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Clan system

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General Info

  • The clan system is available for players with the rank Warrant Officer 1 or higher.
  • Every clan will get its own clan chat and the possibility to play in battles with “Clan battle” option ON.
  • Each clan member will get a clan tag in [ ] on the left of player’s nickname and a “Clan profile” option in Context Menu by clicking on a player’s nickname.
  • Players can only be a member of one clan at a time.
  • Clan cannot contain more than 12 players.

How to create a Clan

Clan License
  • You need to have purchased a Clan License in the shop to be able to create a clan.
  • You can purchase a Clan License in Clan section if you are not already a clan member.
  • You can create only 1 clan with 1 Clan License. You’ll need to purchase one more CL to create next clan.

When creating a clan you need to choose:

  • A clan name - 4 to 20 symbols, must be unique
  • A clan tag - 2 to 5 symbols, must be unique
  • A clan flag
  • Agreement to the Rules

Clan Positions

Every clan player holds a position, which gives him a number of permissions and possibilities:

Supreme Commander Commander Officer Sergeant Veteran Private Novice
Clan Disbandment
Clan profile editing
Accepting and rejecting requests
Expelling players *
Changing players’ positions *
Inviting players to clan
Play in PRO battles without having Premium / PRO Pass

Note: * — with positions lower than your own position

The Supreme commander is the player who created the clan. Clans can only have 1 supreme commander and the position cannot be transferred. Novice is a player with limited permissions. Novices automatically become Privates after 24 hours of being in the clan. Only players granted with appropriate permissions can change clan players' positions. To do this, you need to click on the player’s nickname and select needed position. You cannot change your own position.

Clan Profile

The supreme commander and commanders can edit clan profile:

  • Description - text field that you can fill with your clan history, achievements, forum topic links and any other info. (max 5000 symbols)
  • Recruitment - can be closed or open. If closed, players cannot send requests to your clan, but you still can send invitations.
  • Minimum rank needed - must be WO1 or higher. Even clan leaders cannot send an invitation to a player with the rank lower than minimum rank.

The statistics info in clan profile, such as "Tanks destroyed", "Tanks Lost" and "Clan D/L", is simply an average of clan players’ stats.

Clan players.pngClan destroyed.pngClan death.pngClan kd.png

Invitations and Requests

  • The clan can send an invitation to any non-clan player with rank equal or higher than minimum rank for this clan. The player may accept the invitation or reject it.
  • When applying for a clan, the applicant can send a request to the clan only if the recruitment is open and player’s rank is equal or higher than minimum rank needed for this clan. The request can be sent from clan’s profile or from "Search clan" window. Members with a clan ranking of officer or higher may accept or reject the request.

Removing players from Clan

Any clan member, apart from the Supreme Commander, can leave the clan at any moment. Clan leaders and officers may expel players whose positions are lower than their own positions. For example, Supreme Commander may expel any player, and Officer may expel Sergeants, Veterans, Privates and Novices. The player who was expelled from the clan or left it by his own decision cannot send requests and accept invitations for 24 hours, but he may create his own clan. When a clan is empty, Supreme Commander can disband it. The disbanded clan gets blocked but its name and tag are both still impossible to take.

Clan Chat

In the clan window, the lobby chat is replaced with the clan chat. Its features are listed below:

  • Clan members can communicate while being on different servers
  • The Date and time of messages are shown
  • Chat Moderators cannot see the clan chat unless they are in the clan
  • Any ban in chat also applies to the clan chat
  • It is impossible to send messages from lobby chat to clan chat, and vice versa
  • Private messages are turned off in clan chat

"Clan Only" Battles

"Clan only" battle is a special option in the Pro battle creating menu. This option can only be set by clan members and will only work in team battles (TDM, CTF, CP). Members of different clans can’t join the same team, and members of the same clan can’t join different teams.