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Five Ways To Win

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Apart from amazing turrets, hulls, paints and a huge reserve of supplies, there is something else that all experienced and skilled tankers have. I'm not talking about aim, movement, awareness, or skills in that sense. I am talking about an arsenal of different techniques, tools if you like, above and beyond the typical, that when deployed correctly can give you an edge to outsmart and outdo the enemy.

Here, I will share with you 5 clever and different ways to win in Tanki. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Method 1: Pushing

Typically turrets are thought to be the offensive component of your combination, while your hull determines the speed and armour. Well, although this is true on the most part, hulls can indeed be used very effectively as an offensive weapon too.

A very overlooked feature of hulls is the 'Power' feature, and combined with 'Weight', determines how easy it is to push or be pushed by an enemy tank. Clearly, a higher power means it is easier to push, and a greater weight makes it harder to be pushed. Furthermore, a tank can only really push in the forward and backwards direction. This means it is easier to push an enemy tank from the side.

Pushing an enemy tank can be used to great effect, and to name a few examples: Trapping an enemy with your flag by using your tank as a barrier. Pinning an enemy to a wall, preventing him from escaping so you can finish him off. Pushing a tank off a ledge to flip that tank over. Pushing an enemy off the map, which can return any flag that tank is holding, as well as reduce the enemy score in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. Knocking off enemy aim. Pushing enemies away from, for example, golds and capture points. Using a weapon with a high impact force such as Twins can also help in pushing enemy tanks.

Method 2: Mines

Another feature that takes time to master the use of is mines. Mines are hidden until you are almost upon them and are indeed very powerful, with each one having the potential of dealing 240 damage points, which can destroy light hulls immediately. Furthermore, no tanks are safe from it, since there is no paint that can protect against mines as of yet.

A lot of players, including myself, fail to be able to use them effectively, but they can be used both aggressively (setting them near choke points or around enemy spawn points) and defensively (mining main passages around your base, or protecting your tank from one side of attack).

Mines drop vertically down, from whatever height you are, meaning that you can even drop them while airborne onto enemies beneath you. Mines set in just one second, meaning it is very hard to quickly move out of the way or change direction in a pursuit.

Finally, mines can be used non-conventionally to flip enemy tanks. A flipped enemy is even better than a dead one, as they must spend time destroying themselves before they can get back into action, rendering them out of commission for a short period of time.

Method 3: Weak positions

On the topic of flipping, there are a few situations where enemy tanks are particularly vulnerable, times where you should capitalize.

The first is when an enemy tank is airborne. While in flight, the tank is not safely grounded and so is extremely vulnerable to being flipped over sideways by any weapon which has reasonable impact force, such as Ricochet, Smoky and Railgun. Shooting an enemy at this time can knock them out of balance so they land upside down.

Even if an enemy has not left a ledge, it is still very weak while on the edge. A quick run up to gain momentum can push an enemy off, flipping him.

Another situation of where an enemy tank is not grounded properly is if he is on top of you. In this situation, being underneath can definitely be an advantage, it is often much easier to shoot that tank than for it to shoot back. Just watch out for mines!

Method 4: Weapon Specialities

Of course, there are reasons why people choose weapons like Freeze, or Firebird - for their special abilities. Each and every weapon has their own unique characteristics, some of which can be extremely helpful in defeating an enemy. Firebird - the notorious afterburn effect, where you can heat up an enemy so that they take further sustained damage. Since Firebird has a fairly limited shooting time (5 seconds), often you want to conserve your energy. A skilful Firebird will know when to keep on firing and when to make a quick escape and leave afterburn to finish the enemy off. Freeze - quite the opposite of Firebird, where you can freeze enemies rather than heating them up. If skilful, you can use this effect and circle the enemy, so that you take minimum damage in return. Certainly a powerful effect. Thunder - I believe the only weapon that can deal true splash damage. This can be used to awesome effect, through shooting multiple enemies at once, as well as shooting obstacles and the ground near enemies to be able to hit enemies that are not within direct line of sight. Ricochet - as the name suggests, has the ability to bounce, or ricochet projectiles off surfaces. This means that enemies can't hide effectively around corners or in small caves.

Method 5: Not to Kill

Finally, and rather strangely, the answer might be not to kill. What do I mean?

In confrontations, it is extremely important to know when to stay and fight, and when to flee. For example, when running with a flag, it may be unwise to turn your turret to shoot back. You might need it to jump down effectively using its recoil, or you may need to turn the turret to watch where you're moving to ensure you don't hit any obstacles and escape efficiently. Turning back to try and kill could lead to your own demise, rather than the enemy.

Secondly, and this is especially true for Deathmatch, there may be more suitable targets to shoot at. If you have Freeze why try to take on an enemy Inferno? If you have Isida why try to take on an enemy Irbis? Play to the strengths of your own tank, and this can indirectly lead you to scoring more kills.