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Evil War banner.jpg

The Evil War was a special Halloween-themed War that lasted only 1 week - from October 25th to November 1st, 2019. The goal of the participants in this War was to collect as many stars as possible in their own faction - which was randomly assigned. The faction that accumulates the most stars by the end of the War on November 1st wins.

To participate in this War, one had to buy the special Distributor paint for 10 MiniTankoin.png The paint automatically assigned the player to one of the three factions randomly. The paint was purchasable from the 25th of October and remained available for purchase until the end of the War.

You can check the progress of all factions on a special site.

The factions

Paint Undead.png
Paint Vampires.png
Paint Ghosts.png

There were three factions - Undead (left), Vampires (center), and Ghosts (right). After purchasing the Distributer paint it would be replaced with the corresponding paint for your faction.

The faction paints were removed after the War finished. Only the winning faction - Ghosts - kept their paint forever.


Vampires Ghosts Undead
Evil War Vampire.png Evil War Ghost.png Evil War Undead.png
1.82 milion Stars.png 1.91 million Stars.png 1.76 million Stars.png

As mentioned above, the task of participants was to collect stars in Matchmaking battles. The faction that collected the most stars by the end of the war won.

On November 1st, 2019 the Ghost's faction won at 1.91 million Stars, outdistancing their closest competitor - the Vampire's by 90 000 stars.


The prizes included weekly containers and Tankoins. Note that only participants of the winning faction received these rewards.

Evil War 1.png Evil War 2.png Evil War 3.png
200-599 Stars.png

5 weekly containers, doubled if you have a Battle Pass

600-999 Stars.png

10 weekly containers and MiniTankoin.png 15 Tankoins, doubled if you have a Battle Pass

1000 + Stars.png

20 weekly containers, MiniTankoin.png 150 Tankoins, and a chance to win a Nokia 5.1 Plus Smartphone or 1 000 Tankoins in a special giveaway, weekly containers and Tankoins are doubled if you have a Battle Pass