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Dictator 02.png

An oddball of the Tanki Online world, Dictator is one of the more unique hulls the game has to offer. A medium hull that borders the realm of the heavies, Dictator has high torque, mountains of health, and unusually tall stature. This vantage point is what makes this hull stand out from others, as a turret-mounted on this hull can fire over obstacles that other tanks would deem insurmountable. Couple that with the turret's placement on the rear of the tank, and many advantages for hiding locations and firing positions become readily available. However, unless you're crawling around in a Ping-Pong, a mid- to long-ranged weapon does best on Dictator, as it's the slowest of the medium hulls and has a fairly poor acceleration speed.

Description in Garage

Medium hull. Known for stability and its size. Overdrive activates the effect of all supplies for itself and all nearby allies.

Thanks to an improved system of active protection and the latest composite material used in its construction, this hull successfully absorbs the energy of explosions from a round of any caliber, while still remaining a medium hull. Activation of its overdrive will force both attack and defensive supplies of the tank and nearby allies to activate. You will be fully repaired, extra protected and gain more speed, plus also drop a mine. Pre-installed overdrive reactor doesn’t require user’s supplies to work. The owner of such hull can easily lead the team into a full assault, taking the blunt of the attack, thanks to the size of the hull making it a perfect target for the enemy.

Hull dictator m0.png
Dictator M0
Hull dictator m1.png
Dictator M1
Hull dictator m2.png
Dictator M2
Hull dictator m3.png
Dictator M3
Dictator icon small.png Dictator
М0 | MU Icon.png
М1 | MU Icon.png
М2 | MU Icon.png
М3 | MU Icon.png
Available from
Private Private
Warrant Officer 3 Warrant Officer 3
First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
Marshal Marshal
Marshal Marshal
300 Crystal.png
26 700 Crystal.png
81 800 Crystal.png
210 300 Crystal.png
388 300 Crystal.png
Cdffcc5b.png Protection (hp)
1 500
2 029.41
2 250
2 647.06
3 000
6809c52f.png Top Speed (m/sec)
Lateral acceleration (m/s²)
285f32ef.png Turning speed (deg/s)
Turning acceleration (deg/s²)
Anti-inertial turning acceleration (deg/s²)
C3f6cd78.png Weight
1 800
2 435.29
2 700
3 176.47
3 600
6a6145fb.png Power
1 000
1 247.06
1 350
1 535.29
1 700
Reverse acceleration (m/s²)

Table of Characteristics
  • Protection (hp) — tank's health. Damage dealt by a turret is subtracted from a tank's protection. Once the protection gets to zero, the tank explodes.
  • Top speed (m/sec) — maximum speed the tank can get to on a straight.
  • Lateral acceleration (m/sec²) — responsible for damping of lateral speed. The less this parameter is, the easier the tank can drift. The higher it is, the more difficult it is for a tank to move sideways.
  • Turning speed (deg/sec) — the maximum speed at which the tank can turn.
  • Turning acceleration (deg/sec²) — affects the time it takes a tank to get to its maximum turning speed.
  • Anti-inertial turning acceleration (deg/sec²) — works like reverse acceleration but for left-right turns instead of moving forward/backward.
  • Weight — affects tank's stability, i.e. impact force of hits, the recoil of its own turret, and partly, ability to move other tanks (this parameter does not affect tank's speed).
  • Power (m/sec²) — affects the time it takes a tank to get to its maximum speed and ability to push other tanks.
  • Reverse acceleration (m/sec²) — anti-inertial acceleration that comes into force when a tank is moving in one direction and a player presses the button of moving to another direction. It works until speed gets to zero. After that, the usual acceleration starts working.


Dictator XT

Interesting Facts

  • Being the tallest hull in the game, Dictator has been the first choice for many Gold Box hunters and parkourists!
  • Dictator was the first non-standard hull to be added into the game. Thanks to its interesting shape and dimensions, it quickly became a favorite of the players at that time.
  • Unlike being in either of the first or second generations of hulls, Dictator was actually just a one-off addition to the game between these generations.
  • Be careful of Dictator's cuboid shape - it actually has a rectangular hit-box!
  • On October 26th, 2018 - Dictator XT skin was added to the game and made available for purchase for a limited time period in the shop. Currently, it can be obtained only through containers.

Offer DictatorXT.png

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