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In February 2011, a special modification of Smoky was introduced. It was named Smoky XT. This modification costed 3950 crystals, and it was available for purchase for only one week. Smoky XT was better than Smoky M3 in all aspects.

Discounts are special offers for the purchase of items with a reduced price. In the Garage, such products are marked with a label Discount thumb.png in the upper-left corner indicating the percentage of the discount. The final discounted price of the item is displayed on the “Buy” button, while on the preview of the product, if it is a turret, hull or module, the prices opposite the Mark level remain the original, so that it can be seen that the discount is actually applied. Discounts can be received from different sources and operate for a limited time, while the price of the goods is displayed taking into account all discounts that are currently valid.

With several different simultaneously active discounts on any one given item, they do not add up, but instead act as multipliers for the price of the item (because otherwise it would be possible to get a discount of more than 100%). Since the item does not change due to the change of places of the factors, the procedure for applying discounts is not important either. The formula for calculating discounts with examples is given in the section "Calculating discounts" below. Note that multiple discounts at once are very rare.

The exact dates of sales, discounts, and celebrations are unknown. Usually they're announced some days in advance, or start with no announcement at all, same for their percentages. Follow the news in the game's Communicator panel for updates.

Types of discounts

Festive Discounts

Festive discounts are introduced into the game for a short period of time in honor of a significant date, for example: New Year, Tanki Online’s birthday, Tanker’s Day, etc., along with other celebrations. The percentage of the discount usually varies between 25% - 50% (these numbers are taken from the past and are subject to change at developers’ discretion). In parallel with discounts on items in the garage, discounts on paints, supplies, passes, gifts and/or micro-upgrades may appear (at developers’ discretion). Discounts on micro-upgrades can apply both to the step cost or speed-ups individually.

Thematic Discounts

Usually not tied to holidays, they may appear at any time depending on the plans of community managers and game marketers. Thematic discounts can apply to a small group of items, possibly heterogeneous, and last a limited time. Examples: 90% discount on mines on November 29-30, 2013, an hourly discount of 70% for Viking on October 26, 2014, a discount for paint “In Love” on Valentine's Day, etc. Thematic discounts are quite rare.

The appearance of holiday and thematic discounts depends only on the developers. These discount events are accompanied by an announcement on the main page of the game, a topic on the forum, alerts when entering the game and messages in social networks and other official sources. Do not fall for phishing messages about “unprecedented size of discounts” from players in the chat!

Showcase and Product Kits Discounts

Every 12 hours the kits in your Shop showcase will refresh - the showcase features several items combined in one offer bundled together with a discount.
Product kits are sold at a significant discount and, in addition, often allow you to purchase items that are not yet available for your rank. Each kit has a validity period (the remaining time is displayed on the discount label). The discount indicated on the kit applies to every item included in it.

Note: Discounts of any kind for individual items included in the kit do not affect the price of the kit.

Hot Sales

Occasionally, a 1-hour sale with heavy discounts on certain items may occur. It is only announced through Tanki Online's social media pages, so follow them so you don't miss it! See the announcement forum topic.

Mark Level Upgrade Discounts

Having maxed-out the micro-upgrades of any turret, hull or module between Mark levels Mk1-Mk6, you will receive a guaranteed and unlimited discount of 100% for the purchase of the next Mark level of the item. This discount is only issued when you have completely maxed out the upgrades, 10/10 for turrets/hulls, 5/5 for modules - anywhere in between and the discount won’t be issued.

Calculating Discounts

If several discounts apply to an item at the same time, then to calculate the resulting value of the item you need to use the following formula:

  1. Get for each current discount the residual value of the item as a percentage of the original. To do this, you need to subtract each discount individually from 100%. For example, for a 20% discount we get the residual value of 80% of the original, for a 35% discount - 65% of the original, etc.
  2. Convert the resulting numbers as decimal fractions, that is, go from percent to fractions of a unit. To do this, divide them by 100. For the example above, we get 0.8 and 0.65.
  3. Multiply the resulting numbers and the initial value of the item. For example, for Isida Mk7 we get 150 000 x 0.8 x 0.65 = 78 000. Round any fractions to the nearest whole number.
  4. Thus, we have calculated the discounted price of the item at 78 000 crystals, taking into account all the valid discounts, and the resulting discount was (1 - (0.8 x 0.65)) x 100% = 48%.