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Tanki holds official broadcasts and livestreams, where developers talk in detail about recent events in the game and development plans, answer questions from the players and give out prizes.

Below is a list of informative streams - shorter livestreams held for giving out prizes are not included:


List of Broadcasts/Livestreams

February 23, 2017

This was the first EN official livestream, hosted by Cedric Debono - the former EN Community Manager, and Semyon Strizhak - lead developer for Tanki Online.


General Questions

► 1:30 Question No.1 - What makes developers qualified to make changes to the game?

At the very beginning, Cedric raised probably the most common question of why developers intervene in the game and why they don't let players decide what's best for the game. Hazel explains that there's a major difference between the young gaming community and an experienced, highly educated development team. The majority of young players simply lack the experience and objective view on gaming mechanics to be capable of making decisions for such a project. Developers are trying to objectively review the game, and implement those things that will benefit the game, the players and the balance the most. To emphasize his gaming experience in various game genres, Hazel also listed a number of games he played.

Here's the list of games Hazel mentioned:

TPS (Third Person Shooters):

  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Syphon Filter
  • Kill Switch
  • Gears of War

Racing Games:

  • Battle City
  • Twisted Metal
  • Need for Speed

FPS (First Person Shooters):

  • OverWatch
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Doom
  • Half-Life

Flight Games & Simulators:

  • War Thunder (90+ hours)
  • Il-2 Sturmovik
  • Ace Combat
  • Wingover

RPG (Role Playing Games):

  • Rogue Legacy
  • Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X, XII, XIII
  • Dark Souls I

RTS (Real Time Strategies):

  • Command and Conquer
  • StarCraft
  • Warcraft 3

That's an enviable amount of gaming experience under Hazel's belt. Additionally, Hazel notes that his work experience does not come only from playing and examining other games and their features, but also from great knowledge of Tanki Online mechanics. As he declares, he has acted as commentator, eSports player and tester, and has also been playing the game since 2011. Hazel also highlights that he did not become a lead developer overnight. He had to perform his role in the development team for almost 2 years before he was allowed to make any bigger changes by himself. These are the main premises that make Hazel qualified for the job of lead developer.

► 13:10 Question No.2 - Why are reasonable ideas and suggestions made by players not implemented to the game?

Cedric picks up on the previous query and directly forwards another difficult question. Do developers listen to our feedback? Hazel-Rah confirms that developers care about the ideas players come up with; however, they proceed in other ways from how players expect them to go. Developers look for new ideas, but the implementation process is lengthy and requires a lot of time to clearly inspect how and what will be influenced in the interconnected web of all the game's features. Hazel provides the example of alterations that have been just recently added to the game, which were planned a good year before.

This explains how important it is for developers to carefully plan and test the feature to be in sync with the whole gaming mechanism. Moreover, Hazel also notes that players often do not realize or understand what impact some players' ideas may have if they were implemented. Developers must evaluate the optimal way to implement the change to the benefit of all players. So to put it simply, developers do listen to our feedback, but they can't always solve the things the way we suggest for the sake of whole game.

To illustrate the point, Hazel brings up the example of a doctor. If your hand is hurting, you don't go to your doctor and ask him/her to amputate your hand. You speak to your doctor, explain what ails you, and then you listen to the doctor's recommendations, not the other way round.

► 20:24 Question No.3 - How long is the developer's to-do list?

This crucial question sheds a lot of light on the way updates work. Hazel-Rah clarifies that as of now, there are at least 40 items on the developers' list of updates, and there are features planned for at least the next six months. Thus, pushing anything new to the list is super difficult.

Another interesting detail concerns the rapport between the development and financial department. As Cedric says, there must be some balance between the "quality of life" game updates and "monetization" updates. In other words, developers need to devote some of their time to updates that help revenue, which is what ultimately keeps the game and the whole company afloat.

► 22:05 Question No.4 - Will you implement the changes to supplies from the 48hr experiment?

Hazel-Rah replies with a decisive 'No'. The supply system adapted from Tanki X did not work out as expected during the experimental period. The main issue was the 60 second supply reload time, slowing down overall gameplay. However, Hazel-Rah mentions that developers will look for other solution and may come up with another experiment in the future. The question of why developers did not allow players to test this in the test server is also tackled here. As Hazel-Rah explains, the test server is not suitable for this sort of testing. Moreover, it's always best to test stuff in an authentic environment to get the most accurate data.

► 42:03 Question No.5 - Why are developers over-complicating the game?

Our lead developer goes on to explain that the game dev department does not introduce new updates to make the game complicated, but simply to keep it interesting and fresh for both old and new players.

After 8 years in the business, TO wants to bring around fresh features and avoid the game becoming obsolete. Everything's done to make the game slightly challenging for the players, but at the same time, keeping the game as simple as possible. And of course, TO tempts its costumers and regular players to stay in the game by providing them with new things to explore.

► 45:52 Question No.6 - Why do you remove a feature from a turret and then add it as an alteration?

Hazel-Rah makes clear that there have been some changes to how balance updates will work, and this of course resulted in some changes to turrets and alterations. However, he rejects the idea that turrets lost their parameters at the expense of alterations. He insists that alterations aren't intended to be a must. Their role is to bring more diversity to the game and serve the purpose of further customization.

► 57:08 Question No.7 - When will you add more member slots to clans? Will clan licenses become cheaper?

Hazel reveals that the initial number was supposed to be six slots per clan. However, this number was deemed insufficient and it was boosted to the current twelve members per clan. The current price was set to cover the expenses from development.

In the near future, clan license prices will go down, but the number of players for a starting clan will also be reduced. Those who already have a Clan, will keep the current number of slots. New Clans will be cheaper but will have less slots. To increase the number of slots, new clans will need to pay an extra fee.

There will also be some new features added to clan licenses to make it even more popular.

► 1:01:15 Question No.8 - Will you ever remove supplies?

This one was to be expected. Supplies won't be removed from the game any time soon. They have been present in the game for too long and they are far too important to be left out that easily. However, developers will keep on conducting experiments with supplies to find the optimal way to use them in battles. Players don't have to worry about whether they will loose their garage supplies, as recalculating and refunding the supplies would be ultimately unmanageable.

► 1:02:39 Question No.9 - Will Tanki Online stay 'on the market'?

Hazel-Rah confirms that Tanki Online will stay here and won't be replaced by Tanki X as long as there will be a high enough demand to play it. Developers plan to continue supporting the game and implement new features in upcoming years.

► 1:04:03 Question No.10 - What will happen to the Flash version and Game client?

At first, developers had planned for Unity Tanki to replace Flash version. As the time progressed, it turned out that TX would not be able to replace Tanki as a browser game, since it moved away from WebGL, and thus had to turn into a client-based game. Developers decided to split the games into two separate projects. In the coming year, Tanki X will go its own separate way and turn into a far different game in comparison to its predecessor. Nevertheless, the browser version will continue onward, and might transform into a HTML5 version (like YouTube, for example). In that case, the old engine will be replaced with an HTML5 one so that the game can move forward to new heights.

► 1:08:30 Question No.11 - Why are you making so many changes to the game? Why don't you fix the lag, errors and cheating instead?

Hazel-rah explains that Tanki Online is still in development. The game was a bit neglected in the past few years, that's why a lot of new features have been implemented to make it better than before. As Cedric elegantly put it: "Developers try to catch up with the lack of development in the past years." Hazel-Rah implies that after solving the priorities as gold boxes, shop section and alterations, developers will work on fixing errors and focus more on stuff requested by players.

► 1:14:48 Question No.12 - Are you going to implement the team-kick system?

The Kick-system won't be implemented before the game and battle systems are restructured. Hazel-Rah admits that mults represent a big game problem, especially in recent years. Before introducing a new team-kick, developers must make sure it won't be abused like the previous one was.

► 1:18:12 Question No.13 - Why does the Battle button send us to the same boring maps and battles?

There are currently around 30 maps that can be created through the Battle button, which is considered sufficient for the time being. Hazel-Rah mentioned that continuous pressing of the battle button is counterproductive as it sends you to the recently created battles. If you join a bad map or battle you don't like, wait for at least five minutes, then use it again. Also, this feature is only temporary, and a new, more advanced button that will always send you to new maps and new players is being prepared.

► 1:21:58 Question No.14 - Will you take care of small annoyances like current pause time or parkour mode sky kill?

Yes. After dealing with the priorities, developers will start fixing minor problems. As a matter of fact, some of the smaller issues have already been fixed, such as the adjustments to game settings, and the ability to customize controls.

► 1:25:39 Question No.15 - What happened to XT items? Will there be more XTs?

XTs will most likely be change to skins. In other words, you won't have to buy another tank that has the exactly same properties as the one you already own — you will only buy a skin that will make your current tank look like an XT. That's why there will not be more XTs and alterations for XTs released in the future.

► 1:28:01 Question No.16 - Would you consider creating a game mode different from the current ones, something like Tanki Football?

We can't gather a conclusive yes or no from Hazel-Rah. However, developers have worked on balancing the Assault mode. There are also two main criteria that have to be fulfilled before a new mode is introduced — it must be balanced, and it must work on all current maps. There might be new modes in the future, but it's more of a pipe-dream right now.

► 1:35:51 Question No.17 - Will you bring more hulls to the game?

Hazel says that he's got something very special up his sleeve for hulls. For now, he's calling it "character" (see 53:55). If this new feature is implemented successfully, two new hulls will be added to the game (one light and one heavy hull). They will differ a lot from the current hulls. More will be known once the "character" for hulls is implemented.

Future Plans

► 27:12 Artillery

The statistics, name, and release date of the Artillery turret are all currently unconfirmed. According to the developers, the weapon was designed to possess unique characteristics to differentiate its gameplay from all other turrets. The lack of an aiming scope, absence of rotation capabilities, and the other mechanics make Artillery difficult to use, but act as a counterbalance for the turret's massive damage, splash damage, and ability to launch projectiles over obstacles.

► 48:07 Firebird and Freeze Buffs

It seems there's another Patch update coming our way in the near future. Hazel-Rah declares that he considers stock Firebird and Freeze as under-performing turrets, and that he will be buffing their stats. That's certainly good news for all close combat lovers.

► 51:54 Renting Alterations for Crystals

Although it's not dead certain, we might live to see the option to rent alterations for in-game currency (crystals), since currently, the renting-for-money option isn't very popular with players.

► 53:11 New Batch of Alterations

We still have some empty alterations' slots in the garages. Cedric and Hazel-Rah talk about M0 alterations, which will bring purely cosmetic options for turrets (i.e. we'll be able to change the color of the projectile like in Tanki X). It's also revealed that M3 alterations will most likely be left out of the game.

► 53:55 Character Changes to Hulls

Hazel-Rah resumes with his explanation of why M3 turret alterations won't be added to the game. There will most likely be some special new character traits added to hulls that will replace the M3 turret alterations. Right now, hulls lack distinctive features that would identify and differentiate them from others. It's mentioned that these character traits will be different from the traditional and boring changes to speed, weight, protection or other parameters, so you can look forward to a whole new array of mysterious augments for hulls planned for this summer (assuming all goes well with the development timeline).

► 1:00:32 Clan Currency

Clan currency will allow players to get more slots in their clan. It will be purchasable for money, but will be mostly obtainable through clan efforts (winning clan wars, championships, etc.). You'll be able to purchase various features and things within the clan, which should appear throughout this year.

This review was compiled and written by Reporter Administrator Flexoo and ex-Reporter Blackdrakon30.

April 6, 2017

This was the second EN official livestream, hosted by Cedric Debono - the former EN Community Manager, in which he did a Q&A session along with interviewing SwiftSmoky, Joostcool, Nikk and R3Z0GNATE.


General Questions

► 2:46 Question No.1 - Will Tanki Online add new hulls to the game?

New hulls are not planned right now. The hulls would be way too similar in parameters and handling to the current hulls, so it does not make sense to add any additional ones. However, there will be some changes to the hulls' character as mentioned in the previous livestream - the one with Hazel-Rah. Once that is implemented, developers will consider adding new hulls.

► 3:59 Question No.2 - Why did developers introduce the changes to Daily Missions

Players fully exploited the fact that daily missions could be easily done in Pro battles. Players could easily finish their missions which resulted into the farming of crystals and supplies without putting much effort into it. The current system will remain in the game and hopefully eradicate most of the mission exploitation. This system will stay in force even for super-missions.

► 24:56 Question No.3 - Will there be new maps in Tanki Online?

Maybe. Map designing is quite time consuming. Right now, developers focus on other major things, so new maps most probably won't be introduced any time soon, but there's one surprise. Soon, we'll be celebrating the Cosmonautics Day. Tanki has some goodies prepared - and just for this special day, Tanki will bring back the Moon Silence map with low gravity in Pro Battles only.

► 26:05 Question No.4 - Do you plan on adding unlimited supplies in Parkour mode? Will you stop counting kills and deaths in Parkour towards the ratings?

Unfortunately, that's not gonna happen. Parkour will stay as it is right now. It might change, but not in the near future.

► 38:15 Question No.5 - When will the clan update happen?

There's no definite date when the clan features will be expanded and there's a reason for that. Right now, the developers are exclusively focusing on getting the HTML5 version going. As you may know, Flash technology is quite outdated and although it still has some time, the developers don't want to risk anything.

► 39:31 Question No.6 - Why are there are never sales on XTs or their micro-upgrades?

This is something that has already been covered in the previous livestream. XTs are mere replicas of their already existing turrets and hulls. It does not make sense to encourage players to invest in them since the plan is to turn the XT equipment into skins (just like in Tanki X). They will turn into luxury components, which won't require any micro-upgrading. Also, Tanki will find a way to integrate the already micro-upgraded XTs into normal equipment. No one will lose on things they already purchased.

► 41:00 Question No.7 - Why were the prices for M3 micro-upgrades increased?

Here's the thing. First of all, the reason why Tanki did what they did with micro-upgrades is because purchasing one small MU step didn't provide any noticeable change to equipment. Speed-ups are pricier because they represent a luxury. They provide tankers the luxury to own the micro-upgrade sooner. Let's explain it in an analogy. You can take a bus or an airplane. The bus will be a cheaper option, but you will travel longer. The airplane will cost you more, but you will get to your destination far quicker. That's how it works.

► 42:37 Question No.8 - Will you add the Wasp-Firebird format and crystal boxes?

NO! Tanki's answered this many times before. It does not make sense to add this format. It only serves the purpose of farming kills and can be pretty much compared to power-leveling, there's no technique, tactic or skill element to it. As for crystal boxes, they were removed because they were a huge distraction in battles.

► 43:49 Question No.9 - Cedric, would you like to host the V-LOG?

Cedric explained that he would want to host the V-LOG, but the reason he can't is because he has "a very crappy camera."

"The atmosphere around me isn't exactly conducive to host the V-LOG. It may happen eventually, but under different conditions.", he said.

► 44:21 Question No.10 - Now that there is Magnum, why don't you make Protection Modules against four turrets?

Resistance Modules should be a tactical choice, not a blanket protection. If we would create four slot modules, they would be extremely expensive and would make three slot modules obsolete. Also, many players would become very hard to kill which could lead to less kills per minute and battle fund rates would slow down significantly.

► 51:24 Question No.11 - Do you plan on making M4 Alterations?

No. There won't be any M3 or M4 alterations. Right now, Tanki is centering its focus on special characteristics of hulls.

► 52:16 Question No.12 - Will you increase the battle fund in bigger maps?

Cedric may suggest it to developers. However, bigger maps tend to have more players, so battle fund should be bigger on its own.

► 52:46 Question No.13 - When is the clan currency coming?

The clan system is still in work. Tanki doesn't have a definite date yet. First, they have to sort out the HTML5 version.

► 55:07 Question No.14 - Is there anything new coming like XP tournament? Will SLTV return to Tanki Flash?

There will be a format for XP in the upcoming Domination Series. There are no plans yet for XP-only tournament. As for SLTV, it won't return to Tanki Online.

► 56:45 Question No.15 - How did you come to know about Tanki Online, Cedric?

"I was approached a few years ago by the company, because they were looking for a proofreader and copywriter. I took on a contract; a full time job for the company. I slowly became more and more involved and eventually I made it to Community Manager."

► 58:11 Question No.16 - Will there be a contest where players create new maps like earlier?

Cedric does not think so, but he can't deny it either. Even if players create maps, it still has to go through developers. Maps don't just have to be pretty, they must be balanced as well.

► 59:04 Question No.17 - What about Striker and Magnum Alterations?

Those will take some time, but will be added eventually.

► 59:47 Question No.18 - Cedric, do you like to play this game

"OK. Let me be completely honest with you. I work many hours a day on Tanki Online. Sometimes it's 12 hours a day, and sometimes it's 8. I spend a lot of time on Tanki and looking at tanks, so in my free time the last thing I wanna see is a tank. :) Don't get me wrong, I still occasionally play, but I am a lousy player. So yeah, I enjoy playing, but it does not happen very often."

► 1:01:12 Question No.19 - Why does the Battle button send us to bad battles?

It doesn't work like that. The Battle button sends players to a map that has other players. It takes into account what format you chose (battle mode) and your rank. If there aren't any battles with players around your rank, the server will automatically create a new battle and send you to it. You should stay in that battle and wait for few minutes till other players join. If you immediately leave the battle, you will move in an endless cycle.

► 1:02:03 Question No.20 - The knock back of Ricochet and Twins is way too strong. Will you reduce it?

Developers need to analyze it first. Every piece of equipment is monitored. For example, if too many people use the same equipment, it's usually an indication that it's overpowered. Developers constantly look into the statistics to see what's happening.

► 1:04:14 Question No.21 - Who is the Godmode_ON?

"It's a state secret ;)."

► 1:05:03 Question No.22 - Cedric, where were you working before?

"Well I had various jobs, actually. I'd been a TV producer for a while. I worked for a top local production company called 'Where's Everybody'. I used to produce the program called 'TVM' with Norman Vella a few years ago. It was a great experience. I also used to work in a casino as a game dealer, which isn't as glamorous as you might think, it's actually a really demanding and frustrating job."

► 1:06:48 Question No.23 - Will Semyon Kirov come back?

No. Semyon has moved on. He's gotten a new job and he's had that job for a bit over a year now.

► 1:07:16 Question No.24 - Will you add Paysafe for more countries?

Tanki doesn't choose the payment methods as such. Instead, they make deals with payment service providers, who then provide these services to them. Striking a deal with these providers is often complicated due to lengthy legislative procedures. The company often doesn't provide service for all countries, but Tanki will see what can be done about it.

► 1:17:51 Question No.25 - Are you planning to put buying players and non-buying players in different servers?

No. Tanki won't put them in different servers. This is how it stays.

