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The Creative League is a group of talented and creative players of Tanki Online who engage in various spheres of creativity - artistic, graphic, poetic/prose, modelling, game design, level design and much more.We have formed this League with the goal of communicating with each other and receiving constructive criticism of our creations from our "colleagues". We aim to publish our work in a centralized manner to allow other players to access, view and discuss our high-quality content.


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The initial idea of the Creative League belongs to XERUVIM, and was originally realized by Darkpheonix. The foundations laid out for the creative community have since remained unshakeable, although the first attempt of creating such a project came to an unfortunate end. The topic was closed at Darkpheonix's request.

The current Creative League topic was created on December 15th 2012 by Aleksei (TRD-34), who decided, along with Denis (Cu6uppckuu), to re-prioritize the unification of the creative community. Not many know how perilous was the path of establishing the League, how many trolls and envious players have attempted to harm the development of the creative corner in the expanse of the forum. Among the first to notice the potential of the creative league was a moderator of the "Your Creativity" section - Mapro. Thanks to her efforts, despite the remarks and distrust, the thread expanded and grew strong. The name is all that remains of the old CL. On March 1st 2013, the CL topic was pinned in "Your Creativity".

In 2013, the League underwent more development, among which on the 13th of August with the 1.178 update, all of the Legionnaires received a unique and recognizable paint Helios (developed by DevilCrowley, a member of the League).

The work of the League was highly esteemed by the administration and developers of the game, and you will often find them on official social media outlets of the project. These include Facebook (EN | DE), Twitter (EN | RU | DE), Instagram (EN | RU | DE), VK, the Tanki Wiki Page, and others.

On August 27th 2013, a subsidiary of the CL was opened in the English community, which was a huge step towards popularizing the creativity of Russian speaking players and collaborating with other communities. Not long after, on November 1st 2013, the CL was introduced to the German community as well.

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(Updated member list as of 23/06/2017)

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Honorary Members


Information on how to apply to the league can be found on the Creative League thread