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Screeeeeech! Your tank's tracks grind nearly to a halt, your turret becomes sluggish, and you find yourself shivering. That's right - you've been frozen.Icon Freeze.png Bundle up, because this article is all about this frightening status effect.

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Freezing is a Status Effect applied by certain specialized pieces of equipment. When a tank is frozen, this happens:

  • Their tank's treads (responsible for moving and turning the hull and turning) slow down in proportion to the temperature, minimum temperature gives 30% reduction Minus.png
  • Their turret's rotation slows down in proportion to the temperature, minimum temperature gives 90% reduction Minus.png
  • The tank will heat back up at a rate of 10% max temperature per second, for a maximum frozen time of 10 seconds.
  • Burning effects are removed.

Some important things to note:

  • Using a repair kit will unfreeze the tank over the course of a couple of seconds.
  • Freeze protection modules do not reduce the freezing effect.
  • Shooting anyone with Firebird (including a teammate) will warm them up, and shooting an enemy with Freeze will relieve their Burning before applying the Freezing status effect.
  • Frozen tanks will have this symbol above them: Icon Freeze.png If you are frozen, or are the one doing the freezing, you will also see the text Freeze briefly appear above the affected tanks.


JGR Icon.png
The Juggernaut is immune to all negative status effects.
Icon overdrive at field.png
Mammoth's Overdrive removes all negative status effects and makes the tank immune to them.
Icon Immunity.png
Immediately after spawning, all tanks are immune to negative status effects.

There are also two hull augments that protect against freezing:

Name Description Effects
Cold Resistance
Freeze Protection.png
245 000 Crystal.png
Partially protects your tank from the effect of cold, making it harder to slow down. Does not affect direct damage from Freeze. Freeze effect resistance: 50% Plus.png
Cold Immunity
Freeze Immunity.png
4 990 MiniTankoin.png
Makes your tank immune to the slow-down effects of cold, such as that inflicted by the Freeze turret. However, Freeze will still be able to deal direct damage to your tank. Freeze effect resistance: 100% Plus.png

If you attempt to Freeze an immune tank, you will see the word Immunity briefly appear above them. There is no indicator for cold resistance.

What can Freeze a Tank?

Left Freeze
Freeze is the only turret capable of freezing tanks with no additional augment. In addition to dealing regular damage, it decreases the Temperature of tanks at a rate of 60% per second.

  • Shooting a burning tank (even a teammate) with freeze will cool it down. If it's an enemy, they must be cooled down before movement restriction sets in.
  • There are two augments for Freeze that affect its freezing effect. Note that the Adrenaline augment is not on this list, as it only increases damage, not freezing.
Name Description Effects
Corrosive mix
Alteration freeze corrosive mix.png
245 000Crystal.png
Swapping cooling agent with acid mixture, which eats through even the most sturdy armor in mere seconds. No freezing effect.

Damage per second: +10% Plus.png
Freeze effect removed Minus.png

Shock freeze
Alteration freeze shock freeze.png
245 000 Crystal.png
Quickly and effectively turn tanks into solid and immobile pieces of ice. In conditions of a limited space in the turret, several battle mechanisms had to be removed, which lowered damage and energy consumption.

Freezing rate: +200% Plus.png
Energy consumption: -50% Plus.png
Regular Damage: -15% Minus.png

Left Crusader's Overdrive
Need a distant tanker incapacitated quickly? Look no further than this deadly icicle.

  • In addition to armor-piercing tanks, Crusader's icicle freezes enemies in the explosion radius for 4 seconds.

Left Dictator's Overdrive
Placing the user and their teammates firmly in control of the area, Dictator's overdrive can easily turn the tide of a battle.

  • In addition to providing supplies to nearby teammates and charging their overdrives, Dictator's overdrive freezes all enemies within 20 meters for 4 seconds.

Additionally, there are currently 2 turret augments that allow turrets other than freeze cool down tanks. Epic augments can be obtained in Containers or Ultra Containers at the Epic rarity, or purchased for crystals Crystal.png. Legendary augments can be only be obtained in Ultra Containers at the Legendary Rarity.

Name Description Effects
Cryo rounds
Alteration smoky cryo rounds.png
245 000 Crystal.png
Replacement for the standard cumulative shots with freon rounds. Critical hits will deal less damage, but fully freeze the target.

Target's temperature: -100% Plus.pngIcon info.png
Critical damage: -15% Minus.png

Cryo Rounds
Augment Cryo Rounds Railgun.png
A variant of the large caliber Railgun* but with cryo rounds. Critical hits decrease the temperature of targets that they hit.

*Unlike LCR, this augment does not make reload longer or increase damage.

Target's temperature: -100% Plus.pngIcon info.png
Critical hit damage: -30% Minus.png
Shot warmup time: +20% Minus.png
Cryo Rounds
Hammer Wyvern Breath.png
Features pellets by the striking name of «Wyvern's Breath», an improved version of the well-known «Dragon's Breath». Instead of igniting enemy tanks, it leaves them frozen in their tracks on critical shots. Target's temperature: -100% Plus.pngIcon info.png
Critical hit change: 33% Plus.png