Community News and Interviews

Cedric informs that Damn_Slow, a long-time Community, Forum and eSports administrator, resigned from his position. He perfectly fulfilled this role for many years, contributing a lot of his time to make the forum and game a better place for everyone. CooperO will step up for the role of Forum administrator, while joostcool will execute the role of eSports administrator.

Halfway through the livestream, Cedric blew the lid off the news. He mentioned that the Cosmonautics Day will come this week and will bring some mesmerizing stuff. You can expect a new-built news section; it should be integrated with in-game announcements. If you accidentally close the in-game notification, there will be a system allowing you to check it any time.

Tanki is also solving the problem of cheaters as well, specifically, their total elimination. We now have a programmer dedicated solely to this problem and one other guy focusing on critical errors.

You can look forward to M0 alterations, which will be purely cosmetic. They will allow you to amend the color of the projectile. Some will be cheaper and some will be pricier; you will be able to choose from a big variety. Tanki Online's mobile version is another interesting thing that's coming our way after the HTML5 version is settled. Tanki will have to implement a match making system, so you don't have to manually look for battles on your mobile devices.

Lastly, we have a new team member who'll help with organizing more giveaways. He's developing a special program so expect more of those in the future.

Cedric also did not forget to pick the April Fools day giveaway winners. As you might know, tankers who caught 5,10 or 50 thousand Gold Boxes were in game for three fully micro-upgraded Magnums. A total of 9 296 tankers caught the 5 000 Gold Box, 3 689 caught the 10 000 Gold Box and only 15 people caught the 50 000 Gold Box.

Here are the names of three lucky winners: YouTube-BuTaJluK, divfghj, and II_PEJICABOD_II.

Interview with R3Z0GNATE - Team Representative, «I Don't Know»

Speaking of eSports, the finals of the Lord of the Points competition economy category took place few days back. English team «I Don't Know» (IDK) came victorious and managed to grab an important win for the English community eSports scene. Cedric uncovered more about IDK's journey to the title in the interview (starts at 9:12) with team representative, R3Z0GNATE. Check out the interview below ~

Cedric: Hello R3Z0GNATE! Tell us a bit about your experience in the tournament. Was the competition tough? Who did you face in the tournament?

R3Z0GNATE: Hello. When we first started to put up the team, we knew the competition and the whole tournament would be really tough. We faced couple of tough opponents like Armenians which made everything much more challenging and interesting.

Cedric: Armenians were one of the tournament favorites. Why do you think they were such worthy opponents?

R3Z0GNATE: We didn't spend that much time training or planning our strategies. Armenians is an old team comprising of many experienced players, so facing them represented a big challenge for our team.

Cedric: How did the finals go?

R3Z0GNATE: The final was definitely the craziest battle of the whole tournament. For the first two rounds, I couldn't even understand what was happening. The first rounds were accompanied with some difficulties since some random players joined the finals, but accordingly, a new map was created and all got fixed. We lost the first round, but it didn't break our morale and we managed to beat our opponents in the next five rounds.

Cedric: Tell us about the tournament organization.

R3Z0GNATE: Me and my team really loved this tournament. The referees were really helpful and we did not encounter any problems. Marcus, one of the referees, helped us with translations which he deserves a special mention for.

Cedric: Do you encourage other English clans and teams to take part in these tournaments?

R3Z0GNATE: I certainly hope more English teams will join these tournaments in the future, because it makes it far more interesting and the tournament also lasts longer.

Cedric: What would be your recommendation for players who don't have team?

R3Z0GNATE: Focus on yourself, train for a couple of hours a day and get better. Figure out what you are good with and what you are bad with, then you will be prepared to eventually join a team where you will have your place.

Cedric: Thank you for being with us, I appreciate it. Well done to you and your team. As a token of appreciation for the excellent representation of English community, I would like to award your whole team with twenty Gold Boxes.

R3Z0GNATE: Thank you for having me, bro. I am sure everyone in the team will enjoy the Gold Boxes. Thanks bro!

Interview with Joostcool - eSports Administrator

Cedric stayed on the subject of eSports as he proceeds to discuss the future (starts at 16:56) with Joostcool, the new eSports administrator. Joost plans to bring some fresh wind to the eSports section, so remember to follow the news. Unravel more ~

Cedric: Hi Joost. Thank you for coming. I'd like to start with the most common question. It is known that English eSports scene lacks much activity due to some difficulties. What's in store for the English community regarding eSports?

Joostcool: There are couple of projects prepared for the players. First in the line is a second Domination Series (DS Season 2). We held a first season of this tournament some time ago and we decided to come back with second season. We didn't yet decide when it will be rolled out, but we will definitely wait till the Master of Swords tournament is over.

Cedric: Yes, in fact I am in contact with Dance_Commander, the Russian eSports administrator, and we're talking about giving some Russian tournaments a break to slot in some English tournaments, because I don't really like that players have to choose between one tournament or another. It's important for players to have an option.

Joostcool: Exactly. That's why we postponed it. We planned to bring it earlier, but it's better to give it some time, so everyone has the chance to join in.

Cedric: OK, so Domination Series. What's it gonna be like?

Joostcool: The basics will be the same. We received a lot of feedback on DS Season 1 and we tried to implement it into the procedures and rules to make the upcoming season even better. Unfortunately, it isn't feasible to hold a junior version of the tournament, because in Season 1 the prizes were taken away by highly experienced players on alternate accounts. However, we will try to compensate this with low profile tournaments for lower ranked players in the future.

Cedric: You plan to provide a playground for less experienced teams so that they can compete with bigger and experienced Russian clans and teams. We have some good teams like IDK in the community, but we need smaller teams to have the space to improve.

Joostcool: Yes. On top of that, we want to start with rearranging the clan section. Clans are currently placed upon the date of their creation. We plan on establishing a decent league system which will help us to create more specific tournaments.

Cedric: Will you establish something like a ranking system, perhaps as it is in the Russian community?

Joostcool: This is something we'll have to look into. The Russian system, as I've seen it, is focused mainly on the biggest clans. We want to encourage small clans to grow as well.

Cedric: We work with the Russian community and eSports team to facilitate the participation as much as possible. Those of you who observed or participated in the Lord of the Points may have noticed we did things differently this time. It was much easier to register and we hope this will continue even with Master of Swords tournament. We'll keep on improving the processes so even other teams from our community can try to win those great prizes. Thank you Joost for being on the call.

Joostcool: Thank you for having me Cedric.

Interview with Nikk and SwiftSmoky - Leaders, TFP and FnF

Afterwards, Cedric answers a couple of other questions, some of 'em related to Parkour which leads us to a talk (starts at 26:39) with two interesting Parkour figures, namely Nikk, who's leader of the Parkour club The Flying Parkourists [TFP] and Swift Smoky, the leader of the Parkour club Fight & Flight [FnF]. They both represent a very experienced and well-known English community Parkour team, so check out what they have to say ~

Cedric: I would like to welcome Nikk and SwiftSmoky who collaborated with their teams in a Magnum parkour video which you can see in the livestream. These two champion teams have been constantly pushing each other to see who is best. It's a very proud moment for me and the community to see their collaborative effort to bring you the entertainment and show you how to parkour while using Magnum. So guys, what was your experience with the artillery turret?

Nikk: It was a great experience to get a new turret and test it out in parkour. We took our time to play with it and I think we did a quite good job.

SwiftSmoky: Yeah, it was specially interesting when we were coming up with the tricks, definitely a great experience for us.

Cedric: You made a one minute video. How long did it take to come out with it?

SwiftSmoky: It takes a considerable amount of time. Coming up with the trick isn't as hard, but then you have to test it to make sure everything works as you imagined. Once we confirm it can be performed, we move to another tricks.

Nikk: It took us around a week, we practiced and recorded few hours a day.

Cedric: I have to clarify this for readers. I approached you with the request to make a video within a few days and you managed to do it before the Magnum giveaway.

SwiftSmoky: I remember how we thought there's no way we could do it in time, but within a few hours we already had a bunch of tricks recorded.

Cedric: But you did it and I was really blown away. So guys, great job with the video I honestly can't be happier.

SwiftSmoky: Little spoiler, everyone. We're preparing another longer video with Magnum tricks in collaboration with The Flying Parkourists. So stay tuned!

Cedric: You really enjoyed playing with it! Also, a special thanks to TS7Studio, who did the editing on that video. Guys, thanks for being with us. And before you go, I have a bit of an announcement. As you know, The Flying Parkourists have the Phoenix paint for their amazing job for parkour base. They entertained the community and they fully deserve it. However, Fight & Flight regularly produces amazing videos, so I would like to award them with the paint as well. Congratulations you guys! Lastly, keep on competing, keep on pushing each other to even greater heights. All the best.

SwiftSmoky: Thanks for having us.

Nikk: Thanks Cedric.

Cedric: Parkour is definitely a fun activity to do inside the Tanki. I would love to see more people get involved in it, perhaps even hold more parkour mini contests or tournaments. Not something like Masters of Parkour, since such big competition should be hold only once a year. Maybe we could organize something like Parkour Reality TV series or something like that. If anyone has a suggestion, feel free to contact me. Anyways, we will see were it takes us.

This review was compiled and written by Reporter Administrator Flexoo.

May 12, 2017

This was the third EN official livestream, hosted by Cedric Debono - the former EN Community Manager, in which he did a Q&A session along with interviewing Semyon Strizhak - lead developer of Tanki Online and Joostcool. The livestream also featured a message from GeneralVeers and a cool giveaway.


General Questions

► 3:43 Question No.1 - What can you tell us about the matchmaking system?

Some of you might know the matchmaking system from other games. Tanki will eventually get it as well, but it will not replace the current battle list. Matchmaking system will handle normal games while battle list will become for custom games in which you will be able to create battles with settings you like. Tanki might even get rid of the Pro Pass, but it's not final.

► 4:33 Question No.2 - How will this system differ from the current one?

First we have to start by saying what is good and bad on the current battle list. The good thing is that you can choose your map, rank limits, players, etc. On the other hand, there are problems with unbalanced games and you also have to spend time looking for right server and games. It often takes a good ten minutes to find a suitable game.

The battle list and servers' system also have an influence on the rank brackets. This means that tight rank brackets will force you to search even more for suitable ranks and very wide rank brackets create unbalanced games where players with M1/M2 equipment fight players with M3/M4 equipment. In short, matchmaking solves all this stuff without going through the boring procedures like searching. You will just push the button and the game will find the players and games for you.

It will have to wait a bit, though. HTML5 is the biggest priority since Flash isn't supported as it used to be, it limits the game and causes a lot of critical errors. If the HTML5 is introduced, we might end up with game that has almost no critical errors. So firstly, we will fix the game in its basis and then make a better system for joining the games.

► 11:10 Question No.3 - Does the matchmaking system present any disadvantages compared to the current system?

Well, the current system gives a lot of freedom. The matchmaking system will strip this freedom, but it will provide you much more convenient battles. This is why we will keep the battle list alongside the matchmaking system. matchmaking system will provide quick convenient battles while battle list will stay for specific games (format battles, parkour, space mode battles, etc).

► 13:20 Question No.4 - What about the Pro Pass? You mentioned it might be removed.

Matchmaking system will make a lot of thing more convenient than Pro pass. For example, if you want to play with friends, you have to create a private battle and invite all of them. Matchmaking system will allow you to create a group and join the battle as one. It will take just few seconds or minutes. Moreover, you will have the ability to create and customize battles without having to buy the Pro Pass.

► 17:18 Question No.5 - Will players be able to influence the battle creation with matchmaking in game?

It will depend on how much will matchmaking work. The point of matchmaking system is to create a suitable battle for the player as quickly as possible. There might be three buttons - one for quick games, one for Deathmatches and one for the current battle list. If the customization won't slow down the process, another setting might be added.

► 23:19 Question No.6 - Is this system similar to the DM tournaments we recently had?

Not quite. Firstly, matchmaking system does not come with time schedule like DM tournaments did. Matchmaking system will be available at any time. DM tournaments didn't function as it was intended.

► 25:06 Question No.7 - What if I want to play with Wasp/Freeze, but the system will send me to inopportune map?

Developers will make some standard maps where every turret and hull can fit. The number of players will also be standardized. As you know, some turrets and hulls aren't versatile enough to be used on certain maps (e.g. Shaft will hardly ever be balanced or suitable for Island map). Thus developers will only choose those standard maps where anything you choose can be played effectively. The system will become more elaborate by time.

► 31:05 Question No.8 - How long will battles created by matchmaking system be?

The battles will be long approximately as long the current standard battles - 15 minutes. Developers tried out 20, 30 and 60 minute battles half a year ago, but the standard 15 minute length seems to be optimal.

► 34:13 Question No.9 - Do you have any news regarding the special characteristics for hulls?

First and foremost, the characteristics will be free. There is something that will affect the gameplay and it will be relatively huge. You might have already received a sneak peek (in form of ZERO supply [Overdrive]).

► 35:45 Question No.10 - Will you do something about hackers?

Yes, developers are aware of "jump hackers" and other game violators. Tanki development will focus on total extermination of these practices once the HTML5 and matchmaking is successfully implemented.

► 37:03 Question No.11 - What do you think about the current balance of hulls and turrets?

Players could've seen that last couple of balance changes weren't so drastic. Developers will also balance the turrets/hulls that are considered under-powered in an interesting way. Vulcan will most likely be subjugated to some changes as it is by many considered to be a boring turret. Anyways, if there will be a need to nerv/buff something, developers will find a way to fix it. Every piece of equipment is closely monitored.

► 43:22 Question No.12 - Do you think players get the hang of Magnum?

Magnum is really specific turret. Some people are really good with it already. Especially in maps with level difference (like Silence or Noise), you can find very dominating Magnum users. It's a very situational turret.

► 45:00 Question No.13 - Will clan licenses ever be purchasable with crystals?

No, they won't - unless the clan system will become so big and important that limiting players from getting licenses would be a bad idea. Right now it's not going to happen. However, number of clan slots will definitely grow.

► 45:58 Question No.14 - Will there be any new gameplay modes?

Assault mode might eventually be introduced to the game. It's almost ready after the testing through the last New Year celebrations. It will probably be available on any map as well.

► 46:41 Question No.15 - Are there any news on mobile version? Have you figured the controls?

Tanki Online was initially introduced with some limitations. We could only choose between keyboard and mouse, but the prototype of mobile version works really good on mobile devices. Developers believe that mobile players will be able to compete even with tankers who play on keyboards.

► 50:55 Question No.16 - What had happened to Gold Boxes two weeks back?

This bug sprang up unexpectedly during the celebrations. Note that anyone who exploited this bug broke the Game rules and some people were already punished for it. It is fixed by now.

► 52:58 Question No.17 - How can people be assured that Tanki Online will stay for long time? Will TX succeed TO?

Firstly, Tanki X and Tanki Online aren't rivals. TX is a client based game, while TO is browser based. Over the time, these two games will follow very different paths. As for TO, players' count dropped mainly because of Flash platform. A lot of players are discouraged by technical issues caused by Flash technology. HTML5 and mobile version will bring new players on the board. Developers also plan to make the team gameplay much more interesting for old and new players. Teamwork will play much bigger role. You will be able to witness improvements this summer.

Interview with Joostcool - eSports Administrator

Second part of the live stream (starts at ► 1:01:49) featured an interview with Joostcool, the English eSports administrator, who revealed more about the current situation in the international eSports community and tournaments prepared for players.

Cedric: Hello, joost. Tell us about the English teams and their accomplishments in the Russian tournament.

Joostcool: Hi, Cedric. Yes, "Biological Hazard" (HZD) and "Penguins" (both EN teams) both lost in the first leg and moved to loser bracket. On Thursday, both teams played their loser bracket games. HZD played against "Good Game Easy" and won the game with 2:1 score whereas Penguins won 3:1 over "Resolution". This means that both teams are moving forward in the loser bracket and will have another shot at tournament on Sunday, May 14.

We also have one player called Spy who's playing The Masters of the Sword solo. We livestreamed one of his matches few days ago. He unfortunately lost, but solo category also has a loser bracket and thus he will face another Russian player. We also plan to livestream this one so make sure to follow the eSports announcements.

Cedric: What are the plans for coming months? Are we gonna see anything significant in the next months?

Joostcool: Yes, players can expect season II of the Domination Series. I would also like to use this opportunity to announce the important dates for this tournament. First important date is May 23, 2017. That day we will publish the tournaments in the eSports section of the forum. We will open the registrations on June 1, 2017. You can expect the tournament starting in June and ending in July.

Cedric: Yes, and it's important to say that schedule won't clash with any Russian tournaments. So, if you have a clan, you don't have to worry that you won't be able to participate in another tournament.

Joostcool: Exactly!

Cedric: What will be the prizes?

Joostcool: You can expect Gladiator paint, crystals and more. All will be revealed in no time. By the way, check the eSports section because formats are already revealed, so you can start training.

Cedric: Nice! Is there anything else after the Domination series?

Joostcool: Yes. After July, we can expect the Russian eSports team to create another tournament or event. Meanwhile, we will make sure our league system is working. Right now, we gathered all the clans in one league (Newcomers section). We have three open leagues now - first, second and third league - and they have to be filled with the best clans. We will find the way to fill out the spots. It will also be filled with clans from English community only.

Cedric: Will you create something for smaller or new clans so that they can grow and eventually participate with big Russian teams?

Joostcool: Yes, after the July there will be something for all clans so nobody will be left out.

Cedric: Will you also continue the collaboration with the Russian eSports team?

Joostcool: Yes. We are working with the Russian team very closely and it looks like English players in the Russian tournaments know that also. We want to make sure that players have the best experience in these tournaments.

Cedric: Great! Do you have anything else to add, joost?

Joostcool: I think that's about it for now.

Cedric: OK. Thanks for all the work you and the team is putting in and I am really looking forward to see what the eSports team will come up with.

Joostcool: Thanks for having me.

Message from GeneralVeers - EN Broadcasters Administrator

GeneralVeers shared this intriguing message about a truly interesting event coming our way (► 1:12:01). It sure will be a blast!

Hello guys, I am GeneralVeers, the English broadcasters' team administrator, and I would like to give you a rundown of what we're doing in eSports. Joostcool and I have been working hard to bring you more content. I believe you started to pick it up, but there is still much to do.

Right now, it's the Masters of the Sword (MoS) tournament which is in its final stages and we are trying to provide you as many streams to watch as we possible can. We will be hosting a Domination Series tournament that will be started once the MoS ends. It's good to see that Russian, German and English community is trying to coordinate these efforts so that things don't overlap.

We also thought it would be fun to have something different for the community to watch, we are working on a project that should debut on the May 27, 2017. It will take place between the MoS tournament and the Domination Series. It is called "Arena". Basically, we will pick two clans and some back-ups. It will be a 7v7 battle with four rounds, 12 minutes each (2 minutes for preparation, 10 minutes of battle time). Each team member will have to equip different hull. Turrets will be totally at their discretion. And the twist? They will not know what map will they be playing on until one hour before the stream! This should be really interesting.

