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Demolition War

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Demolition War banner.jpg

The Demolition War was a War that took place from August 2nd to 29th, 2019. This war was very similar to the War of Super Powers because there were no teams and you had to perform various tasks/missions.

To participate in war, it was necessary to purchase the special paint Demolisher. This was available for purchase from the 2nd of August in the Garage and remained until the end of the War.

The event

The reason for this War was the introduction of the second currency - the Tankoins . The plot here related to an enemy company - AZAZACORP - which planned a sabotage. By completing the missions this plan was thwarted.


The previous Wars were about which group collects the most stars. This concept was not followed here. The task in this war was to accomplish five, or ideally six, tasks that could be found on a specific page. These tasks could only be done in Matchmaking battles.


There were six "tasks" and there was a small prize for each completed task. Of the 6 tasks, one was a special task. If you performed all five normal tasks, you get the unique paint Demolisher 2.0. But if you also completed the sixth task, you got 300 Tankoins. Thus, there were a total of eight prizes.

Mission Reward
Task 1

Collect 50 «Nuclear Energy» boxes
Demolition War 1.png

100x all supplies

Kit supplies 100 small.png

Task 2

Use 100 Overdrives
Demolition War 2.png

3x weekly containers
Container weekly preview.png

Task 3

Destroy 7 000 enemies
Demolition War 3.png

30 000 crystals
Missions 7.png

Task 4

End 70 battles in the TOP 3 of your team
Demolition War 4.png

10x Gold Boxes

Task 5

Capture 100 flags or balls
Demolition War 5.png

3x Container
Container preview.png

Additional Prizes

Completing all of the above five tasks will reward you with the unique paint Demolisher 2.0.
Paint Demolisher 2.0.png

Special Task

Buy the battle pass
Demolition War 6.png

The Demolisher paint will remain in your Garage forever
Paint Demolisher.png

Completing all six tasks will reward you with 300x Tankoins.
Tankoins 1.png