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List of official content creators

Locale Nickname Creator Code Press Account Platform(s)
RU IconsNormal 31.png IlI_BigTanks_IlI big multiple YT-icon.png Vk logo.png
EN IconsNormal 31.png Lightshot lightshot EN_YT_Lightshot YT-icon.png
EN IconsNormal 31.png Acoustic jordan EN_YT_Acoustic YT-icon.png
RU IconsNormal 31.png MECTb_JERRYYY jerryyy21 YT_MECTb_JERRYYY YT-icon.png
EN IconsNormal 31.png Jay jay - YT-icon.png
RU IconsNormal 21.png VVaider waider YT_Waider YT-icon.png Vk logo.png
RU IconsNormal 31.png Immortal_HeRo_DoW immortal YT_Immortal_HeRo_DoW YT-icon.png
EN IconsNormal 31.png Road_TO agorfig - YT-icon.png
EN IconsNormal 31.png Ghost_Animators ghostanimator EN_YT_GhostAnimators YT-icon.png
EN IconsNormal 31.png WlNTER winter EN_YT_Wlnter YT-icon.png
LATAM IconsNormal 28.png Sabia pardal - YT-icon.png
RU IconsNormal 31.png Mr.BaHbKa123 teamp YT_Mr.BaHbKa123 YT-icon.png
EN IconsNormal 31.png Graphics graphics6969 EN_YT_Graphics YT-icon.png
EN IconsNormal 31.png Demonic.King quirky EN_YT_Quirky YT-icon.png

Supporting a content creator

You can support your favorite official content creator by purchasing items from the Shop.

1. Open Settings → Account and scroll to the Creator Code section.


2. Click "add new tag", select the creator code that corresponds to your favorite content creator and hit Enter. ContentCreator2.png
After you've selected a content creator to support, whenever you purchase an item for real money in the Shop, the content creator will receive an undisclosed percent of the proceeds.