Tune in to watch this match! We are looking forward to hearing from you on the Forum. Thank you for having me, Cedric. We'll see you all on the battlefield.

Live Giveaway

Livestream also featured a really cool giveaway (► 1:16:09). During the livestream, you had to send your nickname in the form provided in the description. You could've won these prizes: 1x 5 000 crystals, 1x 10 000 crystals, 1x 50 000 crystals, 1x 10 Gold Box supplies and 1x XT tank (XT hull and turret).

Here's the list of the lucky winners:

5 000 crystals - apJLekuH
10 000 crystals - qwerta12
50 000 crystals - mobyman
10 Gold Boxes - bubu395cz
XTs - Feel.My.Style

This review was compiled and written by Reporter Administrator Flexoo.

September 10, 2017

This was the first EN official livestream, hosted by Sergei Balabanov, a.k.a Nives - the new EN Community Manager. In the livestream, Nives played and interacted with a lot of different players, dropped promotional codes, spawned Gold Boxes and gave away some pretty intriguing news!


General Questions

► 34:04 Question No.1 - When will the Matchmaking System be added into the game?

Nives says that the developer team is focusing on the Matchmaking System; the development is in full swing and is the top-most priority right now, all other tasks have been put on hold until the Matchmaking System is released. He also mentions that contrary to what people are thinking about it in the Forum, the final version of the Matchmaking System will be much more efficient and free of bugs and glitches.

"It will take time - it will happen, but it will take time. First, we need to test in on a small scale to make sure everything works and most importantly, make sure that it will not disrupt the on-going Flash or client system of the game. Then, when we are sure everything is going smoothly and as planned, we will slowly and steadily increase the level of the testing. It will come, and you will be able to test it!", said Nives.

He also assured us that the HTML 5 update is also being worked on, and almost all of the aforementioned processes apply to it too.

► 50:26 Question No.2 - Where are you from?

"I was born in Russia, on October 14th, 1987, in a small village - it's literally a village, not a small city, a village somewhere deep within Russia. I'm 30 years old - and most of life, I was raised in Siberia; first in the Western one and then in the Eastern one.

Owing to family affairs, we used to travel a lot. We were once living deep within the Western Siberia, then near Lake Baikal - there are many cities near Baikal. Afterwards, the next destination was Perm, in which the offices of Alternativa are actually based. I lived here for about ten years, and then I got into the gaming industry - afterwards it pretty much spiraled out of control. I began to travel a lot, live in different cities, live in different places - basically where ever my job took me.

At that point in my life, it didn't matter anymore because all I wanted to do was to make games - which was my childhood dream too, to make games. I'm not an actual programmer, but I do some of the stuff on the side.

Community Management is what I like, but I didn't get this job because I wanted money. Well I want money, everybody wants money. I just love talking to you guys, the whole lot of you. Believe it or not, talking to you in the game, on social media and other official platforms was my dream when I started playing the most. I'm a huge fan of MMO games, including Final Fantasy XVI, World of Warcraft. There were times when I went to the official forums of those games, saw these "blue guys" (who were called that because they posted in blue), the developers. They talked to players and interacted with them, and that is where the magic happened."

► 56:56 Question No.3 - How did some people get the «Tanki in Moscow» paint early?

If you bought tickets to and attended the 'Tanki in Moscow' event, which took place in Moscow - as the name suggests - you got that paint as an early access.

► 58:05 Question No.4 - Who is 'Momo'?

"Momo is one of the best guys who can make magic happen. It's the behind-the-scenes sorcerer, wizard, supreme and stuff like that..."

► 01:08:01 Question No.5 - When is the next cool event?

Nives said that the developers have a lot of plans for the next few months, especially for October, which is of course, the Halloween celebrations. However, things got pretty serious with what he said next.

"You will see some certain people, some certain players with God-like powers, maybe do some stuff - you'll see."

► 01:09:00 Question No.6 - Will there be a French community?

"Developers are constantly taking in suggestions such as these ones. If a lot of players want a new region, they try to make it happen, but the process is painstakingly difficult - it takes time, money and a lot of planning. If you'd like to add in more ideas, post in the Ideas and Suggestions topic in the Forum."

► 01:09:39 Question No.6 - Can you drop Golds?

"What? Hahaha, yeah."

► 01:19:28 Question No.7 - Have you watched the movie 'IT'?

"Didn't yet, but I saw the trailer and heard a lot about the book. That's some creepy stuff man. Haha, I do not often watch creepy movies."

► 01:19:53 Question No.8 - Can you do the 'Crazy Weekend Giveaways' every weekend?

No, simply because it's rewards are too high for them to be given out every weekend. However, the developers are planning on running additional events, battles and other cool stuff on the Forum, on social media, on streams and so on. However, there will be more giveaways in the future.

► 01:25:21 Question No.9 - Will you bring ESL to Tanki Online?

The developers are hearing the players' opinions and suggestions for eSports and are well informed about ESL. They are trying their best to improve eSports in the game. Maybe not now, but maybe in the future, who knows?

► 01:27:52 Question No.10 - What is your favorite turret?

Isida. Nives' said that he likes Isida both because of it's high damage and the fact that you can regenerate people's health with it. He also likes to be a helpful in battles, so Isida was his choice. The only turret he doesn't like is... Magnum.

"I don't like Magnum, I don't like when somebody uses Magnum. Most importantly, I do not like the fact that if you spawn, you get killed by a Magnum without even seeing where it came from."

► 01:30:32 Question No.11 - Can you kill people?

"I try to, haha."

► 01:32:10 Question No.12 - When do you play Tanki?

Sergei says that he plays Tanki regularly for an hour or two, but after work and usually before he goes to sleep.

► 01:32:24 Question No.12 - Will there be new modules?

As there is a splendid variety of modules in the game, the developers are quite happy with the position of modules. There is no need to add more.

► 01:32:40 Question No.13 - What is your favorite map?

"Forest - I really like Forest, especially in Capture the Flag mode, because you can do a lot of sneaking in the middle. There is contained, small space, but enough for a good gameplay."

► 01:33:01 Question No.14 - Do you have a wish for the community?

"Yes, I have a wish: If you'd like for the game to change to a better one, as you see it, please send us messages with constructive feedback in the Ideas & Suggestions topic. I read them, and the developers do too because I tell them to. Please provide us with your valuable feedback!"

► 01:34:27 Question No.15 - Are you married?

"Not right now - and I'll leave it at that."

► 01:47:21 Question No.16 - Will there be a new hull?

A: The developers are discussing the possibility of a new hull to be implemented in the game. They have gained some inspiration from the ideas posted in the Forum, but it is likely that it will take time.

► 01:54:45 Question No.17 - What do you think Tanki Online will be in the future?

"I saw Tanki a long, long time ago. When I would go into gaming events, they would ask me: "Which city are you from?" and I would say Perm. Then they would ask me: "What's being developing there?". I would say, "We have, like, Tanki Online."

Let me tell you, not a single person - when I started in the gaming industry, when I was in Perm, not even a single person didn't question me about Tanki Online, like what is it. Everybody knew it because it was big, it was special. It was the first browser game of it's kind - and that really was a special moment in time. So what I hope for Tanki, and what he hope for Tanki as a studio, is hope for it's best. Tanki is here, it is here to stay. It is here to become even greater than it was - and we will do this by hearing from you, we read your suggestions. So stop by our Forum, our media and let's make the game better; me, you and everyone."

General Information

Around an hour and a minute into the livestream, someone asked Nives a question about Godmode_ON. Instead of saying something like "It's a secret.", Nives blew off the lid by saying, "He's my friend!"; and...:

"Stay tuned - we got some plans for that guy!"

And, wait for it, wait for it... 01:08:01.

Promotion Codes
There are two types of promotional codes:

  • 1d Premium Account
  • 6k Crystals

Additionally, all the codes are currently one-time activations only. In the future, there might be codes with multiple activations.

Nives' Method of Playing
Nives admitted that he has two accounts - one of which is a high-ranked one and other is the lower-ranked one, the one which we played with three days ago. The higher rank is only used for administrative matters or such reasons, while Sergei actually is playing the game from his legitimate account - he also said he is playing the game without using any sort of commands to change his experience or crystals, and if he were to buy something, he'd do so with his own money. The reason he provided was actually really interesting, because if you play a game legitimately, you understand how it works and especially what the community thinks of it.

Developer Diaries
Developer Diaries, yes you saw that right, might be coming to Tanki Online as well. Nives said that we could potentially see Dev Diaries in the future, in which the game's designers, artists and other employees will talk to us while Sergei will act as a translator. Intriguing news, huh?

This review was compiled and written by Reporter/Wiki Editor Hexed.

October 8, 2017

This livestream was quite special, as three people from the development and office team of Alternativa joined Nives in their interviews. We got to listen and watch many behind-the-scene moments, development news and the process on which Tanki operates.


General Questions

► 00:12:20 Question No.1 - What can you tell us about Halloween? What will happen, when will it happen?

Unfortunately, Sergei says that he can't disclose any information about upcoming events and celebrations, including the nearing Halloween event and sales. However, based on previous Halloween celebrations, it is likely that it will hit the game somewhere in the ending days of the month. If you remember the previous live stream, Sergei told us that there will be a lot of cool things going on this time, and blew the lid off by announcing that someone with God-like powers would be playing in the event!

► 00:12:51 Question No.2 - What can you tell us about the Repair Kit problem?

"I understand the problem. Look, let me clear the issue now. The Repair Kit situation-- It's all about balance, okay? I'm not a game designer, but I can speak about what I know and what I hear. The previous version of the Repair Kit was just forcing the game's environment into a very improper state - you could just run into people, press a key and continue to do damage over and over again. This issue was very bad and imbalanced, so the mechanics were changed."

► 00:13:39 Question No.3 - If we win the Deja Vu contest, how will we get our rewards?

"We will send you all the prizes - no worries! If you win, it's our problem then and we will send you all the prizes you won, no problem at all. The only problem I see with all the entries so far is that people are forgetting to add in their nicknames. You need to have your nickname or something resembling Tanki Online in your picture, be it a laptop with the game open, be it a print of the Tanki Online logo. If you don't want to put your nickname in, at least put something resembling the game so that we are sure that your picture is original and not plagiarized.

► 00:14:33 Question No.4 - Is there any news about the upcoming Overdrives?

Sergei says that the new Overdrives are definitely coming, but their release is not set in stone. The only reason their thread exists on the forum is that the developers are looking for feedback and players' opinions on them. The Overdrives are under development and will undergo numerous changes. The only things shown in the V-LOG are just a bunch of blueprints or drafts of the final results. So questions like 'Why will Dictator have the supply Overdrive only?' or 'Why are giving Mammoth the ability to kill on touch' can't be answered right now. The whole thing will be addressed at some point in the future.

► 00:16:13 Question No.5 - Will you remove the 'Finish first in battles' missions?

"No, there are no plans for that. However, I understand that when the unified battles' list update hits game, it will become much harder for you guys to go and find a relatively empty battle, grab a lot of boxes, capture flags or get an easy win. This issue will also be addressed in the future, but no, there are no plans to remove these missions.

Besides, you know what the Internet says about this... You just gotta get good!"

► 00:27:00 Question No.6 - Will you remove the 'Capture flags 0/X' missions when the Unified Battles' List update hits?

"No missions will be removed right now, but we can tweak them and make them easier. Maybe we'll just remove the three flag missions and leave the one flag one. You write on the Forum, I hear and then I pass the information onto the guys and then, they make it happen."

► 00:27:51 Question No.7 - What are the favorite sports of the developers, including you?

"Well, I got one of the developers that will be here with me in an interview, live. As for me, I work out from time to time, I'm not a huge guy but that is my sport."

► 00:28:51 Question No.8 - When will Alternative resume advertising Tanki Online? How soon can we expect the player counts to rise like a few years back?

"So, the only reason we have HTML 5 in testing is that we're trying to make a new, better Tanki. A game that will be different from what is was before, but in a good way - literally greater again! After that, we will be able to take this game, get a lot of money, put it up for advertisement and... push. So, before we push, we need to wait for a couple more implementations - not matchmaking, but other stuff."

Interview with Alexander Shafer - Lead Programmer

Alexander Shafer is one of the most important guys on the Tanki Online team. As Nives explains, he is the current lead programmer, a person who is a software engineer and is in-charge of all the software/code project or tasks given to him and then distributes the work within the programming team. Check out his interview below ~

Nives: So, Alexander, why did you join Tanki Online?

Alexander: Tanki Online was the most interesting game project based in Perm, and at that time, I didn't have any good abilities to join another job. Besides, Tanki Online is an interesting project for me - and to work and develop it also intrigues my interest.

Nives: What was your first position in the game, were you a junior programme or-? Alexander: Yes, I was a junior programmer working for Alternativa, but also a student as I was studying in a university.

Nives: Since people often ask that what do programmers actually do, and that why can't Community Managers change the game, would you expand on that? Is this the office where all of you programmers work?

Alexander: Yes, this is our office, but some of these guys are not with Tanki Online anymore - they are now in the Tanki X team.

Nives: So, tell me, sometimes people go to Community Managers and ask that why can't you remove something from the game - let's suppose Magnum. Now, why can't I come to you and go like, "Hey man, Alexander, why don't you remove Magnum from the game?" Why can't you personally take decisions, and what do you do on a daily basis?

Alexander: Most of the time, I'm just programming and doing things my boss tells me to do - like, if he tells me to remove Magnum from the game, I will remove Magnum. But otherwise, I will never do it. So, actually, I don't make any decisions, my bosses do.

Nives: As a lead programmer, how do you manage your team? Do you personally code nowadays, or do you delegate your job to your team?

Alexander: Actually, I do have to delegate a major part of my job to my team members, but I still personally do some part of the work. So, I do some of the work and then, my teammates take over from there. But yes, I do write the code too.

Nives: A lot of people don't actually know what programming is, so whenever they see pictures like this - a screen full of colours and text, they ask questions. So, do you go into the game and move tanks and buildings around after you work on the code? Or do you just make the code on an independent engine and do the magic?

Alexander: Nah, there's no magic here. Everything you see in the game begins on a blank screen like this. Then, we write lines and fill them with codes, check everything and run the game. We try to take the output from our code - like basically seeing what happened. This also points out bugs and glitches, which we can remove after identifying the source. In a nutshell, we write the code, check the code, run the game and then give it to our testers, who check every minute detail of the new coding and send us feedback. If everything goes as planned and works correctly, we make a release!

Nives: Consider other departments, like artists or game designers - how does your work interact with other departments?

Alexander: Actually, we have a special person on the team, a Project Manager. His/Her job is to manage the game, and especially communication between different departments, such as Community Manages, artists, programmers, support etc. So basically, our Project Manager tells us what to do and we all discuss and make it happen!

Nives: Okay, final question! What is your hobby - what do you do when you're not playing games?

Alexander: I sing and play games, no? I also do my own programming sometimes, but rarely. It is very funny to write a code and participate in contests and win them. In that picture, you can see me and two other guys who have worked with Alternativa for a long time but aren't with us anymore. We won the programming contest and were rewarded with a PS4! So yeah, I do write code when I'm not at work. Nives: Thank you so much for joining me in this interview Alexander!

Interview with Irina - HR Manager

Irina's job is where it all begins! She is the Human Resources Manager of Alternative, a person who is responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. They may also handle employee relations, payroll and benefits and training. They basically plan, direct and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization. Read her interview below ~

Nives: If I understand correctly Irina, is your job something like to take the hands of small kids like me, move them around the office like, 'Sit here', 'Eat here' and stuff like that?

Irina: Yeah, but that is the final picture you see, that is the result. Previously, and before that, there used to be a lot of processes that happened. So, first of all, you start with vacancy. You need a special person, or a person with skills in that specific field to fill that vacancy. After that, you basically let the person be with his/her team or colleagues.

Nives: So, people have been asking me, "Sergei, how did you get this job?" So, can you tell me - like, imagine a scenario where a Community Manager is leaving the company and you need a person to fill their role quickly. How do you begin the whole process, how do you find the correct person? Irina: That is a very long process, I should say, very hard work! First of all, to fill that vacancy, you should know what the next person to fill that role should do. The next step is the search - where you are basically looking for this person on different websites, or resources. While you're searching, you're asking different questions - of course, you have to know all the tasks and information about that person in a detailed way.

By the way, Community Manager... This was my first experience looking for a Community Manager when I found you finally - so that was a great experience for me!

Nives: I hope this will last.

Irina: Yeah, I also hope so!

Nives: So, I will just show a couple of pictures I took while roaming around the face. You can tell us about how everything goes in the office day to day, what's happening and maybe like, what was the best addition to the face for this year?

Irina: Okay. So I think this question isn't suited for me, because we have a special person, her name is Kseniya and she is responsible for the office and the well-being of the employees, our colleagues, our team. I am basically responsible for hiring and finding the right people for our team and organizing the documentation process. What's more is that one of my responsibilities also include to organize learning courses and classes for our staff.

Nives: So let's say you have a Community Manager, he works a lot and needs to join an anger management class. What would he/she do? Would he request for a class in order to improve something in him/her?

Irina: First of all, you would write to me your problem or request. You'll discuss thing like why do you want this or that course, will it be helpful along with your work or not, maybe or not it would help you in your daily life and etc. If we come to a decision that the course would be helpful and worthwhile for you, the next step is to go the Community Manager and get his/her approval. If your request is accepted, you'll succeed and get the course.

Nives: So, one final question: What is your hobby?

Irina: I have a lot of hobbies. The main ones are snowboarding - but that is for winter time only, and board games - and this is for all times except when I work. I am also a tutor in English and I teach a couple of children in order to improve my English skills.

Nives: Thank you so much for being in this interview Irina, now let's wave and smile at the camera...

Interview with Boris Burangulov - Lead Analyst

Boris is the lead analyst for Tanki Online. His job includes a variety of things, including setting up promotions, discounts and giveaway prizes. In a nutshell, he approves all the sales that you see throughout the year, but this isn't all what he does. Find out more about his job below ~

Nives: So Boris, without a long introduction, what's your job in Tanki?

Boris: Hi everyone, I’m Boris. As you know, I’m an analyst and I work with numbers. A lot of numbers. So, you guys see the game as a bunch of moving pictures, and I see the game as a lot of dashboards, matrices, and etc. Statistics. I provide the data to make the right decisions. Objective data. Because we all have our feelings about the game, and we’re thinking “Wow, we need to do this thing immediately, it’s very important!” And when we’re starting to investigate, it’s not exactly right.

