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Greetings, tankers. On this occasion, we're moving onto the subject of flipping, which is pretty self-explanatory - the point where your tank isn't right-side-up. It isn't exactly something you see intentionally done in battles; when it happens, it's more due to your own serendipity, or, to be blunt, awful maneuvering from the opposing team's part. How can it affect battles though? That's what this article aims to tell you - it also aims to provide an insight on the importance of flipping, the situations in which a player can flip another player, and whether you should kill a flipped tank.

Why is flipping important?

A flipped tank is one less active tank on the battlefield, which means, for a short period of time, there are more players on your side contributing to the ultimate goal; winning. You may be thinking that 10 seconds (less than that, in the average circumstances) isn't a lot, but when racked with the time it takes to respawn, and the time it takes to get back into the action, it becomes a lot more substantial than initially thought. There's a reason why people complain when people continue to play despite the sides not being equal - it's because so much as one less player, even if temporary, makes the difference, as it takes a chunk of the team out. I'll use an example - the player flipped is a defender, and when unable to move, that defender cannot help out in the way that they'd like to. This leaves the defense largely exposed, which makes it much easier for the opposing offense to successfully attack. It's the numbers game - something that the team with the advantage can turn into a real problem if handled correctly.

For the XP readers, you'll know that when an opponent is flipped, you may see "-1" pop around the chat - this implies that there is a flipped player on the battlefield and that you can capitalize. That's what a flipped tank can enable you to do - it provides that opportunity for you to gain momentum and seize control of the match. When you've flipped, after pressing Del, type in "-" (in your team's chat, I'll add) to let your teammates know that you're down. In sum, a flipped tank is a lot more fundamental than meets the eye, in regards to how it can affect the future of the game; when you see a flipped tank, definitely look to capitalize.

How can I flip someone effectively?

There are a few ways in which you can deliberately flip people - one thing to note is that it's not easy to flip someone and that in the average situation, you won't be able to do it. You'll only be able to flip an opposing side in particular scenarios - it will involve capitalizing on an enemy's actions, and in most cases, you will need to be swift in doing it, otherwise, you'll miss the opportunity to do so.

Capitalising on an enemy's jump

The first method is via taking advantage of an enemy jumping off a cliff. This is one of the more common methods of flipping someone, since jumping off cliffs is frequently used to get to a specific destination faster. Another thing I would like to mention is that most of these methods will not work if you have a turret such a Freeze, Firebird, and Isida - the reasoning should speak for itself. The shot from your turret will be the way you go about getting the flip, for the most part.

It's also pretty easy - in most cases, all you're going to need to do is hit the tank, which, needless to say, isn't so much to ask. Railguns will do the job with a single shot if handled correctly, but with weapons like Smoky, Thunder, and Hammer, one shot will only get them side-up, which isn't all doom-and-gloom, due to the fact it's going to take nothing more than another shot to get the full flip. Be careful how you go when facing higher cliffs - whilst there's a higher chance that it will take a single shot to flip completely since there's more space between the cliff and floor, you need to remember that it's possible the tank can land right-side-up - never think that because you have managed to get the shot, you've got the flip, as that might not always be the case. The solution to this is to wait - don't shoot as soon as the opposing player has jumped. Hold it off for just a bit; this means there's a lower chance of the enemy landing right-side-up, due to there being less space between the cliff the enemy jumped from and the floor below. Don't leave it too long either - if you leave it too late, from your position, you might not be able to land the shot, and the result of the flip might not be what you expected! Examine the length of the cliff and time your shot accordingly to ascertain the flip.

Using your impact force

Using your impact force - I already know what you're thinking! In the average scenario, this is not going to work unless you're using a Railgun against another Railgun user. At the same time, this Railgun user will ALSO need to be a Wasp user. You would be right in saying that, and they're pretty specific circumstances too; however, I've decided to include it here because it is also common (XP/BPs and the like). Bear in mind it won't be the easiest method to conduct.

