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border=0Due to its hovering ability, Crusader will almost always stay upright.
border=0Crusader's hitbox is small for a medium hull, and its sideways movement can help it dodge shots.
border=0Crusader can drive over short hulls in a pushing match.
border=0Crusader's overdrive allows a fast, ranged attack on several enemies at once.
border=0Crusader can outmaneuver most medium hulls at close range.


border=0Maneuverability and stability come at the cost of pushing power - you may find yourself getting shoved or spun around.
border=0It's easy to miss with your overdrive, and also easy to accidentally blow yourself up with it.
border=0Crusader's floating motion means that peek-a-boo tactics don't work very well - to shoot at someone, you must expose most of your tank.
border=0The continuation of drifting motion after movement stops can make it harder to aim the turret.

Preferred equipment

Crusader works well with close-ranged turrets since its ability to turn to match a turret's direction makes it easy to stay trained on a tank. Its sideways-moving ability also makes it good at circling around a sluggish enemy. Being a medium hull, crusader is also good with mid-ranged turrets - it has a good balance of speed for following enemies around and health for parking in place and controlling an area. Long-ranged turrets can be hard to use with crusader, since its tendency to drift while floating can make it easy to miss shots.

Preferred maps and game modes

  • Crusader works best on maps such as Desert with lots of flat ground - its overdrive travels in a straight line, and its hovering engines make it nearly impossible to perform the rocking motion needed to hit targets on different elevations - for example, in Cross or Chernobyl.
  • Crusader isn't well-suited to defending a base in ASL, CTF, or RGB, since some tanks can drive under it with a bit of pushing and its overdrive is risky in close quarters.
  • However, Crusader is excellent for using offensively or as a midfielder, since it can travel and maneuver well.
  • Thanks to its overdrive, Crusader is good for taking down crowds of tankers in Siege mode, even when they're hiding under Titan's dome.

Interesting Facts

  • Crusader was the third hovering hull added to the game, after Ares and Hopper.
  • From December 10th, 2020 through January 14th, 2021, Crusader had an "Early Access" period, during which it was only available from Ultra containers.
  • On January 15th, 2021, Crusader was added to the Garage to be purchasable with crystals.