Nives: So, now we know what Boris actually does. How did you end up here in the VLOGs? Boris: Okay, that’s a kind of funny story, because the first time was at my workplace. One guy came to me and said “You. Do you want to be in VLOG?” And I said “Yes, I’m ready?” And then we’d start hopping in again and again, and that’s the story.

Nives: Do you actually like appearing on VLOGs, or are you actually nervous in front of them on the camera? Because as you know, we are in front of the camera. So do you like them?

Boris: Yes. Why not? It's a little part of fame.

Nives: So, how many VLOGs would you estimate you have appeared in?

Boris: Maybe five or ten. Not many.

Nives: Thanks for coming!

Valuable Information with Nives

Q: Nives- Is Newspaper good or not?

Okay, uh, do you want an honest answer? *thumbs up*

Q: Which is the moment you hate the Tanki game?

I don't know about the moment; the question is very strange. I've been playing lately, a lot, since I'm close to ranking up again, and you know what I feel about Magnum and stuff like that. but I do not like two maps: Gravity and Madness. I do not like playing them, as Isida/Viking, it's a hell of a time, it's not fun, and if you see in the future Magnum, Madness, and Gravity go away...

Q: Any ideas on what to expect in November?

We're working on a special event for November. This event, I hope it will surpass what we have right now in all terms. All events; I hope this will be the best event forever.

Q: Are you color blind?

Yes, yes I am. I have trouble with some colors.

This review was compiled and written by Reporter/Wiki Editor Hexed and ex-Reporter Blackdrakon30.

December 30, 2017

Sergei, together with some prominent English Helpers, launched a lengthy two-hour stream which, in the end, turned out to be quite interesting and prosperous for some. In the stream, we got an in-depth explanation of different Administrators' roles and get an insight as to what the development team has planned for us this year.


Interview with skeletorXVIII - Events Administrator

► 19:11 Question No. 1 - Nikk: "What's up with Rugby Mode?"

Nives: "Rugby Mode is not coming out this week, not this year [2017] even. Possibly January. See, this time we tried to test stuff." skeletorXVIII: "Are you saying that you don't usually test your updates?"
Nives: "Fabian. Remember the part when I told you that you needed to support me and back me up? Well, every update, every mode, every event, is always tested. But to make sure that Rugby Mode is 110% bug-free, our programmers decided to take another couple of weeks to make it happen in January."

► 21:04 Question No. 2 - Nives: "Fabian, lots of stuff happened in the Events in 2017. Can you tell us what to expect in future?"

skeletorXVIII: "Yeah, we are already preparing for the future. As you may know, we added a "Contests" section and two contests are already being worked on and are in the further stages of development. We have one Parkour contest that Nikk can probably explain more about. We also have one Art contest where your goal is basically to design the HTML5 interface, or how you imagine the HTML5 version will look like after the update hits and a new user interface is made. So, we managed to get some of the German Contest Organisers to help us out."

► 22:07 Question No. 3 - Nives: "You've done a lot in 2017 as an Official Administrator. Would you like to give anyone a shoutout?"

Nikk: "Me, me, me, me!"
skeletorXVIII: "Well, aside from Torben (Torben_BoS) and maybe Nikk, definitely Felix (FelRigge63), who helped us out a lot with the videos and tutorials that we had to do for Events and Trailers. He definitely did some great work with those and also O_White_O, who helped us out with securing the evidence in the Events."

► 23:28 Question No. 4 - Nikk: "I have my own question; will there be Containers as a reward in Missions?"

Nives: "Maybe, no confirmation as of now, no news right now but make sure you stay tuned on the Forum for any announcements. That's probably not the answer who wanted or expected but I have to be official, because my words are always being interpreted as the official words of Tanki."

► 24:38 Question No. 5 - Nives: "Fabian, tell me how you began working with Torben? I'm new and don't know this stuff."

skeletorXVIII: "Basically, we were both around since the beginning of the German Events. So, that's over three years now. He started around a month after myself and became an [Event] Organizer around a month after I did. Because of this, we are pretty experienced and close. Also, aside from Tanki, we also play a lot of games together. For example, GTA V."

► 25:49 Question No. 6 - Nikk: "I have a question for you, Fabian; 'Who are you?' Somebody is asking."

skeletorXVIII: "I am basically the Administrator of the English Community Events and have been for around about half a year. I have been Co-Administrator for around three quarters of a year. For the German Events, I basically filled the Administrator for around two and a half to three years. So, basically, I am the guy who picked up Nikk and trained him before he became the English Admin."

► 26:31 Question No. 7 - Nikk: "By the way, I have a question for Sergei. About Spectators... "

Nives: "Wait, wait, wait a second, that's 'Mister Sergei' to you!"
Nikk: "What?! Since when?!"
Nives: "Since I am your Alpha and Omega! Alright, regarding Spectators, we have already given the first person and we will announce the second one at the beginning of January. So yeah, Spectators, let me remind you, Spectators are not only in December, it's a support program, we give Spectator to someone every month; at least one person will get it every month. But for that to happen, make sure that when you apply for Spectator, you don't have any bans! No chat, no hard bans, no stuff like that! Because, we check all of that. Even if you send a very cool video, it's so much more painful to see how good you are on the editing side but I can't give you Spectator because you get banned like... twelve times a week!"

Interview with CooperO - Forum Administrator

► 36:01 Question No. 1 - Nives: "How has it been lately on the Forum? It's the end of the year, people are probably going a bit rowdy!"

CooperO: "People are especially curious about this new animated paint."
Nives: "What animated paint? I know of no such animated paint!"
CooperO: "Yeah, I'm sure you don't!"
Nives: "I know that whatever the riddle is, it is solved by some letters; some words that maybe need to be formed into a sentence... or title... I could probably get fired for this but this is the biggest hint I can give if I want to stay alive in 2018!"
CooperO: "Some players seem to have already figured it out."

► 38:15 Question No. 2 - Nikk: "Cooper, are you a girl? People are asking..."

CooperO: "Uhh, yeah... I am."
Nikk: "Okay, that was kinda obvious."
CooperO: "That was a very... interesting question."
Nives: "Yeah, well that's the internet for you!" I am lucky; I already know that I am gay, so it's done for me!"
CooperO: "I thought you said plenty of times that you were a straight male!"
Nives: "See, I think it's the negative reinforcement, the more times I say it, the more I convince people that it's the opposite!"

► 39:03 Question No. 3 - Nives: "Tell me, what is your preferred combo of choice?"

CooperO: "In No Supplies battles, it's usually Hornet-Smoky but in battles with Supplies enabled, it's usually any turret with Viking."
Nives: "Yes, Viking... good choice! I am telling you as a professional, Viking is a good choice!"

► 40:39 Question No. 4 - Nives: "Who in your crew of Forum Mods would you like to give a shoutout to, this year, this Holiday Stream?"

CooperO: "Well, all of them. They've all been great!"

► 41:12 Question No. 5 - Nikk: "What is the importance of karma when applying for a Helper position?"

Nives: "Good question! I can definitely tell you that karma is important, myself."
CooperO: "Well, yes, it is definitely important. It's not everything that counts, though."

► 43:17 Question No. 6 - Nikk: "What are the age requirements for a Helper?"

CooperO: "For Forum Moderators, there are no specific age requirements but we do want them to be mature enough for the role."
Nives: "What does 'mature' mean for you? For me, it means that you don't into chats spamming profanity, you do not curse, are not racist, all that stuff; just be reasonable. Make sure you that you behave well in the Chat if you want to be a Helper Candidate. If you do not do any of that stuff, we will welcome you, or at least, Coop will review your application."

► 44:53 Question No. 7 - Nives: "Can you tell me anything about Miahak?"

CooperO: "Well, I always call him 'Mak.' They used to call him 'Mia' but that's a girl's name, so I prefer to call him 'Mak.' He's my second-in-command, basically."
Nives: "How did he join your team, or did you join his team?"
CooperO: "Well, he was already a Forum Moderator quite some time before I joined. You'd probably have to ask him that, yourself." Nives: "It seems that my plan to promote and boost your Admins did not play out as intended!"

► 47:45 Question No. 8 - Nikk: "What plans do Tanki have for the future? What can we expect in 2018? Will the game stay for long?"

Nives: "Stay for long? Jeez! So morbid, people! There are a lot of plans, you have at least seen a few of them start. I will tell you that Mobile Version still continues to be the highest priority and is quite close to finishing. It is being tested right now on Android devices and it's going to be the main focus before Matchmaking, which is still in the works as we're handling Mobile Version. The question I get a lot in PM's is, 'what about HTML5?' Well, HTML5 is live, right now, but if you are lucky enough to get HTML5, you will see that it is not quite perfect. If I was a certain Community Manager, I will always Control+F5 when I get into the HTML5 version. Our top three priorities for 2018 are: Mobile Version, then Matchmaking and HTML5 is last. Rugby Mode should be coming in January. It will be the first mode to be released, maybe there will be some more, maybe even some tournaments. I can tell you on the community side, we expect new tournaments, new events, as Fabian already said. The new tournaments could be launched in January. We did a lot in November/December to set up Parkour Clubs Support. Today we don't have any Parkourists because Swift (SwiftSmoky) decided not to show up today, for some reason. Maybe because they didn't invite him but we will have a lot of Parkour stuff."

Interview with Maf - Wiki Administrator

► 56:27 Question No. 1 - Nives: "How has 2017 been for the Wiki?"

Maf: "I'll start with the fact that I have only been a Wiki Administrator for about four to five months; since the end of August. The Wiki is not all that all that familiar for me, quite yet. I'll just say, my heart lies on the Forum! I've been a Forum Moderator since the end of 2014, so it's coming up to my third anniversary."
Nives: "Nice, nice, congratulations!"

► 57:17 Question No. 2 - Nives: "I have heard that you write somewhat lengthy posts on the Forum. Is that true?"

Maf: "Oh yeah, well, that's true. There's around nearly 14,000 of them! I have massive walls of texts, everyone is free to read them. Shameless self-advertising."
Nives: "Can you share with us, how do you get so much inspiration?"
Maf: "I can just write and talk about the things I like; I can just go on and on."

► 58:55 Question No. 3 - Nives: "Tell me, are you the only person who works on the Wiki, or do you have others to back you up?"

Maf: "I have an amazing team! It's fairly small but it's nice and cozy! I would say it's a team of professionals, they are people I can trust. Marc and Hexed are my main colleagues."
Nives: "Marc is also the person who handles the Tanki Thinking Challenge. That's my input for the evening. Sorry for interrupting you, please proceed."
Maf: "Marc and Hexed are also both Reporters, so they're managing those two jobs. We also have a lot of help from the Russian Wiki Admin, Impulse. I don't think anyone knows the Wiki better than him, to be honest, any Wiki, that is. We also have tobycare [ControlledChaos]. There's also, Goges.Enze, our Designer."
Nives: "Yeah, Goges is a very upstanding guy, who I personally recommend, myself."

► 1:02:37 Question No. 4 - Nives: "Speaking of the Forum, why do some people think that we should upgrade to the new Forum engine?"

Maf: "Good question. I've discussed that with a lot of people, my colleagues, players, et cetera. The old Forum is very nostalgic, it's very familiar, we're used to it. For the most enthusiastic Forum users, it is endearing to us. The new engine has a lot of advantages. I'm working on this forum and I realize that things such as Private Messages, moving topics, all those minor kinds of features do exist on the new Forum and it would be nice to have them. It would be a good idea to transfer our Forum to the newer engine, just as long as we don't lose everything like the Russian Forum did. I'm not sure I can survive losing all my thousands of posts!"
Nives: "See, that's the thing with migrating to a new Forum engine; I don't think we can survive what happened to the Russian Forum."

► 1:05:34 Question No. 5 - Nives: "If I was just a player and wanted to add stuff or edit the Wiki, where would I go, what do I do?"

Maf: "Aha, now that's a very good question! We, just recently, just last week, added a new feature to the Wiki, where you can "Report" any faults in a Wiki page. You just go to the top-right corner and there is an orange "Report" button and you click it, fill in the Form and send it through [more information here]. Within the next few days, or whenever we can, one of the Wiki Editors will check the Report and make any necessary changes or add it to our Tasks list. Alternatively, you can do it the old fashion way and use the Wiki Hub topic, which is in the "News and Announcements" section Forum and we will reply to you and decide whether it needs to be done."
Nives: "I am actually very impressed with the Wiki because if something comes up for my job, the first thing I open in my browser is a bookmark called 'the Wiki.'"

► 1:05:34 Question No. 6 - Nives: "What happens when you don't get any official stuff from the developers and people know something exists?

Maf: "First of all, we panic, then we break down and then we cry, that's mostly how it works! Some information is just not disclosed by developers. For example, everyone knows about the paint that Godmode_ON has, the mystery tanker who we do not know."

Interview with Lucifer - eSports Administrator

► 1:34:49 Question No. 1 | Nives: "Do you work alone or do you have a helper, like how Fabian has Torben, like Cooper has Miahak?"

Lucifer: "Yes, I have someone, I have SuperNick95, who was an ex-eSports Administrator. He is quite helpful for me, he aided me with settling into my new position."

► 1:35:15 Question No. 2 - Nives: "What can you tell me about what's happened to eSports in 2017 in general?"

Lucifer: "This was the best year that the English eSports Community has had in a long time. Before, we just had some occasional tournaments which were open to all the other communities. This year, we focused more on tournaments just for English communities. Before we could do this, we had to first settle up the Leagues, organise the Ranking Cups and after that, we filled up the first and second leagues. Unfortunately, we couldn't fill up the third league because there weren't enough participants."

► 1:36:25 Question No. 3 - Nives: "Do you have any plans in 2018 for Community Tournaments or anything new?"

Lucifer: "In joostcool's era, we promised one thing - a tournament only for the English community. This era is the best we've had in eSports in years because we used to just have one tournament open for every single community. Meanwhile, the English/International community just wanted a tournament only for themselves. A long time ago, when Semyon Kirov was still CM, we had the Lucky 7 tournament and people wanted it to come back but I don't know if that's something we possibly can do but we are trying to do something different. Basically, we promised that we will give an English-community-only tournament. This will include the Top and Second League. The process and organisation are still under development but we are working on it. in 2018, we will hopefully have a paint only for English Community clans."
Nives: "Nice! I hope you have someone helping you to do that."

► 1:39:20 Question No. 4 - Nives: "Joost personally recommended you for Admin. What can you tell me about your former superior?"

Lucifer: "I am very grateful to him, I have been next to him since I was a Candidate; I have worked closely with him the whole time. He is a really good person, a cheerful person, and you just like to talk with him. He's also, as I said before, he brought the English eSports Community to a whole new level. Before, we hadn't even taken our baby steps but now we are progressing by leaps and bounds! Thanks to him, we built up the basis of the English eSports Community."

► 1:40:26 Question No. 5 - Nives: "What did you think about Clan Championship X? Did you predict who would win this year?"

Lucifer: "Not really, because it wasn't easy to tell. People had seen Vavilon, who, if I'm not mistaken, had won a game against Synergy in the semi-finals but Synergy could have come back because they finally beat Vavilon in the Final. Even though I wasn't sure, I expected either one of them to win. Let's say that Synergy has a good eSports background and experience. They've been the winners of MoS, if I'm not mistaken and it's the second time they've won Champion. Congratulations to them!"
Nives: "Did you know that the English eSports fans from the community voted Synergy as the number one eSports Clan for the year?" Lucifer: "Well, I am not surprised because Vavilon wasn't an option on the list."
Nives: "There was a lot of drama on the Forum about certain Clans not being on the list."
Lucifer: "Well, let's just say that Clans need to have a clean karma, otherwise they cannot be chosen as the best Clan. They need to be clean, their members need to be respectful and so on but let's not get into the details."

► 1:44:03 Question No. 6 - Nikk: "By the way, can we get on the topic of ESL?"

Lucifer: "First of all, before going to ESL and going back to Starladder, we need to form a good eSports community. We cannot go to them and just ask to sign a contract with them if we don't have a proper Clan System/Clan Leagues. We can't give them a mess; they won't just accept a mess; they will only accept something that is ready, then they will improve it."
Nives: "Basically, the idea is that we approach a big eSports company, like Starladder. We did some research into eSports companies but we must first present them with a strong, active eSports Community. Same goes, not only for eSports but everything. If you want to get cool events, everyone must join and play in the events."

► 1:46:25 Question No. 7 - Nikk: "What do you want the community to do, in order to improve eSports?"

Lucifer: "First of all, they need to stop arguing with each other and instead start acting like a united front. Most of the time they are just flaming, arguing and we just do not need that. Recently, I made a Discord server which was made for reuniting the eSports players together. Unfortunately, we got some non-eSports players into the server, too. Hopefully, one day, we will get people in love with eSports."

Tanki Awards 2017 Winners

eSports Clan of the Year
  1. Synergy
  2. International
  3. Knights

Parkour Club of the Year
  1. Fight & Flight
  2. The Flying Parkourists
  3. Never Give Up

Artist of the Year
  1. Ghost_Animators
  2. Shadow
  3. Adnan_Hussain

Writer of the Year
  1. Stratosphere
  2. g-force

Video Maker of the Year
  1. Ghost_Animators
  2. shibe123
  3. Graphics

Player of the Year
  1. Ghost_Animators
  2. Wealthy
  3. It_Is_TiMe_To_Win

Best Helpers of The Year 2017

The following Helpers have been selected as the Best of 2017 due to their exceptional contribution towards the EN community:

  • Maf
  • Ninja
  • Hate
  • DarkOperative
  • Momma_Bear
  • rommeltanki
  • Hny93
  • joostcool
  • Winner_Of_Turkey
  • Sia
  • Nikk
  • Kurt
  • Lucifer
  • CooperO
  • skeletorXVIII
  • M4jH0L-AFG

Congratulations to everyone who won!

Development and Community Plans - 2018

According to the livestream, the development team has confirmed the following updates/changes to be made this year:

  • Rugby Mode
  • Mobile Version of Tanki
  • Matchmaking System
  • HTML 5

On the other hand, the following updates/changes are planned for the community:

  • An exclusive paint, available only to the English Community.
  • Signing a contract with an eSports company, potentially ESL.
  • Release of Community Contests, two of which are already in development.

This review was compiled and written by ex-Reporter/Wiki Editor Marc.

May 4, 2018

Being the first stream of its kind - the Friday Raw weekly streams, hosted by Sergei Balabanov, a.k.a Nives, this livestream was all about questions and answers, playing with a lot of different players, dropping promotional codes, spawning Gold Boxes and giving away some pretty intriguing news!


General Questions

► 5:50 Question No. 1 - When will the mobile version of the game be released?

Nives points out that the release date is currently being kept secret, but as promised, selected people will be able to participate in the first-ever testing of the mobile version. This will happen in the second half of May, as announced in this topic. So make sure you sign up for the test and have a chance to be among the first testers of the game!