You want to be aiming for the turret. The reason why you want to be shooting for the opposing player's turret is that your impact force works strongest there - the shot will have a much more detrimental effect up top rather than down below. Here's the problem, though - that won't be enough! Due to recent updates, a Railgun-Wasp will be able to remain right-side-up after the shot. In order to get the flip, you'll need to play the mind games - in other words, you will have to predict your opponent's shot by shooting before them, which isn't easy, by any means. Although it will give you a match advantage, getting the prediction alone won't give you the flip! Your shot and your opponent's shot will need to work in tandem, in order to get the flip. If you play XP/BP commonly, as you improve in the format, the opportunities will come.

Capitalising on an enemy's failure

You know there are incompetent tankers out there that cannot drive to save their lives and will find themselves side-up, waiting for their weapon to reload (or if they're using a Firebird, Isida, or Freeze, to self-destruct), and you can capitalize on it! Don't be afraid to do so.

You want to be shooting the top of the hull to guarantee the flip - any turret that shoots out as opposed to spraying out will work here and provided you shoot at the top of the hull as I've said, it will only take one shot! One thing I'd like you to let you know, though, is that if the opposing player is using Firebird, Isida, or Freeze, you won't always need to bother. This is because they cannot do anything to revert their catastrophe - in essence, it's like the tank is fully flipped. Of course, you can argue that enemies can un-flip their teammates with their longer range turrets, effectively solving the problem for them. Therefore, whether you should do it comes down to priorities of the user, the tactical awareness of the enemy, and the turret you're using - the turret matters because the reload varies!


Finally, here's the last method that I'd like to show you here when it comes to flipping a tank - pushing. Hey! No one said you cannot push your enemies! You know what they say - giving them a nudge in the right direction! However, I certainly haven't saved the best for last - it's not the most effective way of getting the job done.

You should only bother if your opponent is on the edge of a cliff or incline - it'll be easier if the opponent isn't aware of your presence either. Although there are incompetent tankers out there, opponents still have their eyes on you, watching your every move like a hawk! That's why this method isn't the best way to go about things - it isn't common, and it isn't always reliable. However, if you're able to creep up on an unsuspecting enemy, who just so happens to be near a cliff or incline, do it. Do it for all of us.

Is it worth all the effort though?

By now, we have established that a flipped tank can be fundamental to the outcome of a match - however, this article isn't encouraging you to go into battles, finding the opportunities. In actual fact, these opportunities should be finding you. If the opportunity presents itself, go for it - the advantages will pay off. I don't want you to think flipping is all that it's about, although it is pretty important!

Destroyed flipped tanks - do we bother?

This is the ultimate question - when a tank is flipped, do we destroy it? Now, given the advantages a flipped tank gives, the answer to that is No. I know it can be tempting to do so, bearing in mind you get free points, which can make the difference between one's position on the leaderboard, which will lead to more crystals. However, I believe that you should control yourself and not do it - forget the five points you'll get, try to nab the flag, or simply take out other enemies! One less player leaves the enemies in a much more vulnerable state! Those five points will seem like nothing when taking into account the points you'll get. In destroying the tank, you'll be cutting off the time the enemy is out of action, which isn't the right play to make.

Don't get into the perception that the respawn time will be enough - whilst it's possible it will be, you want to take advantage of this opportunity as much as possible. Leaving them stuck there maximizes the advantage you'll get!

What about Deathmatches?

This is definitely fair - you're on your own on the battlefield, with no one to rely on, and getting kills is the key to winning. Let's not sugarcoat it here - when we go in a battle, the general aim is to win. Any advantages simply do not apply when in the Deathmatch scenario - does that make it okay to destroy a flipped tank? Is this the one circumstance where destroying a flipped tank doesn't end up hindering you in any fashion? To be honest, yes - however, before doing so, take into account a couple of things. How much health points does your enemy have? How much protection does your enemy have against your turret? It wouldn't be so wise to bother using up your charge, or wasting a shot on an enemy that you know has full HP, as it leaves you dry for enemies that aren't flipped. Enemies with good protection against you might not even get you the kill, if they're bulky, which they tend to be in Deathmatches - once again, this can leave you dry for enemies that aren't flipped.

You're a bit freer if you're a Smoky, Twins, or Thunder as the reload isn't as much of an issue; however, you should definitely still be aware of your surroundings.


In a team situation, do not waste your time destroying a flipped tank.

In a solo situation, it's acceptable, but you've got to make sure it's worth doing so.