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Social Media Moderators

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Social Media Administrators

Administrators' Paint — «Flame»
SM Admin.png

Social Media admins perform the same functions as Social Media moderators, but are empowered with greater authority. Also, if you want to make a complaint about a moderator's work, you should send it to an admin.

In the list of the Forum Members their names are highlighted in gold.

Social Media Helpers

Social Media Moderators' Paint — «Microchip»
SM Mod.png
Social Media helpers maintain order on Tanki Online's official pages in social medias. They answer players' questions asked both in comments and privately, moderate posts and take care of violations.

In the list of the Forum Members their names are highlighted in canary.

Social Media Candidates

Social Media Helpers candidate.png
The users who decided to try out as Social Media Moderators themselves. After passing a trial period and receiving positive reviews of their work, they will become full Social Media Moderators.

Group Members

To apply for the position of Social Media Moderator, carefully read the conditions and fill out the form attached with them.