► 6:23 Question No. 2 - When will the prizes be handed out to YouTubers under new YouTubers TO program?

"Tonight, first let me finish this stream and then I will send the prizes. Don't worry, if your name is in the list on the forum, everything is alright."

► 11:43 Question No. 3 - Will the old Tanki of 2014 ever come back?

"Sure, sure... We can all dream but in reality, you can't go back in time. I understand, and trust me, Tanki is not the only game that goes roulette, but even if we bring back that version of the game, it wouldn't survive right now. You look at Fortnite and other mobile, PC and console projects, free to play is very different. You simply can't go back, well you can, but you'll remain as a business for exactly two days!"

► 12:30 Questions No. 4 - When YouTubers will get the Spectator mode?

"YouTubers who are eligible for receiving Spectator accounts will get them at the beginning of the next week. First, promotional codes for the tier prizes need to be sent out. Also, do not forget that these Spectator permissions will not be on your main accounts, it will be separate accounts whom we will share the nicknames and passwords of."

► 13:30 Question No. 5 - When will the XT Skins update be released?

"Before the stream, I had an opportunity to ask the man himself, Hazel Rah about certain things, so basically, the answer is, they are being finished right now and the whole new skin system is being prepared for release, but no new skins will be added to the game." So, if I understood this correctly, there will be the new skin system with only the current set of skins (that is, Thunder, Firebird, Railgun, Vulcan for turrets and Wasp, Hornet, Viking, Mammoth for hulls).

► 15:30 Question No. 6 -

Nives: So guys, when did you start playing Tanki Online? When did you become what each of you are and when did you become official CMs?
Michał Zabraniak / DEMONEKxD: So I started playing like, ahh, oh my God, it was like, let's say six years ago. I was actually applying for Chat Moderator in English community because there wasn't a Polish community at that time and I got rejected, unfortunately!
Nives: Well, haha, did I hear about this sometime before? Something must've happened, because right now you are a Community Manager for the Polish region, you didn't leave the game. What happened?
Michał: Well, it was probably because of my age, it was understandable. I was fourteen at that time if I am not mistaken. Then, I was added to a special group of translators to translate the Polish insults so they could get banned, haha. It was a really long time for me to get into the chat moderation stuff, but it was worth it actually. Our Chat Moderators in the English community are the best guys, you know?
Nives: Sure, if you say so... My PMs beg to differ, haha! I trust you guys, so Kamil, what about you?
Kamil Sękalski / yetj: I started playing Tanki about three years ago, about one month before I became the Community Manager.
Nives: So you don't care about the game, right? You're only here for the money!
Kamil: No...
Nives: C'mon, c'mon, spill the beans! Hahahaha!
Kamil: Now after me, you describe how long have you been playing Tanki?
Nives: Since inception, haha! How can you prove otherwise?
Kamil: There is none, but you also don't have proof, all right!
Nives: Of course I have! Gimme a couple of minutes with Photoshop and I will have all the proofs!
Kamil: So yeah, I played Tanki a lot but I don't remember when I got my icons and avatars. I played very often in the beginning because I had time for it, but when Polish version started, there was a lot of work and things to do - translations, rules, forum etc. Writing, translating, updating etc. and yeah... Now, not very often but from time to time I still play. I translate the updates and then try them out in the game so I know what to answer if I get questions from the players, for example on the Help Desk and sometimes on the chat. If you need to be a Community Manager, you need to know the game.
Nives: I hope so!
Kamil: Isn't that why you are playing the game right now?
Nives: I mean, I believe in general. People will give you crap about not being a veteran player of the project, but if you're a Community Manager and you join a project, it's your duty and your actual work to know the game and to play the game before, because you can't possibly understand people and what they think about balance, about the moderators, updates and all that stuff unless you actually play the game and feel it yourself. So... I agree with you. Tanki wasn't my first love, so whenever I started working on a game, I'd take several months before obsessively playing the game and as cheaply as possible, because you can't expect to understand the game as a paid player from the beginning.

► 20:53 Question No. 7 - Is there an official Tanki Online Discord channel?

"It is planned, but I don't want to give a specific date. June or July, you will have it, whatever it will cost me you will have it! It's in the works."

► 23:39 Question No. 8 - When will the new Overdrives be released?

The new Overdrives for hulls have been delayed until summer, but not delayed just because of any random reason. They have been postponed due to something else that will affect gameplay, the entire details of which have not been shared yet.

► 55:58 Question No. 9 - Have the Spectators for April been chosen yet?

No, but Sergei is sorting through the applications and giving them a final look. Afterwards, it will be announced. "I am a bit swamped with the YouTubers TO initiative, or maybe it's just because we're Russian and lazy. Don't worry!" said Sergei.

► 01:01:44 Question No. 10 - How can I help with the translation of the game into my language?

"For now, there are no specific positions for new languages, but if, in the future you would like to, we will begin to look for people. First of all, we will choose these people from the VLOG translation crew, so try and join it, prove yourself that you're a responsible and reliable person, and maybe one day, you will get to help with the translation."

► 01:09:26 Question No. 11 - Are there any new parkour tournaments being planned?

Yes, but both of them are being worked on right now. One will be done by the Events team, while the other one will be done by one of the official clubs.

Interview with Kamil Sękalski - Polish CM

Being the driving force behind the launch of the partnership between Tanki Online and Electronic eSports League (ESL), Kamil Sękalski, also known as yetj is definitely the first person to come to your mind when talking about how it all started and how everything came to be. Read on below to know the full story of how it all happened below!

Nives: So, Kamil, tell me, how are you related to ESL? Tell us all about it, how it came to be and what happened. So, ESL, what's up?

Kamil: Regarding ESL, maybe I should just start from the beginning. When I started working in ESL as a volunteer about five years ago, I just started working, volunteering in many online and offline events. I mostly worked as a referee, helping in organizing everything and to make everything good and etc. Then, when I came about Tanki, I asked questions about why it wasn't with ESL. So, as you might remember, sometime ago, I made a topic on the ESL Forum and started asking for votes on both the EN and PL Tanki forums so we could get this thing started. Now, as you can already see, it's live and the first tournament has already finished!

Nives: Tell us about that... Tell us about that first tournament, how did it go?

Kamil: Yeah... Actually it was quite funny because despite our preparations for everything, which we had done beforehand, there were still some issues and problems. Some information was not clear and we got a lot of questions in the Discord regarding the tournament, how to prepare for it and so on. So we spent a lot of hours - let's say - in the Discord explaining all the players how to do it, how to do it, how to do it. It was a very exhausting time, even on the tournament day I was explaining players how to do it.

Nives: Okay, let me stop you there for a second. Imagine if I'm still dumb enough and I don't understand, so I'm asking you again on how to do it, because on May 6th you have to do it again, I believe? You have an opportunity to tell people how to do it!

Kamil: Actually you can't because you have a low rank, sorry! Hahahahaha...

Nives: Well, that's a way to rub it in... If I had the rank, then how would I do it?

Kamil: First of all, you have to register yourself on the ESL website - which is not a difficult process so everyone should be able to do it easily. The next thing is to gather a team, which you can also do before registration. However, you must have at least five people in your team in order to participate in a tournament. Then, you have to create a team in ESL, which you can do by going to the respective page.

Interview with Hazel Rah - Lead Game Designer, TO

Semyon Strizhak, the lead game designer for this project, joined the livestream at the twenty fourth minute with a "Oh, okay. Right, right..." which stumbled Nives and made him think that it was actually Michał speaking in an excited manner. It was not until five seconds later when Hazel spoke again that Nives realized that it was actually him! In the stream, Hazel answered a lot of questions and answers, revealing all sorts of secrets and plans of the future. Go ahead and take a look at them right below!

Q: When is the next War planned?

Hazel: IT'S WAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Actually, I am one of those people who are involved with the production of the War but I'm afraid I can't say that for now.
Nives: Okay, this year? If so, first half or second half?
Hazel: Yes, of course. We are currently discussing some changes to make it more fun.
Nives: Okay, you didn't answer my question!
Hazel: Let's just say it might be right in the middle, maybe even summer.
Nives: Summer confirmed!

Q: When will we get new hulls and turrets?

Nives: So, do you have a plan for Magnum number two - the sequel?
Hazel: I got all the Magnums you want!
Nives: Actually, do you have zero? Because that's all the Magnums people - well, I want.
Hazel: Fun fact: That thing, Juggernaut is supposed to have double Magnum barrels, not Railgun.
That could be so awesome but we just couldn't figure it how to make players control all of that stuff. So yeah, no double Magnum for this time...
Nives: Well, people using Magnum have no skill so it's smart for you to cancel it.
Hazel: Because Juggernaut is all about the skill, yeah right!
Nives: Exactly...
Hazel: Down to the question, what new turrets and hulls...? You know, I love these type of questions. For five years, this question is the first one I'd love to answer. First of all, let's talk about the hulls. But before that, we need to release Overdrives since they're going to define a hull on what it does. So after that, we will discuss on what hulls to add in the game. I mean, there is no reason to add new hulls right now because they're too similar! All you've got is two hulls basically - the Dictator who catches the Golds and the rest of the useless stuff. I'm sure you guys can relate to that. But we are actually thinking about new mechanics we can use to make them way more different than the others. First of which is a hull that can walk, it will have legs. It will be impossible to push that tank away, because first, it will be awkward to push a tank with legs and secondly, I think it will be interesting on how it can't be pushed away by other people. However, it will have some restrictions on how it moves. I mean, it will not be able to move left and right, instead, it will strafe to the left and right if you press the respective buttons. We're not sure it this would work, but we would like to try. The other one - yes, we are thinking about two hulls - should obviously be a hover tank, you know, because, of course...
Nives: Yeah, why not? Looks cool, sounds cool, drives everywhere...
Hazel: You haven't seen it alright, you haven't seen it.
Nives: Okay, I will try to shut up. Please tell us about the hover tank!
Hazel: Well, it also should strafe and it hovers, you know. So if you go over a bridge or some elevated space, you will gradually come down instead of falling. We were thinking about letting it go over other tanks but that would ridiculously overpowered in terms of catching Golds, so we're not sure yet. It seems like it will only be a few centimeters above the ground.

Q: Any plans of making Tanki Online in French, or any other country?

Nives: If he's talking about support for multiple languages, then the answer is yes. We do have plans for supporting multiple languages in the future. Small teams of actual players are working on translation of the game, but we have no specific date on when this will be implemented. Some of these languages are, although not confirmed, Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Lithuanian and something else I forgot. It's not entirely confirmed as of now, because we're working on this as a community team, not as a developer team.
Hazel: No, no, no! You don't say it's planned, you say it's confirmed, just like what you said to me!
Nives: Hahaha, okay, everything is confirmed. New hull? Confirmed. Double pay for Community Managers? Confirmed!

Q: Can we expect a voice chat to be added in the game?

Nives: Oh come on guys, you have Discord, it's free and you can get it in a second!
Kamil: It's a bad idea.
Hazel: Actually guys, you know, HTML 5 does support voice communication, and we can try that. But it wont be for everybody, because that would be totally... I- I can't even come up with the word on how bad it would be. However, it could be for matchmaking parties or groups where you play with your friends. That would actually be great, so if it is possible, we will do it.

Q: When is HTML 5 coming out?

Hazel: It's actually postponed until we are done with the mobile version. Right now, no browsers have ended support for Flash, so once they do that we will shift to HTML 5 for good.

Q: What is the reason behind making the Matchmaking System?

Hazel: I guess the main difference should be that Matchmaking actually takes a bit of time to make sure that the game you end up in is not, you know, one-sided - all supplies against no supplies funfest. You can relate to this everybody, and its not fun to get inside a battle and having, like, no people that can actually use supplies on your side and all those guys on the other side that are doing so, and you will be like "Come on, why I'm wasting of my time in this kind of games." This is the main problem we're trying to fix with the Matchmaking System, because the current system allows anyone to go anywhere. Since there are two types of people, one who don't care where they end up and those who have had enough of this and they want to get in a battle where they have the upper hand; which messes it up because then these players make the teams unbalanced and so, people leave, lobbing the battles in unfair conditions and then, no one joins back. In a nutshell, the new system is a way to make sure the game's are always balanced.
Nives: Well, since we are on the same topic, tell me about the changes made to the battle timers and goal caps? Are the changes final?
Hazel: Let's just say that the score limit, like the flags and points, I'm sure we can tweak it in the future. But for the timer, it's final. This is because of the mobile version, you can't just sit in one place and play something for fifteen minutes straight, so that's why we reduced the time to ten minutes. Right now, players just sit in the lobby and wait for a good battle to come up. That is okay, I'm not going to change that, at least not for Pro Battles. However, with ten minute games, you then end up with six minutes of the battle left, maybe even less - and this is not optimal. This is in accordance with the Matchmaking System, which will make sure you start at ten minutes every time. You would still be able to join battles in the middle but most likely you will end up in a new battle. So, the short answer is, ten minutes is because of the preparation for the Matchmaking System, which is actually going to be released this month!
Nives: Woah, woah! So yes, we have the first confirmed update/leak of the whole stream!
Hazel: Well, we are trying to make it before Tanki's Birthday, because the things that's going to happen then is much more important you know...
Nives: Woah, woah, woah, hold up, hold up! Tanki Birthday? Special event, you say?

Q: Will there be any tournaments for low-ranked players? If not now, then when?

Nives: Well, as for the English community, you know that ESL is on going and we have just finished the International Championship. So for the sake for our poor Lucifer, give the poor guy a break! Let him rest for a while. Otherwise, it's a good idea, I mean, why not? I could finally wreck some people! You, me, one on one.

Q: Will there be any new alterations to Railgun, or just any other turret?

Nives: Wait a minute.... Is that I.Follow? Is that I.Follow? Who is asking that question?
Hazel: Why? Is it because of the Railgun question?
Nives: Hahaha, stability is good, you know.
Kamil: Why not just remove the turret from the game?
Hazel: Perfect! That would be nice way to start some fights in the game, some fires you know...
Nives: Or, or, there's an alternative. Maybe we can remove Magnum from the game? See, see, just keep this in mind, ju- just at the back of your head.
Kamil: It doesn't work.
Nives: It doesn't work, that's the whole point, it doesn't work.
Hazel: Yeah... It works so good, it doesn't work! Well, back to the questions, we have stopped making alterations right now. But we will come back to it at some time, because you know, Striker has no alterations, Magnum has no alterations-
Nives: That's good! I'm sorry, I have this strange condition. Every time I hear the word "Magnum", my heart is like... *sets back and coughs* Okay, okay, I'm sorry for interrupting, please continue.

Q: What will happen to micro-upgrades once XT Skins are released?

Hazel: Do no worry, you will not lose any of your levels. XTs and normal items will be merged and they will become a skin option. The level you will get is the merge level, so you will get the level which is the highest. Information on how it will work is going to released at a later date, maybe around Tanki's Birthday or sometime later.

Q: What about iOS? Will the game be released on Apple devices too?

Hazel: Yes, the game will launch on iOS as well, but only after we are done with the Android version. Firstly, we will make sure the game is running smoothly and then we will release it on the other platform.
Nives: Well, feel free to correct me, but working with Apple and releasing betas on iOS is much harder than on Android, so let's do the easy thing first.
Hazel: Well, there are some internal reasons why we chose to go with Android first.
Nives: Or that, or that!

Q: Will there be a new map?

Hazel: Eh, the voice of Hazel-Rah is going to sound really, really upset about that topic. Being the editor of all new maps, creating them is still painful, you know...
Nives: Oh, Jesus!
Hazel: There will be a new map, we're working on it right, but progress is slow, you know.
Nives: Well, let's talk a bit more about this topic. Is there a possibility that we will accept maps designed by players of the game. Are we, as a company, open to the idea that adding maps from players to the game?
Hazel: I, as a person, am open for this idea because this is how I became a game designer as well. So I am actually all up for that stuff. Right now we have all of the prop libraries, so you can't expect some new props for a while right now. So, I am sure we can do that, but I'm not sure when. I mean, it will be interesting!

Q: Can you update the texture of the supply boxes and make them more futuristic? Right now, it looks like they're made of wood!

Nives: Well, maybe we can-
Hazel: Why do we change that? It's Russian wood!
Nives: Maybe we can do some sort of an sci-fi event with futuristic textures, which just celebrates sci-fi in general, that would be cool, who knows?

Q: Can you up the Gold Box drop rate seeing as the battles got shorter?

Nives: Well, if we increase the drop rates, then you wouldn't have them in holidays.
Hazel: I mean, I can talk about this matter. Right now, as you can see, we want Gold Boxes to drop in every other battle, not every battle because that would be... Also, Gold Boxes are dropping very frequently in higher ranks and rarely in low ranks, and this is not good. We will change it so the rate is same for every rank, but before this, we will finish the Matchmaking System. There's always the Golds you can drop from your stash!
Nives: So what you're saying is Tanki is a game of drugs and you should buy more drugs! I hear you, I hear you.
Hazel: Oh, Jesus, what are you doing!?
Nives: Hahaha.
Hazel: I'd like to return to the topic of fine Russian wood, please!

Q: In Tanki X, everybody has Spectator mode by default. But in Tanki Online, we do not. Why is this?

Hazel: That is because they didn't bother to make it any special, you know... And also because they already made their Matchmaking System - almost from the beginning. I mean, I don't know, we will think about it. I know spectating is fun because that is the thing I do all the time. It is much easier to watch over tanks from above, and it looks like little tanks playing in a sandbox, it's fun; and you think you are playing a real-time strategy game. I'm not sure we will allow it to everybody, maybe to Premium users, I'm sure we will discuss this from time to time. But we will make a system that can't be abused. We have to think about this first and then we will think about giving it to everybody.

Q: How will the payment system work in mobile version of the game?

Hazel: You will go into the Shop and buy stuff from your Google Play account, or stuff like that. It wont be something special, it will be easy.
Nives: An advantage of working with established platforms like Steam in the past, and now Google and Apple is that they already have their built-in function. We are not handling the payments, it's handled by the system.

Q: Can you decrease spawn times because of the Gold Boxes?

Hazel: No, the system is meant to be that way. That is to make sure that there will be less players under the Gold. So yeah, the answer is no.

Q: Why is the game becoming pay to win?

Hazel: You know, last year we cut the difference between M4s and M0s. It was three times, now it's two times, so if anyone comes up and says that the game is pay to win, I be like "Whut." We also keep all the pay to win mechanics in check, because all players like to buy some sort of efficiency so if you exploit this, the game will destroy itself. So if now you're saying that the game is pay to win, like WHHHHYYY? Can you explain?
Nives: So, I understand this. I understand that a person who buys supplies will play better and kill more people than the person who doesn't, that's a fact - that's the gameplay system. But as a person who doesn't buy, I can just do that too by completing mission chains and making sure all of my missions are being completed, like see, this is how many supplies I have.
Hazel: Also, if there is ever a probability that we make a new Tanki Online and then decide whether to add supplies in it or not, I'm not sure about that. They're part of a problem, along with micro-upgrades which take too long to do and only give a small advantage. So yeah, we will think about this as well. Supplies, eh, I don't. I think the current system with mission chains is working just fine, you know.

