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Drop boxes, as well as gold / black boxes fall on each map at special points.

The following table shows the types of drop-zones and bonuses that are in the drop boxes.

Some of these drop boxes have the same effects as garage supplies, while others (like Crystal Boxes and Nuclear Energy) only drop in battles.

Name View of Drop Zone
Repair Kit
100px-Bonus first aid.png
Effect: Repairs your tank. Any damage received during repairing process will stop the effect.
Repair kit drop.png
Boosted Armor
100px-Bonus double armor.png
Effect: Temporarily lowers all incoming damage by 33% to 50%, depending on Drone upgrade level.
Double armor drop.png
Boosted Damage
100px-Bonus double power.png
Effect: Temporarily increases the damage dealt by your turret by 50% to 100%, depending on Drone upgrade level.
Double power drop.png
Speed Boost
100px-Bonus nitro.png
Effect: Temporarily increases the speed of the tank by 40% and increases the rotation speed of its turret.
Nitro drop.png
Gold Box
Effect: The player who catches the gold box receives 1 000 crystals.
Gold droped.png
Black Box
2017 black friday gold.png
Effect: The player who catches the black box receives 1 container.
Gold droped.png
Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Energy drop.png
Effect: Instantly charges your Overdrive to 100%.
Nuclear Energy dropzone.png
Crystal Box
Bonus crystal.png
Effect: Adds 10 crystals and 10 experience points to your account. Only drops in low-ranked battles.
Crystal drop.png


  • Drops remain on the map until someone takes them.
  • A drop (not gold boxes or containers) appears exactly 110s after it was previously picked up.
  • Drop boxes that appear with parachutes take 14 seconds to reach the ground.
  • The gold box falls exactly 10s after the “Gold box will be dropped soon” notification, and another does not drop at any specific time after it is taken.
  • At the end of a battle, all drop boxes disappear.
  • Drop zone indication can be turned off in the settings. This will not hide the gold box drop zone, however.
  • When a battle begins, initial drop boxes will all appear sometime within the first 120 seconds. (This does not apply to gold / black boxes)