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Deathmatch mode (aka. DM (Dm mode.png)) is the oldest battle mode in the game. It is a dynamic and high-intensity game mode involving a strategic mindset. It is different from but by no means inferior to other formats such as "Capture the Flag" or "Control Points" in terms of profitability and tactics. The goal is to destroy the highest amount of tanks in the allocated time. Unlike the team battle modes, here, you can rely only on your own skills. Some players may form temporary alliances, commonly saying "peace" or "team," but watch out, since anything goes in a DM - including betrayal.

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Attention! This mode is available only in PRO battles, and it is permanently removed from matchmaking. However, it sometimes returns to MM only on special holidays, for a limited time on maps that are no longer in MM.


In Deathmatch mode, unlike in team battles, everything depends on you. The battle fund grows a lot faster than in CTFs and TDMs, as you don’t need to go to a certain position to find enemies; they are everywhere. On most maps, you can open fire right from your spawn point. Deathmatch is the simplest and most reliable battle mode when it comes to earning crystals, as you don't need to win the match from a team aspect to get a large number of crystals. However, people ranked highest often will receive the largest portion of the fund. The battle can be limited by either time or number of kills. The limit is usually 7 minutes or 30 kills.


Indicator Purpose
DM kill counter.png

Personal DM Kill Counter
The DM kill counter is a personal counter which tells you the number of kills you have made in the battle, and how many kills the leader has. You lose the points from one kill every time you self-destruct.

Unofficial Alliances

Deathmatch is the only game mode where alliances between players (enemies) are allowed, without being punished. In any other game mode, you are not allowed to intentionally not kill enemies, as you will be punished for sabotage.

The easiest way to form an alliance is simply to ask another player (by referring to them by their nickname) if they would like to "team" with you. Remember that these alliances should be mutual and unless the other tanker(s) accepts your proposal, the agreement is not confirmed. Additionally, note that these alliances are not official and you are trusting the other player's word - they are still allowed by rules to kill you back.

It is useful to form a "team" with another player in order to grant you the highest chance of surviving without getting killed in return. If you stay in the same spot with a group of teammates you have formed an alliance with, you can efficiently kill swarms of enemies, whilst having a joint defense and therefore lower the chance of dying. It is recommended to preferably choose players who are doing well or have good equipment.

Alliances can potentially reduce the fund growth, as players are agreeing to purposely not kill someone else, therefore reducing their chance of dying, therefore not contributing to the fund growth by dying. However, alliances can benefit the players under the agreement, for they potentially receive a high amount of kills and therefore place the highest on the table.

Interesting Facts

  • Each kill achieved grants the player 40 XP and 10 points to their battle score.
  • Self-destructing reduces the player's battle score by 10 points, while the amount of experience earned is not affected.
  • The fund grows rapidly and consistently if there is a steady amount of kills occurring.
  • Unofficial alliances between players are prominent and permitted as per game rules.
  • For a while, players could join Deathmatch Tournaments to win lots of crystals, but this feature was removed after the requirement to pay crystals to enter proved unpopular.
  • DM was removed from MM on December 20, 2019.