Leaks and Development Plans

Sum of all the news, updates, leaks and plans shared in the stream is as follows:

  • Matchmaking System
  • HTML 5
  • Mobile Version
  • iOS and Android Version
  • Spectators
  • YouTubers TO
  • Tanki Online War 2.0
  • New Hulls and Turrets
  • Supply Boxes and Drop Rates
  • Tanki's 9th Birthday
  • Voice Chat in Battles
  • Language Support
  • XT Skins
  • Low Rank Tournaments
  • Official Discord Channel
  • New Maps
  • Overdrives
  • Spectator Mode
  • Pay to Win Mechanics
  • Spawn Rates
  • Payment System

Nives' Container Opening

About an hour and seven minutes into the stream, Nives opened up seven of his remaining containers and got some pretty good items:

  • Rhino Paint

"Guys I got Rhino paint, Rhino paint, what's up? It looks like chocolate."

  • 3x Days of Premium

"Oh sweet, three days of Premium! I should've done this before the stream!"

  • 3500x Crystals


  • 10000x Crystals

"'OLY SMOKES! Ten-k crystals! Not bad, not bad... I'm saying it mostly because I'm a free player, you know."

  • 125x Double Damages

"Double Damage."

  • 10000x Crystals

"Woh-oh-oh! Another ten-k, sweets!"

  • 125x Speed Boosts

"Thank you Semyon, 125x Speed Boosts, thank you so much." "That is awesome! You know, fun stuff actually - the chance of getting Speed Boosts and Mines is actually lower than Double Damages and Armors, but people are still upset about this stuff. They actually accuse me of it being the opposite, and I be like 'C'mon man, I'm not that evil!' Haha."

This review was compiled and written by Reporter/Wiki Editor Hexed.

July 2, 2019

The community manager of our locale, Cedric Debono, hosted a live broadcast along with his Russian counterpart Maksim and lead developer of Tanki Online, Hazel Rah. Dubbed "The Grand Livestream", this stream was quite long and consequently, had some major information in it. It answered more than two hundred of the hottest questions gathered from the community and went on for about three hours.


With such a lengthy livestream, we've decided to break it down in multiple sections rather than one big segment dedicated to general questions.

General Questions

Q: Why is the number of online players still dropping?

There's no denying the fact that Tanki Online is getting less popular. It's rare for any video game to stay relevant for over 10 years (*cough* Minecraft *cough*), especially if the game was originally intended to be a software demo for a then-new Flash-based graphics engine that AlternativaPlatform developed. It's incredible that such a basic game managed to accumulate such a massive following, and the player retention has actually surpassed most original predictions that devs made. At the moment the numbers are reducing "at an expected rate", but devs are doing their best to release updates that help keep current players in the game.

However, the numbers are declining not because more people are leaving - that number has been more or less constant throughout the years - but because less new players are coming in to replace those, who leave. And the reason less new players are coming in is because of a certain change that was made in 2015 - the game stopped being advertised. Back then the Unity version of TO (now known as Tanki X) was seen as a modernised replacement for the outdated game, which didn't end up being the case for reasons you probably remember. But even though Tanki Online is still Alternativa's "flagship" project, they still don't advertise it, because the faulty progression system and unstable game engine made the game unattractive to new players. Because of how broken Flash is, most players couldn't even register for the first time. As you can imagine, if you're trying to check out a new game you just stumbled upon and you can't even open it, you won't stick around trying to solve the issue.

As a result, more money was being spent on marketing than the estimated return investment from new players spending money, therefore the ads were stopped. Developers are working on the HTML5 version of the game, which will hopefully be easier to get started with (less issues when logging in, better performance, etc.) and at that point advertisement can be considered again.

Q: Will Tanki Online close soon?

Hazel Rah has been hearing this question ever since he joined the developers' team 6 years ago. Yes, all online projects come to an end sooner or later. But Tanki Online is already way into the "later" stage, meaning that it exceeded all expectations for how long it will survive, yet there are still tens of thousands of active players. As you can see, developers are still actively working on major updates and have a lot of plans for the future, so at the moment the end is nowhere near.

Q: When will we get the GAME and another big WAR event?

The GAME is planned for August or September, and we didn't do it in June because there was already way too much other stuff to do for both - players participating in it and developers trying to organise it. As for the WAR, we plan to do it again and perhaps introduce some new mechanics too, so if the actual process of fighting over territories and devising strategy is something you enjoyed in the first two wars, then you'll enjoy the third one too.

However, if you liked the first two wars only because of the insane amount of containers you got, then you'll be greatly disappointed by the next one, because the rewards will be much, MUCH lower. This is because there's only so many free containers we can give you without breaking the game economy. Before, a big chunk of this "container quota" was given in the two wars, but now they are regularly given in Challenges and the themed "mini-wars", so the amount of containers from a proper WAR will have to be reduced.

Q: When will you start listening to players?

Developers do listen to players, but you have to be aware that collecting and considering player feedback is very different from actually doing exactly what players demand. The reason they can't just do what players ask is because if they did, the game would be a total mess. Moreover, everyone has different opinions, so it's impossible to please everyone regardless of what we do. You'll realise this yourself if you just go around and ask a few people what their version of "good old Tanki" is. 2015? 2012? 2009? Everyone has different opinions, and on top of that different people have different opinions about the same versions, since they were in a different position back then.

Another important factor is that developers have limited resources and a budget that constrains them. Even if everyone requests a cool feature that would genuinely improve the game and be great to have, a lot of the time it would be too expensive, too time consuming, or simply impossible to implement due to limitations of the game engine (especially when said engine is Flash). Let's also not forget that Tanki Online needs to remain profitable in order to support the company, so while 100% of players may be in favour of things that economically benefit them (more containers, cheaper kits, selling items, etc.), these things cannot be done to avoid negatively affecting the game. For this reason they really have to carefully select which changes they are able to implement, to have a balance between "quality of life" updates and features that help the economy.

Q: Can you change the rank system so that bad players stay at low ranks?

Unfortunately, the ranks and progression system in this game were poorly designed from the start, and it's way too late to change the system now. As you can see, a better system was implemented in Tanki X, but nothing can be done about it in Tanki Online, but there are other ways to solve the rank balance issues in battles.

Q: Will there ever be a way to play older versions of Tanki?

There won't be a way to just pick and choose which version you want to play on, but developers are actually considering adding a "Tanki Online Classic" kind of limited demo version of Tanki from 2010 that you'd be able to check out. This is similar to what Warcraft has done, to give you an idea of what to expect. If the Warcraft Classic concept proves to be popular in their community, Hazel says he will consider doing a similar thing for Tanki as well. But it does involve basically coding the whole game from scratch again, which requires massive amounts of time and resources, so for all intents and purposes assume it will never be done.

Q: Why are you making so many paints instead of actual useful features?

Paints and game updates are made by different teams. To make a paint, a designer just needs to draw a texture and give it to the programmer, who then adds it to the game within 5-10 minutes. On the other hand, to make a change in-game (like a new supply, or even a small improvement in the interface), a programmer needs to make the code, test it, fix any bugs, test it again and only then release it. All of the programmers are already busy with important updates like HTML5, so they can't just ask the designers to start working on code instead. And that's why simple things like paints are released while major updates are in development.

Q: Can you add crystal boxes to DM and Juggernaut?

Juggernaut - definitely not. As soon as currency starts dropping from the sky, people go and collect it while the Juggernaut lives forever. As for DM, it actually makes sense to add them there, but the problem is we can't just bring back a previous version. All that old code is no longer compatible, so the feature would have to be made from scratch again. It it really worth doing for a single game mode?

More importantly, don't think that if we add it you will suddenly be getting tons of extra crystals from DM. In order to balance the economy the battle funds would have to be reduced instead. So some of the crystals you now gain from fighting enemies would then go towards players, who run around collecting boxes all game.

Q: Why do many turrets have a damage range instead of specific damage? What’s the logic behind making my Magnum sometimes one-shot heavy hulls, but sometimes not one-shot medium hulls?

This is a complex theory related to the predictability of a duel. It is done to ensure that gameplay is a bit random and chaotic in order to have some more variety. Studies have shown that without it, people get bored quicker and the game ends up losing players at a greater rate. If you are really interested to know how it works, watch “Randomness in Game Design” on YouTube - it's an interesting 30-minute video about this exact concept.


As you probably heard of by now (and I'm sure you have, unless you've been living under a rock), developers are planning to convert Tanki Online from the outdated Flash engine to HTML5. This has been in the works for over a year now, and the reason why it's taking them so long is because they literally have to remake the whole game from scratch, which involves not only writing the code, but also testing it and making sure it's flawless.

There's also the additional pressure of having a previous version to compare to. People hate change, so if HTML5 is even a tiny bit worse, or the gameplay feels different, everyone will hate it regardless of how many bugs it will fix. Nonetheless, this enormous project is necessary due to Flash becoming harder and harder to use, which you can see happening right now with Google starting to cancel Flash support to discourage people from using it. HTML5 has additional benefits too, allowing a bunch of cool new features to potentially be added due to it being much more flexible and versatile than Flash. It will also be more optimised than Flash due to being designed similar to the Mobile version. So if TO Mobile already works decently on low end phones, then you can be sure that HTML5 will work even better on low-end PCs.

During the livestream, multiple players raised their concerns regarding certain bugs and issues in the game, to most of which developers' reply was "It will be fixed in HTML5". So here's a breakdown of the list of things they hope to add with this magical HTML5 upgrade:

  • Release of New Maps

Current maps are being tweaked, but work on developing whole new maps can only begin once HTML5 is released. Remember the map that was announced a while ago but never released? It caused a bunch of performance issues because of Flash, so the HTML5 upgrade might fix those and allow the map to be released.

  • "Main" Missions Tab

It will be functional once the new interface and HTML5 is released. These missions are mostly meant for new players who are getting to know the game, like a tutorial. It will also become an easier way to collect various rewards, like rank-up goodies and Premium Account time.

  • Voice Chat

It's unclear yet whether it will be done, but HTML5 definitely allows it to be implemented with relative ease. Any attempt to add voice chat in Flash would have been disastrous!

  • Preset System for Favourite Combos

Planned for HTML5 interface, and besides speeding up the equipment change process, it will improve other things too.

  • New Anti-Cheat

Current anti-cheat definitely needs updating, but there's no point doing it now. A brand new system with an improved architecture will be developed specifically for HTML5.

  • New Downloadable Client

The existing client could also use some updates, but once again there's no point doing it for Flash, so instead a whole new improved one will be made for HTML5. It might also open up new opportunities, like allowing you to login via Steam (although no plans for this yet).

  • New Hull Sounds

Sounds are already made and just waiting for HTML5, since the game engine deals with sound better.

  • Improved PRO Battle Sorting

Instead of the puny little game mode filter we have now, you'll be able to sort the battle list in a bunch of different ways, making the list convenient and easy to follow.

And a bunch more things hopefully getting fixed:

  • Blaze paint's gear score value being wrong
  • Critical errors
  • Mouse control glitches
  • Getting stuck on props (the issue is with physics, which will be redesigned)
  • No damage bug
  • Infinite loading bug
  • Incorrect points in CP

These were just the issues mentioned in the livestream — the update as a whole will fix a LOT more bugs and glitches, even many which you never knew existed.

Keep in mind that despite the game code being completely rewritten, devs are trying their best to keep the physics as close as possible to Flash, so you shouldn't feel any difference while playing.

Game Balance

Ensuring game balance is not an easy thing. It requires out-of-the-box thinking as well as great game sense and knowledge to know what exactly you need to change to make the game more balanced. In this regard, we have two examples. Firstly, Shaft is not able to move while aiming, and secondly, Viking's Overdrive hinders normal shooting just after it ends. Both of these are intentional features that are placed to keep balance in check.

Some people asked the developers to shed light on how game balance is kept in check. Here’s how it works: the turrets are divided into four main range groups – long, medium, short and close range. Each of those groups decides the overall DPS of the turrets, so the DPS of turrets in the same group is almost the same, but it differs greatly between the groups. It differs because turrets with greater range can deal with enemies in a larger area and therefore get lower DPS to give lower range turrets a chance to beat them. But within each group the DPS also differs because each turret has its own specific abilities making it more effective under certain conditions. For example, if a turret has splash damage (like Thunder), its DPS will be greater than a turret like Smoky on maps where tanks often stay in groups and there are lots of obstacles. But if there aren’t many opportunities to use splash damage, the DPS will be lower. The effectiveness of each turret also depends on a bunch of factors, such as game mode, map, enemy player equipment and how well the player is able to use their turret’s abilities.

For example, it was thought that Gauss would be too powerful so its splash damage radius was initially quite low, but gameplay quickly showed that it’s not enough, so the radius was increased. Opposite was the case with Magnum – initially the developers made the splash radius massive because they thought there’s no way people will be able to aim accurately, but within a couple months a lot of people were landing shots right on target with incredible accuracy. There was an issue with Hammer too, which had to be nerfed because players were using it in a different way than expected. It’s practically impossible to accurately balance an item “once and for all” because of all the different factors affecting it, as well as a constantly changing environment of different people and other gameplay updates. This is why the developers continue to observe the balance situation and will make changes as necessary. Overall, Hazel’s opinion on balance is: “In general it’s fine, but I’d like to change a few things”.

Similarly, the developers were also asked to consider changing the Autocannon, Berserk and Sledgehammer alterations, to which they replied positively, specially in Thunder's case. Wasp's Overdrive is considered to be weak, and developers are considering changing it into a "throwable feature" just like the ball in Rugby. Players also complained about Titan's Overdrive. However, the developers insisted the use of Hunter's Overdrive to make the former one useless.

Mines are not that huge of a problem as they can be countered with Mammoth's Overdrive and mine protection, Spider. Last but not least, Vulcan's disadvantageous characteristics like the slow start-up and overheat are intended features put in to counter the absolutely insane DPS. If they weren't there, damage would automatically be reduced and the turret would become lame.

Matchmaking System

Moving on from the balance topic, the whole Matchmaking feature closely ties into it. After having been implemented for over a year, the MM system has been responsible for balancing our teams in standard battles. Players seem to have been used to it by now, since not many questions touched upon Matchmaking. Nonetheless, here's some interesting points:

Regarding removal of bad maps, developers agree that there are indeed a couple of "bad maps" in the Matchmaking pool right now that can use some improvements. They will definitely be checked and improved but "bad maps" as a whole wont be removed from the pool. This will only be done as a last resort if there are simply too many maps in the pool.

Another issue raised was that the Matchmaking System algorithm sometimes puts tier two players against tier fours. Although this large of a rank bracket is not intended, it can happen depending upon some factors, like number of online players and time of the day. If there aren't many players, the rank bracket progressively widens, allowing for more ranks to come in. Otherwise the battle will take ages to start. The system does try to balance the players by equipment to make sure that both teams have equal numbers of strong and weak players, but this is not always possible. Also, it’s not a great idea to always have even battles. If every single battle is an even fight where both teams have to concentrate hard to win, then players will get tired faster, which ultimately results in them spending less time playing, which in turn means the game generates less revenue. The aim is to increase the playtime, and studies have shown that having a mix of even battles, easy wins and big losses is better psychologically than having completely even battles all the time. However, you’ll have plenty of difficult even battles once Rating MM is released.

Developers denied the following two requests regarding Matchmaking:

  • Autofinish Timer — this is not necessary as the battles are already have very low score caps (thirty kills or five flags, etc.) meaning that an autofinish system wont exactly be that helpful.
  • Other Battles — for example an Island 3v3 battle. No, Matchmaking battles are tailored to work well with just the current settings. Reducing the number of players would raise a bunch of balance issues, including group size. For example, a group of three versus a group of two in a 8v8 battle is practically the same, but group of three versus a group of two plus one random puts the latter group at a serious disadvantage. It also means that each individual player will have a greater impact on the game’s outcome, meaning that one person playing badly in a team game will be a much more serious problem in a 3v3 than in an 8v8.

Mobile Version

Like Matchmaking, the Mobile Version wasn't discussed much despite being a fairly recent feature that's still facing frequent improvements. One of the biggest questions about it these days is when the iOS version will be released. Well, unfortunately, Tanki in iOS wont be happening this year. This is because the whole game needs to be written in another language suitable for iOS, which takes time. But in the meantime, things will improve in the Android version.

Before Tanki Online is released on iOS, battle chat and PRO Battles will most likely be released in the mobile version. Although the developers were hesitant on this one, they felt the need to do it after hundreds of requests. It may be weird to use a big chat on a small screen, but let's wait and see.

Correcting yourself from being side-flipped is a difficult procedure in the mobile version. In an upcoming update, this will be changed.

Three-finger controls is cool idea that wasn't able to be tested before. Developers are eager to experiment with various configurations and then release completely new or alternate control configurations in the future.

Normally, mobile games do not release keyboard support. However, developers consider Tanki Online as a special case and plan to release support for peripheral devices in the near feature, more specifically the keyboard.

People also requested that the red outline, that exists while aiming onto enemies in the mobile version, should also be added to the PC version. Developers declined, stating that it would make the game lose its dynamic feel and generally become too easy. The red outline is an intentional advantage given to mobile players in order to compensate other disadvantages.


Oh boy, the everlasting desire to bask in millions of crystals never leaves our brains. Such is human nature, which is why so many questions were in one way or another related to the economic situation in the game. The developers were quite brutally honest in their answers, which was fairly surprising given their understandable conservatism when it comes to being asked about the business aspect of Tanki Online. Let's break down what they said.

The first question was, of course, about the ability to sell items. Developers replied that they won’t add it and never planned to add it. Even if they do add something like that, the players won’t gain much. Let’s say you sell an M4 turret you don't want and buy an M3. Then you spend ages upgrading it again and then bam — it gets nerfed. You’ll be upset and as a result you only lost crystals. There's no benefit in it for players, while if there was — the game would quickly lose revenue. Speaking of M3, players often ask why M3 equipment (as well as other modifications) is unlocked at such early ranks. The answer was pretty simple — there are too many ranks and not enough modifications, but they need to sell more stuff.

