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Creating a battle

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To create a battle, you are required to have a PRO Pass, of which can be purchased under the "Special" category in the Garage or have an active Premium Account. Then, click the "Create" button located below the list of battles:

The following window will appear on the right:

Here you can specify all the necessary characteristics of the battle:

  • Map — the list of maps you can use depends on your rank. The higher your rank, the more maps available to you.
  • Theme - allows you to create summer, winter, day and night versions of maps. Not all maps have a winter or night modes.
  • Restrictions on ranks - allows you to make your battle available exclusively to players within a specific range of ranks. You do this by specifying the Rank limits. The higher your rank, the greater the range you can specify:
  • Time limit battle.png — time limit of the battle. Set to 0 if you wish to have no time limit.

  • Battle mode - Deathmatch (DM), Team Deathmatch (TDM), Capture The Flag (CTF), Control Points (CP), Rugby (RGB) (Rugby mode is currently only available on the map Stadium);
    • Maximum number of players on the map (DM);
    • Maximum number of players in a team (TDM, CTF, CP, RGB);
    • Number of kills needed to win/end the battle (DM);
    • Number of team points needed to win/end the battle (TDM, CTF, CP, and RGB).

Battles with special settings

Private Battle Indicates whether the battle will be private or available to all players — private battles are visible only to those who access it using the provided link or are invited by a friend.
Bonus boxes Indicates that bonus boxes will drop.
Gold Boxes Indicates whether Gold Boxes are enabled or disabled. If disabled, Gold Boxes will never appear on the map and users will not be able to physically drop them using the "Gold Box Supply". Disabling this feature will be balanced out by a slight increase in battle fund growth.
Supplies Indicates that players will be able to use their supplies.
Smart Supplies Indicates that Smart Cooldowns will be active during the battle.
Friendly fire Indicates that friendly fire will be active during the battle. Friendly fire allows players to damage their teammates by shooting at them.
Clan vs Clan Indicates that the battle is Clan vs Clan only. Clan vs Clan battles only allow players of the same Clan to join a specific team (only for TDM/CTF and CP).
Drones Indicates that players in the battle will be able to use Drones.
Upgrades Indicates that micro-upgrades are active during the battle.
Alterations icon.png
Alterations Indicates that Alterations are active during the battle.
Auto-finish Indicates that the early battle termination system is active during the battle.
Weapon Change Indicates that weapon change will be allowed, so players may change their equipment during the battle and do not need to leave the battle to change.
Autobalance Indicates that auto balance will be active during the battle (only for TDM, CTF and CP). Autobalance disables the feature of multiple players joining the same team whilst the other team is short in numbers.
Overdrive Indicates that Overdrives are enabled in the battle.
Format battle This indicates that the following battle is a format battle.
Flag limit This indicates the designated amount of flags that one team must capture before the battle may conclude. The battle will not end until the flag limit is reached (except in the instance of a server update).

Battles are named according to the name of the map and the battle mode.

When you are ready, click the Start button:

Now your map is visible to everyone in the list of battles (unless you opted to enable "Private Battle") and you can join the red or blue team (or the game in general if it is a Deathmatch). If nobody enters the battle after a few minutes, it is automatically deleted.

In order to switch off points/flags/kills/time limit; set 0 in the parameters (there should be at least 1 limitation, otherwise it won’t be possible to create the battle).