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Drones are your helpers in battles. They boost your stats, enhance supplies and help in many other ways. They can be purchased with crystals in the Garage in the “Drones” section. You are also able to upgrade them in order to make their effects more stronger.

To use the drone, you need to equip it, same as any other gear. An equipped drone will appear in battle above your tank and will follow you, everywhere. Drones will automatically trigger following a specific event or action in battles -- you don’t need to activate them yourself. After the activation drones will become inactive until they are automatically recharged.

Drone Settings

You can turn off the drones to be shown for yourself and all enemies in the interface settings, if they distract you from battle.

Setting Purpose
Setting show drone.png Disables your drone, but still shows other drones. It is important to know that the drone will still be functioning in the background, it just wont be visible. Use this option if your drone is constantly getting in your line of sights.
Setting show other drones.png Disables others' drones, but still shows your drone. Here too, your teammates' and enemies' drone is still affecting their stats, supplies etc. - it just isn't visible to you. Use this option if you're getting distracted by the small dots hovering over other tanks.

Classification and Types

Drones are classified into three major types: Assault - who help out with attacking; Defensive - who help out with defense; and lastly, Support drones - who will support a player in many situations.

Assault Drones

Name Description Effect Price Rank
Drone Assault.png
Assault drone. After destroying enemy tanks, prolongs the effect on all active supplies. Icon drone reload.png Recharge: 10s
Supply Time.png Active Time: (5 → 10) s
20 000 Crystal.png IconsNormal 11.png
Warrant Officer 1

Defensive Drones

Name Description Effect Price Rank
Drone Trooper.png
Defence drone. After spawning, applies to your tank the effects of Double Damage, Double Armor and Speed Boost for a short time. Icon drone reload.png Recharge: 20s
Supply Time.png Active Time: (7 → 15) s
20 000 Crystal.png IconsNormal 11.png
Warrant Officer 1

Support Drones

Name Description Effect Price Rank
Drone Mechanic.png
Support drone. After using Repair Kit, will grant an additional bonus to instant repair effect and expand the effect to nearby allies. Icon drone reload.png Recharge: 30s
Icon drone instant heal.png HP Bonus: (100 → 500) hp
Icon drone heal radius.png Heal Radius: (10 → 20) m
20 000 Crystal.png IconsNormal 11.png
Warrant Officer 1



Batteries are a new supply type, which will be automatically used in battles when you have any of the drones equipped. Same as other supplies, you will be able to purchases batteries in the Garage and in the Shop, find within containers and, of course, win in contests.

  • One battery costs 300 Crystal.png.
  • One battery is used per minute by any drone.

Interesting Facts

  • Drones were part of a secret project, named "Project Energizer". They were first hinted when the developers edited the Development Plans page in the Wiki, where they added a mysterious point under the Work in Progress header. In a special thread in the forum, only one tanker correctly guessed what a part of it would be, Musa.
  • Drones run on batteries, and they use them one at a time per minute, even if you're willing to use them. It is important to unequip a drone if you're planning on using one, otherwise they will waste your batteries!
  • Initially, twelve drones were planned to be released, but only three were released in the first wave.
  • Contradictory to the first speculations, animated paints do move on your drones, but the movement is very hard to spot due to the small size of the drones.