turrets play a very important role in Tanki Online. The type of gun you choose will strongly affect your playing style, whether it is aggressive, close-range attacks, firing from protected positions, or supporting your team-mates.

In addition, your weapon of choice can be upgraded. All turrets have seven modifications — Mk1 to Mk7 — from weakest to strongest. The price of lower modifications isn't high so you can try the most popular tactics at junior ranks without having to spend a large number of crystals. However, it's impossible to get everything you want at once. Particular turrets and modifications can be purchased only at a certain rank.


Hull wasp m3.png

Choosing the right turret is only part of your success. You also need to choose a hull. The good news is that there are plenty of those in Tanki Online - from the lightest and fastest to the heaviest and most armored. Like the turrets, each hull also has seven modifications, from Mk1 to Mk7. You can try the most popular tactics on junior ranks without having to spend a large number of crystals. But it’s impossible to get everything you want at once. Particular hulls and modifications can only be purchased at a certain rank.

Paints and Modules


You can further personalize your tank using a wide variety of paints: there are common paints and rare, unique paints that are used by representatives of the game’s administration, tournament winners, and other players who have gained special recognition for their contributions to the project.

Module m3 preview.png

Modules are special elements that can be equipped on your tank, designed to protect it from enemy weapons. Visually, modules do not appear on the tank nor show any effect, however, if you press and hold the R key while in battle, you can see which modules and what protections are used by other players that are in the battle with you.


S AS.png

During a battle, in chat, you will occasionally see words such as “Drugs!” or “Drugger!”. These words are in no way related to the use of illegal substances. They simply refer to players who are using Supplies. These items from the garage allow you to temporarily boost a particular characteristic of your tank while in battle, or place an explosive mine in the battlefield.



Crystals are the game's unit of currency. Currently, crystals are used to buy and upgrade hulls, turrets and modules.

Supplies, paints, passes, gifts and the occasional surprise items - often associated with holidays or special days in the game - can also be bought with crystals. There are many ways to get crystals, and you can learn more about them on the currency's main page.


Drones banner.png

Drones are your helpers in battles. They boost your stats, enhance supplies and help in many other ways. They can be purchased with crystals in the Garage in the “Drones” section, or with tankoins in the 'Product Kits' section of the Shop. You can upgrade them in order to make their effects stronger.

Buying new items

In order to buy a new item to add in your Garage, you will need to:

— Select one of the six sections that you can find in your Garage.

Garage Sections.png

— Drag the scrollbar to find the desired item, and then click on it.


— In the Information section you will find a description of the selected item, as well as the Preview button (for Paints only) and the Buy button that you need to click on.

If the buy button is disabled, it either means that you do not have enough crystals, or you do not have the minimum required rank to purchase the selected item. If you do not have enough crystals, the button will still read "Buy". You can click on it to purchase the remaining amount of crystals using one of the payment services. If the item is not available due to your rank, its icon will be greyed out.

— You can confirm or cancel the purchase in the window that appears after you click Buy.


If the purchase is successful, the item will instantly become part of your Garage.