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Capture the Flag (aka. CTF ( ) is the primary battle mode in the game. It is a classic and untiring format that has prospered for years. The objective is to take the flag from the enemy base and capture it in your base, without losing it. If you are killed whilst in possession of the flag and no one else manages to pick up the flag before an enemy returns it, you must start again. Battles are limited either by captures (5 captures in matchmaking battles) or by time (7 minutes in matchmaking battles). Traditionally, PRO battles limit CTF battles by flags, though time is used sometimes as well or instead.


Players are divided into two teams. The goal is to take and capture the enemy’s flag, and to prevent the opposing team from capturing yours. If you take the flag and then get killed, you lose it and the flag is dropped where you were killed. However, your teammates can retake it and continue. If the flag is touched by an enemy’s tank, it automatically returns to the flag holder (generally in the enemies' base). The same applies to your team’s flag. To capture the flag, you need to pick up the enemy’s flag and bring it to your flag. For the capture to be successful, your flag needs to be at your base. Victory goes to the team that has captured the most flags by the end of the match, or who reaches the target amount of captures specified in the battle settings.

The amount of crystals you get at the end of the battle is based on your score. However, the winning team receives a higher portion of the fund, depending on the final score. You can get points for capturing (or assisting in the capture of) a flag, destroying or damaging enemies, and healing teammates (only possible with Isida). Every time you capture a flag, you get 20 EXP points and 70 points of battle score. Returning the flag gives you 10 points to your battle score along with 20 EXP points.

A CTF battle is limited by time, or by a set number of captured flags. It is the most popular mode in Tanki Online. In PRO battles, this mode is not as profitable as Deathmatch mode when it comes to earning crystals (here, a lot depends on teamwork), but due to the bonus EXP on offer for capturing and returning flags, the battle fund grows still grows fairly quickly.

The recipe for success in CTF battles is simple. Instead of simply destroying enemy tanks, pay more attention to flags. Thus, by capturing and returning flags, and by destroying those who try to take yours, you will not only be extremely useful for your team but will also score a lot more points than by just destroying enemy machines.

Images & Items

In-Game Item Purpose

Blue Flag
The Blue Flag is what the Blue team must defend and what the Red team must take, then successfully capture.

Red Flag
The Red Flag is what the Red team must defend and what the Blue team must take, then successfully capture.


Flag Counter
The Flag Counter shows the number of flags captured by each team; the score. When one or both of the flags begin blinking on the Flag Counter, it means that the flag is 'in play' or has been taken by a player from the enemy team.

Statistics & Facts

  • Upon self-destructing, the player loses 10 points of their battle score and loses 1 kill to their name.
  • If a player manages to kill an enemy, they receive 40 EXP points and 15 points to their battle score.
  • If a players assists in destroying an enemy, they receive 5 points to their battle score.
  • Healing a player with Isida, gives up to 12 points of battle score along with up to 20 EXP points.

  • When the capture of a flag occurs, points are distributed as follows:
  • The player who captures the enemy flag gets 40 EXP points along with 70 points to their battle score.
  • The player who returns the flag gets 20 EXP points along with 10 points to their battle score.
  • Players who assisted in capturing the flag (but not capturing themselves) get 20 EXP points along with 25 points to their battle score.

  • This mode debuted on July 31st, 2009.
  • CTF is the most popular mode in eSports.
  • It is generally more effective and more profitable to participate in the capturing and returning of flags, rather than focusing on destroying enemy tankers.