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Experience points (aka. EXP or XP) reflect how much a player has played - as a number. Each player has their own amount of experience points. At specific milestones, a player will receive a new rank. Every player begins their journey in Tanki Online at 0 EXP and can accumulate experience points until having received 2 147 483 646 points - having reached the rank of Legend 10730 - after which it is not possible to earn more EXP. The highest distinct rank, Legend, is awarded at 1 600 000 experience points.

Experience points are earned in battle for completing objectives.

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Attention! Do not confuse experience points with battle score. Experience allows one to progress in rank, while battle score is tied to a specific battle and determines things such as the number of crystals earned in a particular game.

Action Mode Experience Experience w/ premium
Destroying a tank all 40 60
Participating in destroying a tank 0 0
Healing a player with Isida 20 30
Picking up a Crystal Box 10 15
Delivering a flag ASL mode.png 40 60
Capturing the point SGE icon.png 20 30
Participating in capturing the point 20 30
Capturing a flag Ctf mode.png 40 60
Participating in capturing the flag 20 30
Returning the flag 20 30
Capturing a point Cp mode.png 20 30
Neutralizing a point 20 30
Scoring a touchdown RGB mode.png 40 60
Participating in scoring a touchdown 20 30
Destroying the Juggernaut JGR Icon.png 60 90
Participating in destroying the Juggernaut 40 60