Another complaint was regarding the reduction of rewards in the June challenge. Devs' reply was that he challenge mechanics are still being balanced to fit the economy. The fact that the June challenge was during Tanki’s birthday doesn’t affect the rewards, and they are being adjusted based on other data. While we're on the topic of challenges, it worth addressing a fairly common complaint about them: "they're too hard". yes, they are, because they are meant to be challenging. The requirements are intentionally made to benefit the more dedicated players, while casual gamers, who may only play a few battles every other day, should stick to completing daily missions and treat challenges as an opportunity to get a few additional small bonuses from the first few tiers. But if challenges were easy to complete, they wouldn't give brand new skins as reward. At this point it's worth nothing another complaint: why do stars depend on someone's place in the battle, rather than their actual effectiveness. The reason is simply to prevent too many stars from being earned in order to fit with the economic balance. There are no plans to change this system. Moving on, another relevant point is regarding the reduction of "normal" containers in daily missions and their subsequent replacement with weekly containers. The explanation was that these containers were moved into challenges, while the weekly containers are better, since they provide a more reliable and consistent flow of rewards.

Now, some of you may remember the events where one could log in to Facebook to receive a reward. Well, the reason that feature was removed is because it served its purpose. The aim was to encourage players to use a different way to enter the game. The result? People logged in to get their reward, then left to go play using the method they always used. Therefore the event was pointless and it didn't bring any benefit to developers.

Whew, with the complex stuff out of the way, let's end with some quick questions:

  • Why does the supplies kit not include batteries?

Because adding them would result in its price being increased.

  • Will there be another rebalance?

Not the kind where you get all your equipment sold back and crystals returned - that will never happen again. But there are a couple major gameplay updates planned!

  • Will supply prices be reduced for lower ranks?


  • Why is there just one kit available at my rank?

Because players are encouraged to buy from the Shop using real money.

  • Will you be able to buy containers with crystals?

No point — such containers would have terrible rewards in order to balance the economy, so no one would want to buy them.

  • Will there be compensation for challenge rewards already owned?

Not planned at the moment, but it may change.

  • When will Pay-to-Win be removed?

The answer? Never. Pay-to-win has been a core part of this game from the moment the first supply and modification upgrade was added by the original developers. Whether or not it was the right decision and whether Tanki would be more successful if revenue was generated by other means is unknown. But what is certain is that the only way to remove Pay-to-Win is to create a separate game without it.

Potential Features

A lot of the questions on the livestream were requests to make changes and add new stuff. Kasim and Hazel went through those, explaining what is possible, what is planned, and what is completely absurd and total bonkers. The next three sections of this article will summarise those three categories, starting with a list of potential future updates below and developers' explanation for them.

Now, it's important to note that in this list are just a bunch of things that the developers find to be interesting and hope to eventually add to the game. Some have a lot of potential, some are a bit far-fetched. But for most of these features there are no official plans to add them, while for some the devs don't even know if they're possible. Either way, it's fun to imagine what the game may be like in the future.

  • New Languages

There are no plans to add whole new communities (with their own forum, CM, helpers, etc.), but translating the game interface into more languages is definitely being considered, especially with the new interface getting released. And it's obviously much easier than creating new communities.

  • Better Graphics

Improvement in the game's graphics is always a good thing, but there are no plans for it yet. However, once the new interface is released, the current graphics will look like ancient relics and the need to improve will become quite apparent.

  • New Maps

Besides small experiments like Archipelago, there won't be any completely new maps anytime soon, but there's potential to start making them again once HTML5 is done.

  • New Map-making Tool

Hazel says that this was needed ever since the first tool was made. For years he's been asking for a new one, but despite all promises of it being made, nothing has actually happened yet.

  • Custom Player-made Maps

Along with a new map-making tool, developers would love to add a way for players to share UGC (User-Generated Content) among each other. This would involve making maps in-game, publishing them and being able to play maps others have made, which is a feature a lot of other games have. But there are no plans for this at the moment.

  • Team Kick

Obviously it won't be added to MM, but it's possible for PRO battles, once PRO battles are worth focusing on again. Hazel wants to turn PRO battles into a neat tool for making custom events, where players make their own rules and the map creator has full control over the battle, including ability to kick people.

  • Gift Shop

Tanki used to have a gift shop, but it wasn't profitable and had to be shut down. There are no plans to bring it back, but they do want to start selling merchandise again, such as official Tanki artwork printed on T-shirts.

  • New Content for Profiles and Ratings

Won't happen until (or rather, if) ratings and profiles are integrated into the game itself.

  • "Multiaccount" Feature

This would be a nice addition where you log in once using a single password and have access to all your accounts. It would require security to be improved, but it's definitely becoming worth considering.

Additionally, the suggestions below were mentioned, but no details were given. Most of them are less important things which would be nice to have eventually, or they are impossible to implement right now, but will be considered again once more important updates are released.

  • Improved dynamic lighting
  • Inviting players directly into your MM battle while playing
  • Space mode in MM
  • Animated shot effects
  • Clan wars
  • Accessibility features
  • Saved history of your previous battles
  • Clan currency
  • New turret that blocks damage
  • Drone skins

Planned Improvements

While the "potential features" are mostly just ambitious dreams which are unlikely to be implemented, a few requests mentioned in the stream actually received fairly certain affirmation from the devs. This is a list of all those things that Hazel Rah mentioned to be planned, although remember to take it with a grain of salt, since plans constantly change and there's no guarantee that the improvements mentioned here will actually happen anytime soon (or at all).

  • More Alterations

Hazel is pretty confident about this one and it makes sense, since the new Gauss turret is the only one without alterations at the moment. But it's not just Gauss that will be getting alterations - other turrets will get some too.

  • Conversion of Supplies

If you have too many mines and want to exchange them for Double Powers, then you may be able to do that in the somewhat near future!

  • Mults in Juggernaut

Some of you may be aware certain players learned to exploit Juggernaut mode to get an easy advantage using alternate accounts. This was particularly evident during the Tanki Fund event, where the winners managed to get upwards of 4000 crystals by abusing the game mode. The game mode will not be removed, but Hazel proposes to fix this and warns us that we will not like the solution. In fact, in another question he hinted that JGR will become a lot more similar to TDM.

  • Garage Navigation

One of the things that will be greatly improved once the new interface is released is garage navigation. No longer will you have to scroll through a line of 200 useless paints to get to the one you want - it will be made much more convenient!

  • Custom Themes in the New Interface

At first the new garage will only have a dark theme, but developers plan to eventually add custom themes which you'll be able to purchase and apply.

  • More People for In-game Clans

Hazel said that he won't directly add more capacity to clans, but it will be possible to invite more people as a result of another update.... somehow.

  • Unique Rewards in Challenges

Not much detail here, but Hazel said that they plan to add more unique rewards besides just the new paints and skins.

  • New Game Mode

All they said is it might come sooner than you expect.

  • Flag Notifications

Not so long ago we used to have notifications like "X has taken the flag" in the middle of the screen. While they don't plan to bring back that exact system, if you check one of the recent V-logs that mentions the new interface, then you'll see how it might look in the near future.

  • Improved Protection Modules

A lot of you probably find it annoying that in order to protect yourself from an "incendiary" Smoky you have to equip two modules (fire and smoky). Hazel said they plan to change this to make the modules more versatile. If this ends up being too complex to implement, at the very least they plan to add additional module slots in the near future.

  • Better System for Punishing Violators

No details for this, but devs know that the current system is problematic, so improvements are in the works.

Declined Requests

This final section of requests involved those that developers rejected. Most of these requests didn't get much of an explanation when they were brought up, but for the majority of them it was one of three reasons: too expensive to make, bad for economy, or pointless.

Let's just quickly run through the list of things which will not be done:

  • Juggernaut in PRO battles
  • Sale of items (explained in economy section)
  • Make Shaft's turret physically move up and down while aiming
  • Making new gifts for celebrations
  • Fines for leaving a battle early
  • Custom battle formats (like Wasp+Fire)
  • Map choice in Matchmaking
  • Balance M2 in XP/BP battles
  • Hull alterations
  • Removing equipment change cooldown in Parkour
  • Raising the top kill zone in Parkour
  • Dynamic weather
  • New types of containers
  • Animated skins
  • New drones
  • Alterations changing how the turret looks
  • Rare missions with big rewards (these got replaced by challenges)
  • Changing supply mechanics

However, some of the rejected suggestions did get a somewhat detailed explanation.

  • Birthday Gifts*

It would basically be just extra reward you get once a year. Most people would only abuse it to get a bonus when they register a new account.

  • "Sonic" Hull

This hull, designed by one of the Creative League artists is just an unofficial project, therefore it cannot be used in the game due to copyright. There are plans to add other new hulls though.

  • Campaign Mode

Would be cool to have, but requires a whole separate project to be developed from scratch and doesn't really fit the game. It would make more sense to just produce a whole new game that has its own campaign.

  • Detailed GS

There’s no point. The vast majority of players don’t bother with the numbers at all, let alone checking each individual number of micro-upgrades for enemy players.

  • Meteorite Golds

If meteorite golds become a common thing, then no one will get excited for them during special events.

  • Double Damage Bug

Developers are aware that this is a thing, but there are no plans to fix it. If they did end up fixing it, it would cause frustrations in other ways.

  • Make it so that Premium helps complete battle score missions like it did before

The fact that the 50% EXP bonus from Premium helped speed up completion of "earn experience" missions was an unofficial, unintentional advantage. It will not be restored.

  • Automatic rewards for doing parkour

Parkour contests like MoP and similar aren't going anywhere and you can still earn rewards there. But there won't be rewards simply for climbing a building in a normal parkour battle, as that would be too easy to abuse.

  • Instant Gold Drops"

Developers have no intention to get rid of such players. Besides, this was already attempted and the reviews were negative, so the current settings were found to be most optimal - not too much distraction, but still enough time to try to "hunt" the gold.

  • Community Creations Competition

This would be fun, but it causes a whole bunch of issues with copyright, so it's just too much hassle to deal with. Won't happen.

  • Modifications for XT Skins

Hornet and Railgun XT modifications might be added since they already exist, but drawing new XT skins for all remaining turrets just to then give them out for free would be a waste of resources.

New Features

Alright, that's enough bad news from all the declined features. Let's bring back a bit of positivity and check out some of the brand new features that we can all look forward to, as developers mentioned them to be planned for future development. Once again, don't forget that all potential future updates are uncertain and subject to change.

First of all, if you remember the Deathmatch Tournaments that existed in the game for a while and liked their concept, you have reason to be excited, because something similar will be coming out in the future. It will be playable with Matchamking, kind of like a ratings battle. Side note from the author's side: This is similar to competitive play in Rocket League or league matches in Tanki X.

Something else that will happen in RMM (Rating MatchMaking) battles is the release of statistics, like a win-loss ratio, so that you can track your progress up and down the leagues.

Another thing to potentially look forward to is test drives against bots — a cool feature that will allow you to practice using your new equipment against fake enemies. If players want to test something, they can create a PRO Battle and play against these bots. Although this one might be further into the future, as developers have other priorities right now.

Now one thing that's much closer on the horizon is the Ares hull. Unfortunately, it will not be coming about before HTML5, because it is built specifically for that game engine. But at this point the massive game engine update is just around the corner, and the release of Ares will mark a new era of specialised hulls, with tanks getting away from old, outdated tracks and fully immersing into Sci-Fi technology. The hull's Overdrive will be a "BFG", as stated by the developers, and apparently this Overdrive will also heal other players.


Last but not least, listed below are some of the things and features that are not as important as other topics in this article, or simply didn't fall into any other category. Let's take a look.

First of all, Master of Parkour 2019. It is highly unlikely that it will happen. It is being considered but could be rejected because it seems pointless. There are no new updates that will change any game mechanics, so it will be the same as the last one, with the exception of a new paint.

Speaking of paints, players asked the developers to release a set of "How To Train Your Dragon" paints, to which they replied that they are always trying to create content based on current and relevant movies and media, but they simply can't cover all of them.

Players are also eager to know why most of the previous Challenges only sported Viking, Hornet, Thunder and Railgun skins. The simple answer to this is because these turrets and hulls are the most popular in the current meta. However, developers do occasionally release other items, such as Ricochet and Shaft XT, and currently Gauss PR. Another thing that was on many player's minds was the director of Tanki Online. You can find the directors of the game on the AlternativaGames website. However, Hazel-Rah is the current in-charge of the game.

Another question was asked that stated to remove the "Finish number of battles" missions as it would further eliminate mults from battles. The developers replied positively but are not sure what kind of mission to replace these ones with, so if you have any suggestions, they're all ears!

Hunter's Overdrive can sometimes appear through textures. This is not a bug, but something that is caused by lag. Do note that Hunter is able to hit a hull even if a very small part of it is sticking out the prop it is hiding behind.

Implementing new Gold Box drop mechanics is a cool idea. Hazel said it was on his mind to add something like a Grim Reaper dropping a Gold for Halloween, but it would be hard to implement.

Now, a little bit about King Hardcore. It's currently in soft launch and the developers plan to release it unannounced in a very small area and then collect feedback from players. If the game is good, they will continue working on it, otherwise the project will be scrapped.

Now for some minor things that can be expressed in bullet points:

  • eSports paints are not animated because... the developers just haven't animated them yet. Developers also express an eager desire to make even more paints, despite already having hundreds.
  • Winter theme from the Stadium map was removed because it got updated with the new props, which don't have a winter version.
  • Protection modules' names are random because we generally came up with them for fun.

Lastly, players requested to know why the camera doesn't jerk to the side when you get shot in the mobile version like it does in the browser version. This minor advantage is greatly compensated by the fact that aiming with the mouse is generally significantly less accurate than with the keyboard. Besides, if the camera gets force-moved when aim gets knocked off, everyone would find it extremely infuriating.

This review was compiled and written by Wiki/Newspaper Administrator Hexed and Forums' Administrator Maf.

October 18, 2020

The community manager of the English community, Marcus, hosted a live broadcast along with other helpers from the community. During the livestream, Marcus answered popular questions from players and also played Matchmaking battles with the viewers. The livestream went on for about 2 hours.


Questions & Answers

Q: Will Crisis be available for purchase, even for real money? Are you planning any new drones?

Crisis drone was made specifically for containers. That's where it lives, and that's where it will stay for the time being. Maybe one day we will make it available to purchase directly as a limited time offer. But then what's the point of having containers if there is no exclusive content inside them? For that reason we don't plan to sell the drone directly, and we think it's great that ultra containers have special, premium items inside them. Either way, keep an eye on the shop showcase because maybe one day it will have some very special offer popping up there. Actually, most players seem to prefer it when containers have such content added to them, because it makes the feature more interesting, and we like to keep things interesting.

Q: When will fog or weather appear in Tanki Online? Or will be the 3D graphics completely made?

We're actually working on a very interesting thing right now that will improve graphics in the game. We agree that the current maps look really underwhelming now that we've started adding the gorgeous ultra skins. The new 3D bushes also look quite great, but everything else is old and primitive. This has become really quite jarring lately, so we're considering what we can do to fix it. Completely redoing all maps would take an excessive amount of time and resources, so that's not really an option. However, one thing we can try is improve the lighting effects on maps. We already tried doing something like this on Rio. A few shaded places around the map were made to look darker than usual, and it looked really cool. We'll be trying to make the same kind of lighting effects on all maps at with even higher quality. Won't reveal any more info about that right now, but after this crucial step we can try other things, such as glow effects from shots that we had on Flash, and other fancy things.

Q: A question about hovering hulls. Will you improve the controls (being able to strafe with keyboard, without using the mouse), and if so, when?

There's ongoing discussions about whether or not keyboard strafing should be implemented, but, to be honest, it's not something we plan to change anytime soon. This is in part due to feedback we recieved from you, the players, back when we were trying out the strafe mechanic on the test server. The vast majority of feedback said "no, we don't like these controls, make it work the way we're used to". it's possible that back then you guys were jumping to conclusions too quickly, thinking "what is this new weird contraption that drives all weirdly", but now a lot of you actually came to like the strafing mechanic and are asking for it to be added for the keyboard-only controls. However, our focus was actually on mouse and mobile touchscreen controls, and the hover hulls work perfectly there. So regarding implementation of such controls on keyboard - at the moment it's not planned at all.

Q: Are you planning to divide matchmaking for solo players and players who are in a group? Or to otherwise add some balance to the battles?

Usually it's much better when everyone plays together, so we don't plan to split players like that. If we're talking about isolated battles where all players in both teams are in groups, then such a system comes with its own set of issues. For example, not all groups wish to play against all other groups, and if we make everyone anonymous in battles, then it will be no fun at all. Therefore, we don't currently plan to make any changes in that direction. There are some ideas in that regard right at the bottom of the backlog. In case you're wondering, a backlog is just a list of tasks that we plan to work on in the future, and the tasks have different priority depending on how important they are at the moment. So anyway, at the moment if at the start of a battle one of the teams has a group, then the other team will always also have a group, although it may not be obvious right away. This is a typical solution in Matchmaking games, because it's considered that being in a group gives a strategic advanatge in coordination, therefore they have a multiplier added to their power value. This means that if we put non-grouped players against a group, those players will overall have more powerful equipment than the team with the group. But it seems that you guys aren't satisfied with the results, so we'll be looking into it.

Q: Will you add new hulls?

Yes, there is a new hull planned. In fact, more than one. Quite obviously they will also be hover tanks, since we only just developed a wonderful new way to control movement, and we'll make some more tanks that ustilise this type of movement. We won't be giving away any spoilers about what those tanks will do yet. Spoilers are no fun.

Q: And why did you decide to sell Hopper for crystals in the garage?

"Let's start with saying that the reason we added hover tanks is that we wanted to make it easier for mobile players to control their tanks. And it works. So it would look quite confusing if we add hover tanks as premium items while our task was to make controls easier for mobile players. You may ask, then why you were selling it only for money immediately after it was released? That's how early access works, and we even clarified that it was just early access in the bundle's name; it was not a permanent decision to make Hopper available only for real money. Also, we will be using early access for other new content as well."

Q: Why are augments not working? I bought a Magnum augment a long time ago, it is equipped, but not working. Why does this problem appear and will you fix it?

The most likely issue here is that this player isn't aware that Magnum augments were changed recently. Having said that, you will like our plans to change them further, although we won't be telling you what those plans are just yet. Anyway, the augments work, but if you're the one asking us this question and if you weren't aware of the recent changes, then just change or remove your current augment and all will be fixed. But if you're one of those players asking us this question within the last one or two weeks, then we understand that there were indeed some issues recently where equipping an augment doesn't actually work, but this should already be fixed by now.

Q: When will you remove the pay to win factor? Or reduce it!!!!!!!!

"If we remove all purchases from the game, our developers would have to work for free and we would have to find a hosting provider who would let us host our game servers for free, which isn't possible. The game is free-to-play but it doesn't mean that all the content is free. Actually, the right word for this model is called Freemium. Guys, the game won't survive without donations. That's actually the only reason why the game can keep being alive. We try to make almost all the game functions available for free without purchasing any premium content (except for some exceptions). You may find it hard to believe, but some players actually like when it's hard to get some items. For example, if we let players buy ultra skins for crystals, they wouldn't be as unique as they are now. "

Q: When will you release the new "Tesla" turret?

