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The economy in Tanki Online features a wide variety of in-game currencies and resources which you can use to purchase in-game items or receive rewards. Some currencies are obtainable for free by completing missions & challenges in the game while others are shop exclusive, which means you'll have to pay real money in order to get your hands on them.



Crystals are the game's unit of currency. Currently, crystals are used to buy and upgrade hulls, weapons, most paints, supplies, and passes, with the occasional surprise item, often associated with holidays or special days in the game. There are many ways to get crystals.


Tankoins animated.gif

Tankoins are the game's secondary currency and are primarily used to purchase items within the Shop. They are a bridge between real money and in-game content. Tankoins can be purchased from the Shop, but can also be obtained via coinboxes, containers, challenges, events, and special missions.

Sales and Events

From time to time, items go on sale in Tanki Online, often as part of some sort of celebration. Make sure to check the homepage to find the most recent news about such events.


Containers logo.png

Containers are items that have unknown contents inside them. Upon opening the box, players can receive something from a selection of items. The contents will vary all the way from supplies to rare paints and more.

Containers can be obtained from Missions, catching Black Boxes, winning them in Contests, or purchasing them in the Shop.


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Shards are the currency used to purchase containers. They are mainly obtained from completing Missions and accumulated over time, and can also be won in some Events.

Premium Accounts

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With a Premium Account, users will be getting a whole list of advantages such as 50% more experience points, 100% more crystals in every battle, double the amount of Stars per battle, daily bonuses obtained every day you log in after the server restart, a special and unique paint during the time in which the Premium Account will be active, and a special rank icon.



Stars are mainly a form of points to complete monthly challenges. They can be obtained from matchmaking battles and by completing missions, but they are also available for purchase from the shop. Stars are also used as resources for war events to determine a faction's victory.



Energy was a temporary currency used to progress in the Tanks in Space Minigame in April 2021. It is no longer obtainable or spendable.