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Damage display is a function that shows the player during the battle how much damage was done to an enemy tank or how much health was restored to himself or his ally.

Note 1:The function can be disabled in Account Settings.
Note 2: Only your damage/healing numbers are shown.

What damage is and how it's dealt

Damage is an indicator of how much health an enemy tank loses when you shoot them. Each turret displays a different amount of damage, depending on its modification. Higher modifications deal more damage, the lowest being Mk0 and the highest being Mk7. Accordingly, the price of early modifications aren't high, so you can try the most popular tactics at junior ranks without having to spend a large number of crystals. However, it's impossible to get everything you want at once. Since particular turrets and modifications can be purchased only above a certain rank, and since higher modifications are more expensive, it's necessary to specialize somewhat in a few pieces of equipment to ensure you keep dealing as much damage as possible at your rank. It’s also important to know that many guns in the game are limited by range, and at distances greater than their range these guns may do reduced damage or no damage at all.

Regular shots always deal consistent damage (unless damage decreases with range), but there is a chance to deal Critical Damage on some shots. More HP is deducted from the enemy players, and sometimes there are special effects involved.

How to increase damage dealt

  • The modification of a turret is the biggest factor in determining how much damage it does. Purchasing a higher modification will increase your turret's power.
  • Within a modification, the damage can be increased by Micro-Upgrading the turret.
  • The 'Boosted damage' supply can be used to increase the amount of damage your turret deals for the 30 seconds.
  • Equipping a Drone will passively increase the effectiveness of Boosted Damage from the standard +33% to the maximum +100%, depending on its upgrade level. The Booster and Crisis drones allow you to get even more power from the Boosted Damage supply.
  • Using viking's Overdrive can also significantly increase the damage your turret deals for 7 seconds.
  • Applying the Armor-Piercing status effect to an enemy tank using Hornet's or Crusader's overdrive, or an AP turret augment, will ensure it is unable to block any of your damage.
  • Having the Supercharge status effect will guarantee you to deal Critical Damage.

Damage Indicators

The indication of damage is divided into six colors that indicate the type of damage dealt.

Damage Indicator Colors

White numbers: Hitting a player with regular damage

Normal Damage.png

Orange numbers: Destroying a player with regular damage

Destruction Damage.png

Yellow numbers: Hitting an enemy with Critical Damage

Critical Damage.png

Red numbers: Destroying an enemy with Critical Damage

Critical Destruction Damage.png

Green numbers: Healing a teammate or being healed

Healing Numbers.png

Blue numbers: Critical Healing (Isida only)

Critical Healing Numbers.png

How to reduce incoming damage

  • Similarly to turrets, Hulls have modifications and Micro-upgrades that can be purchased to increase the amount of damage they can absorb before destruction.
  • Using a Repair Kit will instantly restore 1000 hit points (HP), and additionally repair 3000 HP over the next 3 seconds. The Mechanic, Lifeguard, and Sprinter drones also have healing abilities.
  • Using Boosted Armor will reduce all incoming damage by 25% to 50%, depending on your drone's upgrade level. Additionally, the Defender and Crisis drone increase the strength of boosted armor.
  • Equipping Protection modules can reduce the damage you receive from specific turrets, critical damage, or mines by 5-50%, depending on their upgrade level.
  • Titan's overdrive reduces incoming damage by 90%, Mammoth's and Juggernaut's overdrive instantly restore your HP to a maximum, Dictator's overdrive activates a Repair Kit, and Ares's overdrive creates an energy ball that heals you and your teammates.
  • Using a Hull Augment can make you immune to Armor Piercing, Burning damage from fire, stuns, or supplies removal by enemy tanks. It can also reduce the damage you receive from burning without removing it entirely.

As mentioned above, Modules are special elements of a tank, the purpose of which is to protect your war machine from enemy fire. Modules work by reducing incoming damage. This is useful to remember in battles, since if you shoot at an enemy far away and see that you are dealing less damage than usual, it's possible that your enemy is using a protection module. They could also be using a supply, or simply be outside your range of maximum damage (for turrets such as Thunder and Twins, which deal less damage at greater distances). To check if a module is the problem, press Tab during a battle and check the protections listed near your enemy's username.

Interesting Facts

  • On July 12, 2017, numbers indicating the restoring of a player's own health by a Repair Kit or friendly Isida were added to the display.