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The Chat is the main medium for communication between players. Lobby Chat and Clan Chat are available in the lobby, while Battle Chat is available within battles.

The chat has many uses, such as finding new friends, discussing the game, asking questions, coordinating with teammates, and much more. Players are free to talk about anything they want, as long as the conversations do not violate chat rules.

The game has a team of specially trained volunteer players called Chat Moderators, who answer players' questions, give advice and make sure the chat is always in order.

The Communicator Panel

The button that opens the Communicator.

The Communicator Panel allows access to the Lobby and Clan Chats. It is available on the right side of the screen by pressing Tab while in the lobby. The Communicator is unlocked at the rank of IconsNormal 03.png Gefreiter.

Lobby Chat

The Lobby Chat consists of multiple channels. Messages sent are visible to all players that are viewing that particular chat channel at the moment.

Messages in the Lobby Chat are limited to a maximum of 299 characters; this limit includes the nickname of the player (if any) to whom the message is addressed.

Chat Channels

The Lobby Chat is split into various group chats, each one designed specifically for a major subject in the game.

Events Chat

In the events chat sometimes events are announced and battle links to the event that will be taking place are sent there by the event organizers. Apart from events, there are Chat Contests that are hosted by the contest organizers in this same channel.

Public Messages

A public message in the Lobby Chat.

Public messages are sent to a specific player but visible to everyone. To write a public message, enter the player name followed by a ; (semi-colon) and then your message. Alternatively, click on the player's name and select "Write publicly" from the context menu.

Private Messages

A private message in the Lobby Chat.
Player in battle.
Player is offline.

Private messages are sent to a specific player. The message is only visible to you and the player. To write a private message, enter the player name followed by a : (colon) and then your message. Alternatively, click on the player's name and select "Private message" from the context menu.

When writing a private message, the text box becomes highlighted in green. This lets you know you're sending a private message. Additionally, if the private message was sent successfully, it will be visible in the chat with a green background.

If the player is offline, the message will not be delivered and you will receive a message.

If the player is in battle, the message will not be delivered and you will receive a message.

Private messages can be sent by players ranked IconsNormal 04.png Corporal and higher.

Hiding Messages

If you no longer wish to see messages sent by a certain player, click on their name in chat and select the red "Hide Messages" option. To show their messages again, click their name and then the red "Show Messages" option. Hiding messages from community managers and administrators is not possible.

Messages sent by a hidden player will simply say "This message is hidden."

Activity Check

Attempting to send a message from an inactive account.

As an anti-flood measure, you must have participated in at least three Matchmaking battles within the past 30 days to be able to send messages in the chat. If you have not played recently and attempt to send a chat message you will be prompted to play a few battles instead.

Chat Links

The following special hashtags in your message will be replaced with a link.

Chat Prefixes

Within the Lobby Chat, some users have special prefixes next to their names. These are volunteer helpers of the game who have received a recognizable prefix and the text font is in red due to the nature of their work. A list of all the prefixes and their representations are below:

(CM) Community Manager
(A) Chat Moderators' Administrator
(M) Chat Moderator
(C) Candidate Chat Moderator
(BA) Battle Moderators' Administrator
(BM) Battle Moderator
(BMC) Battle Moderator Candidate
(ECA) Events or Contests Administrator
(ECM) Events or Contests Organizer
(ECC) Events Helper, Events or Contest Organizer Candidate

Anti-flood System

The Anti-flood System is an automated system designed to stop and limit spamming and flooding in the lobby and battle chat. It works by restricting the number of characters able to be sent over time. The restriction may apply to the whole message or to a part of it. If you’ve used up your quota of characters for a set period of time, the extra ones will be highlighted in red, and instead of the “Send” button, you will see a timer telling you how long you have to wait before sending a message of such length. You can simply make the text shorter and send it, or wait till the time restriction is removed.

Clan Chat

The Clan Chat is available to players who are part of an in-game clan. It can be accessed from within the Communicator.

The anti-flood system is disabled in the Clan Chat.

The clan chat is not accessible through the mobile version of the game.

Battle Chat

The Battle Chat is unlocked at the rank of IconsNormal 03.png Gefreiter. It is activated by pressing Enter while in battle. If playing in a team mode, you may switch between sending messages to your team and all players by pressing Tab while the chatbox is open. It is not possible to send personal messages within the Battle Chat. The maximum length of a single message in the Battle Chat is 300 characters.
The Battle Chat is not available in the mobile version of Tanki Online.

The battle chat is not accessible through the mobile version of the game.

Chat Rules

The following activities are not permitted and will result in (at Administration discretion) a temporary or permanent suspension from the chat:

  • insulting other users, sending provocative messages via chat, disturbing other chat users' communication, swearing;
  • using profane language (anywhere, in any form) expressly or implicitly;
  • flooding (sending messages that contain repetitive symbols, posting more than one same or similar posts, using more than 5 identical punctuation marks, symbols, or letters in a row, using more than three smileys in a row);
  • flaming (arguing 'just for arguing', exchanging messages in multi-user communication services -such as forums and chat rooms- that constitute a verbal war, often irrelevant to the initial subject of discussion);
  • trolling (encouraging community members to perform activities that might cause adverse consequences, creating user names, or engaging in other activities that might cause conflicts or insult community members);
  • posting advertisements without prior consent from the Administration;
  • performing or inciting a third party to perform actions which are illegal, including actions related to drugs, terrorism, attacks on legal authorities of any nature, pornography, or any form of discrimination (e.g., by gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, religion);
  • spreading political propaganda, political promotions, pre-election campaigning of any kind;
  • spreading content that is of an explicitly sexual nature, or that is otherwise not suitable for minors (remember, there are children playing here as well).

Issuing of Warnings & Bans

An automatic warning issued by the anti-flood system.
An automatic five-minute ban issued by the anti-flood system.

The Anti-flood System can issue warnings and even bans ranging from five minutes to an hour to people who are spamming or flooding in the chat. If a person starts spamming, he or she will first receive a warning from the automated system.

If the warned person ignores the warning and continues to flood or spam characters in the chat, he or she will receive a five-minute ban from the chat. This ban may look similar to one issued by a moderator, but it is very different.

If the same person has received many five-minute bans regarding flooding and spamming, the server may finally issue an hour ban. This is the longest period of time that the server can ban a player for, longer bans can only be issued by human moderators.

Violations of chat rules other than flood are only punished in person by a chat moderator.

Automated Bans vs. Moderator Bans

A moderator warning a player for flood.
A moderator-issued ban of a player for flood.

One of the most common complaints regarding chat moderators is the inability of the user to distinguish between bans issued from the Anti-flood System and those issued by moderators. Moderator-issued flood bans may be differentiated by the reason being "Flood / Caps" rather than simply "Flood" and are never longer than one hour.

If you wish to lodge a complaint regarding an unfair warning or ban send a personal message to a Chat Administrator on the Forum.


  1. Available from the rank of Gefreiter and hidden upon reaching Sergeant-Major. Chat Moderators are unaffected by this restriction and can view all channels irrespective of rank.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Available from the rank of Sergeant.