Not this year and I don't have any estimated time of arrival. We are now focused more on new hulls, because they're more interesting. We have new turrets planned, including a ready concept of the Tesla turret. The game design documentation is ready but we don't have enough resources to spend on implementing it at the moment.

Q: Will there be more "Early Access" offers?

Like I have already said - yes, there will be more. (00:46:14)

Q: Will the mission "Take one of the top three places in the winner's team 15 times" be made easier? For instance, being top 3 in any team?

Yes, maybe it will change - maybe not.The concept of this task is that you should play the game competitively, not just go into the matchmaking and start collecting boxes or wasting overdrives like some players do. (00:47:10)

Q: Will you add paints like "Peppers", "Vavilon", or "Synergy" into the containers?

No - we do not plan to add these paints to containers because they had a specific reason to be in the game. It is an interesting question, maybe we should think about the fan paints. (00:48:38)

Q: When will another war like "Domination" or "Stolen Christmas" come to Tanki Online?

We are not planning on doing anything like this. We have come to the conclusion that if we do the same thing, the same problems will appear again - the war is not in the game. That is, if we can make the war map inside the game, then we will make this war. We won't promise anything yet, but we will think about it.

Q: Will you add the old interface to the settings?

This has been a very controversial story so far, because it was not that flexible, let's say. It is much easier for us to work with the new interface, for example if we want to change things. The old interface was, you know, almost filigree carved in marble with a little hammer - that's what I call manual adjustment of pixels. "So just transfer it..." Of course you can try to do it quickly, but believe me it will look so bad that you won't like it very much. And doing it badly is a bad idea. (00:52:00)

Q: When will you nerf other hulls (not Hornet)?

We also have a plan to fix Mammoth, fix Titan, and fix Wasp. Look, the work will continue. We won't promise anything yet, but there will always be fixes. In general, there will always be fixes in a project as long as it lives. (00:55:00)

Q: Will you add PRO battles to TO mobile?

Let's say, opinion about it varies between decision makers in the company.

Q: When will you add new modes?

Same - opinions vary, but as for now it's a no, we have enough.

Q: Will the Juggernaut mode be added to PRO battles?

No, there won't be Juggernaut in PRO battles.

Q: Will there be an option to choose a matchmaking map like in CS:GO?

It's more no than yes. Our MM system differs from the CS:GO one, so it won't work this way. Maybe we will come up with some new matchmaking system and implement an option to choose from two map pools but I actually don't understand what we need it for.

Q: Will there be a new supply like those Test Box videos you did in the old V-LOGs?

No, there are already enough of them. As for the supplies we showed in the V-LOG, they were no more than a joke.

Q: When will you add new maps?

Whenever we make them. Not now.

Q: Will it be possible to enter PRO battles from TO mobile?

There are no such plans.

Q: Why are you killing Flash? It is very good for weak PCs... And following on from that - do you think that a lot of players will leave when Flash closes completely?

We wish that no one will leave the game but we realize that there is a number of people who have weak PCs that only can run the Flash version. The main thing here is that you should understand that there is no future for the game if we keep using Flash. There are almost no games that still use Flash and have more players than Tanki. There are a bunch of functions which we cannot implement because Flash doesn't support them, not to mention that it takes far less time to develop new features in HTML5.

Q: Will you add a new Zombie gamemode on the Halloween? You said you wanted to.

When we said that we would like to add modes like that, we also said that these modes could only be released together with bots. Have we already added bots? No, we haven't (except for ones in a tutorial for newbies). The problem is that bots need different settings for each map or they would look dumb. We are not working on improving bots now, and so we aren't working on that mode either.

Q: Will you add a "Beautiful 3D mode" into graphic settings?

We will keep working on it.

Q: Are you going to fix flags?

Yes (01:04:33)

Q: Why can't you add smaller maps to MM; maps that aren't 10 vs 10? Sometimes you just want to play on simple, small maps.

We are discussing the best number of players for a MM battle and when we decide, maybe some maps will be added or removed.

Q: Will you add other themes to the interface? For instance a dark mode or a bright mode.

Maybe. Hazel also said that it would be cool to implement customizable interfaces.

Q: Will you improve the achievements system?

One day. If we do, we will make it inside the game.

Q: Will you give out prizes for the achievements?

Probably yes, we have it planned, but it's in our very very long-term plans.

Q: How are you rate the efficiency of a certain update? Why can't you be more open? Why are you hiding, for example, the chance of a certian drop from a container? Nothing would change if you tell us.

"We have our own analytics system. It watches the current situation in the game, numbers, etc., and we can rely on it, but we also consider feedback from players who may tell us about some really sore points. Of course, your feedback affects our decisions, and we use it to understand if we did something right or not. There are some players who write their feedback on the forum, see no changes and think that we do not listen to players' feedback. Any feedback like ""Mammoth is too OP"" is just a hypothesis which should be tested. We check our numbers, we check how it works, we check how many players write similar things, and if there is any proof of it, should it be changed? Is the person right? Maybe the guy actually is right, and Mammoth may be too OP in some case, but what is that case? How can you reproduce this case? That's why detailed feedback is very important."

Q: When will you bring back crystal boxes?

We have already returned the crystal boxes but in a different way than we had them previously, and we won't be changing it.

Q: When will a way to exchange different supplies be added? And how will it work?

We have had that kind of idea. We have been discussing it and we were close to starting developing it, but decided to put it on hold. We do not discuss this idea nowadays because there are other, more important ideas to take care of.

Q: What programming languages do you use?

Java, Kotlin, React + Redux, WebGL / OpenGL

Q: Are you planning to increase in-game dynamics, like making the hulls faster?

We already have Hopper with extremely high speed. Hazel said that it's enough, joking that you guys actually want him to add aircrafts and helicopters.

Q: Augments were created to change the gameplay of the turret, so why is the "Adrenaline" augment so powerful and it take anything away from the user? Same about the hull augments.

With the last update of augments we completely changed their philosophy. Previously, augments were called alterations because they were changing they way that you could use a turret. Now they boost your turret, make it more powerful. I wouldn't agree that Adrenaline doesn't take anything away. You can use this augment only when your HP is not full. Thus, it takes away the possibility to get any advantage while your HP bar is full.

Q: When will you add Tanki to iOS?

We want to release Tanki to iOS. It won't happen this year but maybe we will start working on it at the end of the next year.

Q: That's not a secret that you receive main part of crystals/coins,etc. from anything but not the main function of the game - battles. Is it intentionally? Is it really how games should evolve? Is it normal that main part of in-game earning come from additional things like containers, missions, challenge or it is just a temporary measure to not let the game die?

Yes, we did it intentionally. Players like it and yes, that how games evolve. No, that's not a way to prevent the game from dying. All updates are released to not let the game die, like in any other game.

Q: Can you add a feature to check friends and missions in battle?

"Yes, it's possible but we are not working on it now. There is also the problem that you find it annoying when you see a player doing nothing in a battle, while actually he is just checking his friends list or missions."

Q: It would be good to make final scores screen like in Flash so you can see what map you were playing and see you tank on the map, etc.


Q: When will you remove the increased experience in the battles? I am ranking too fast!

The increase of XP and battle fund rates were done intentionally. In our opinion, making the rank up process faster has a positive effect on the game.

Q: When will you start developing the mobile version seriously? I mean bug fixes, more options for customization (like full UI customization), etc.

We are not going to stop working on it, at least not until the iOS release. We are working hard on the mobile version, seriously.

Q: Will you add secret rooms to the maps like in the old days? Polygon, Pass etc.

We are experimenting with secret rooms. When we end the migration process from Flash to HTML5 we will come back to this question, because with HTML5 it will be much easier. Not to mention, if we add a secret room, it should be secret.

Q: Why don't you add voice chat? It would make it easier to communicate with teammates. Writing takes a lot of time and it's often not fast enough during a battle. Voice chat exists in many games and it is very convenient.

You probably have tried to launch Discord on your PC and it actually takes some time to load it. Now, imagine how it would affect the game loading time if we added a voice chat. Of course, there are a lot of pros of adding a voice chat but there are also many cons. We like the idea, but as for now, you can use Discord.

Q: Why did you destroy PRO battles? Be honest.

"Look, guys. Here's how it works. We directed our resources to matchmaking, to daily missions, to this system. There were simply no resources left for PRO Battles. And so, when there were problems, we solved these problems by turning off features in PRO Battles, like crystals in XP/BP. Of course, from your point of view it looks like we came and broke everything out of the blue, but from our perspective it was just a diversion of resources in the other direction. Will they ever return to the PRO Battles? That's a good question, ask it next time. Ivan: Once PRO battles become relevant again, we will do everything we can to develop them, but until that moment they will stay on the sidelines."

Q: Why you can create Rugby and Assault, but not Juggernaut battles?

It would be too easy to abuse - the same reason we don't give a Fire Wasp format to Fire Wasp players. This is why we have not given it yet.

Q: When you get stats to check the status of the game balance, which ranks do you analize?

All of them, of course. The picture of balance is different at all ranks and something has to be done to keep it.

Q: Players liked the Hopper Railgun event mode, are you going to add such modes?

Railgun Hopper is a cool thing, and yes, we do discuss modes like those. It's possible that something interesting will happen in future.

Q:"We first made the keyboard control so it was designed to strafe. The guys who played with it for a while liked it. But, they could not turn the turret. The ancient code of the Tanki samurai prohibits playing if you can't turn the turret. That's why the keyboard strafe is not acceptable. The turret must be rotated! You liked hover tanks in general, but there's a problem - you crash into everything while using them. So far, we are not sure what we will do to fix that. It's possible that you will be able to bind buttons to strafe yourself. Ivan: Mouse is a handy manipulator. Trust me."

Q: Augments. Will it be possible to equip 2 hull augments at the same time?

This is an interesting question. We will think about it.

Q: Will we ever be able to buy Immunity Hull Augments for crystals?

When will they stop being for buyers? No, no and no. But you can already get them from the containers that you get as rewards in our events.

Q: Will you add a feature blocking flags when there are not enough players in one of the teams?

In fact, it is not as easy as you might think. Ideas are simple, they are everywhere. The problem is the implementation. You think it would help, and we think so too. We have it in our backlog. But I can't promise anything.

Q: Could it be possible to automatically add a Weekly Mission once you finish one, to prevent having to wait several days for a new one?

In fact, the system checks when you return to the game and counts from that moment. So your missions have changed. Maybe we should update all your missions at the same time? If we do that, the server may hang up for a few seconds, which is not very cool. We have tried it, and it would be cool, but believe me, it's better this way for now.

Q: Lately, there are more UT-skins, and across time (as far as I understand) they will generally replace the regular ones. What about props on maps? Are there any plans soon to improve textures and rework 3D models of buildings? The latter became a little more related to the release of Hopper.

Let's take it in order. UT skins will not replace the standard, they are still Ultra. But keep an eye on the V-LOGs. As for props on the maps? We want to start by improving the lighting. However, note that all 3D objects in the game are made from a pre-determined set of props and put together like a jigsaw. If we were to change one, all would need updating. In other words, it won't happen anytime soon.

Q: Why can't you add a more detailed player stats?

Someday. It's cool, in theory it can work. In Flash, it was difficult to work with the interface and so there were no personal statistics. Now it is possible, but I won't promise anything.

Q: When will you add airplanes?

It is better to start with helicopters.

Q: Will you add new skins like Legacy, Prime, Demonic or maybe others?

Not yet, we have not yet made a single Demonic skin in the Ultra variant, but this is a very cool idea. We do not plan to, but the idea is there.

Q: Will you add effects to the mines? For example, with some probabilty the mine will add a random effect?

A brilliant question. We have had that idea; maybe we will even try to come up with something.

Q: Why doesn't Hopper's mass upgrades affect the height of its jump?

This is an interesting question. Mass in this case does not affect the acceleration, it is made like that for a couple of reasons.

Q: Why is Hopper jumping relative to the hull, and not to the map like planned?

We really wanted to do it, but we rejected the idea for a few reasons. In exchange, Hopper is now controllable while in flight, which it was not in the original concept.

Q:"Will HTML5 modding (using third-party software to enhance the look of the game) be allowed?"

I don't know about it legally, because modding might be illegal. But I like where it can go; I've already talked about a modded, custom interface once before.

Q: Have you ever thought of creating a new hull with wheels, as opposed to tank tracks or floating mechanics?

In the beginning stages of the game we had an idea of a hull like that, something similar to an APC. However, to implement that we would have had to make different physics for the tank movement mechanic. We made hovertanks instead, and I think we did the right thing.

Q:"Will new types of containers ever be added in the future? "

Even more? Well, if you want them...

Q:"Why did you remove the option to purchase a single Coinbox for 30 tankoins in the Shop? "

There were reasons to do so.

Q: Will there ever be a system of merging of accounts, where skins, supplies, turret/hull upgrades, etc. will be transfered from one account to another?

We discussed a multi-account system. The premium currency would be unified, and the crystals would be separated. On the other hand, it creates the issue that you do not want to leak your account to mults, friends, etc. That's why we didn't do it. Perhaps we will discuss it later.

Q:"Currently, the ""Lifeguard"" drone is one of the most expensive drones to use, as it uses three repair kits in addition to batteries. Are there any plans to reduce the amount of supplies needed for the use of this drone? "

"Look, it is very good that you have asked this question. You and I totally agree that drones should consume the same amount of supplies. Maybe we should increase the consumption of supplies on other drones? I do not think that the current consumption is wrong. Lifeguard does have the effect of three repair kits after all."

Q: Currently, no matter which Isida shot effect you are using, the color of the beam while healing remains the same. Are you planning on changing this color, or will it confuse players?

You are absolutely right - it would confuse the players. The attacking beam can be any coluor (except green, for obvious reasons). Let's say, Isida is following me and shooting me with an interesting beam. Is it healing or killing me? I think it would just confuse players, and that's a bad idea.

Q: Will you add some TankiX maps? like Repin and Ares, these maps are unique and I would love to see them again in TO.

No, we will not add them. These maps were made on other technologies, with other principles. They are not even close to Tanki Online. The idea is cool, it would be fun to try it, but will we do it? I'm not sure. Firstly, we would have to remake the old props so that they look new. Until then, we will not talk about any maps from Tanki X.

Q: When will they fix Vulcan with fire immunity?

As you may have noticed, there is a one very interesting interaction. When you equipped the Firebird protection module with Vulcan, you took reduced damage from burning. We transferred this interaction to the Heat Immunity augment. And I see that opinions are divided. Some people believe that it is an exploit, that this is not the correct way to go. Others believe that it is right. We think it looks like an exploit, but it's a transparent and understandable interaction. If at some point you got the Heat Immunity augment, put it on your tank, equipped the Vulcan and the game said "No! Game design requires that you don't make this mistake." I don't think it would be good. And what to do to it except to change the burning effect of Vulcan itself? I don't think it's necessary. To be honest, I think that this is a very cool combo.

Q: When will they bring back overdrive retaining in the juggernaut mode - overdrive charge before and after becoming the Juggernaut?

This is a mistake. We are planning to fix it. I cannot tell you when it will happen though.

Q: Will you add the 3D bushes to the mobile version?

Yes. We will add 3D bushes to the mobile version, but I don't know when.

Q: Can you add more optimezed (graphics) settings to the mobile version?

Yes, optimisation is really needed there. Not all phones support the game. We will always keep an eye on the optimisation.

Q: Can Shaft's (non-mouse) scoping mode be made identical to in Flash? HTML5's sniping mode is jerky on the vertical axis and feels tight.

The Shaft controls while scoping with the mouse or with the keyboard are not really different, they are just not optimal. They have problems; they don't behave like they should. Regarding the keyboard - I do not think that we will seriously fix anything there. Believe me, it's easier with the mouse. As for the mouse however, it definitely needs to be fixed and we have plans to do so.

Q: Will you redesign the mobile garage, as it happened to the HTML5 version?

"Lobby design on mobile and HTML5 will always be different because they have to meet different requirements. Whether some things will be transferred between the platforms - probably yes. Ivan: If we are talking about visual changes, then, well, it's quite a good idea. It's in the backlog."

Q: will the experience and crystal boost be removed? If so, how soon in the future will it be removed? Kind of scared that I might rank up by accident sometime

We have already answered about funds and experience boosts - no, we are not going to remove them. We may even be discussing increasing them or changing their balance, anything is possible. This is a question entirely dependent on analytics.

Q: Will the circle at the bottom which shows where someone is when ur in a battle be optional , I mean can we activate it in settings or not, because for me this is irrelevant and not needed?

Yes, we have discussed whether radar can be made optional. Whether there will be a button for it or not, and when - I can not say. On the topic that it is not needed at all - I've seen some feedback that said it is not needed and is just distracting, and some feedback that said "You know, I started using it and I felt like I had eyes in the back of my head." The question is open. Try to look at the radar, you may like it.

Q: Will there be referral links on HTML 5?

I would say this: this mechanism is outdated. We don't work on referral links at all, it's easier to optimize the game so that Play Store can help players who are interested in your game find you.

Q: Many of the sounds that have been added to the game since Striker's release are of lower quality than the previous ones - the higher frequencies are completely missing, as though a low-pass filter was applied over them. A good example of this are the new Vulcan sounds, which are lower in quality than the old ones. Why is this so?

It's a good question, considering that the producer of these sounds has not been replaced. His tastes may have changed however. I will try to pass this question on to him. We will try to figure out what suits us best.

Q: Why are the sound effects for Freeze and Firebird too low? They are almost impossible to hear against loud turret sounds like Striker and Magnum.

It's a good question, especially considering different clients. When transferring sounds to HTML5 we really had a situation where we had to reconfigure them. Perhaps, if it's about the new client, the sounds of the Freeze and Firebird are really quieter than they should be. A few more details and we can correct that. Most players are satisfied with the current sound level though.

Q: Are you going to make new games like Tanki X or Tanki 2.0?

Yes, there are side projects waiting for you in the future. Another Tanki - no, it is still deep in the discussion. There are no new Tankis on the horizon. And the side project, which is about tanks - no. If the game exists for 11 years and is able to develop itself, why should we develop a sequel? We tried it - it did not end well.

Q: Why do you make the game easier? Adapting it for children?

"That's a cool question. Have you tried Magnum? You equip Magnum, you equip the Reinforced gun carriage. And you think - were people who developed it smart? After all this, it's too difficult to play. Not for children, at all. If we want to answer in general, the whole entertainment industry, it tries to keep the focus at the children. Schoolchildren generate a huge number of views, downloads, and comments. We are all very interested in making content that is at least a little bit interesting to youngsters. In the initial idea, Tanki Online was that game about tanks from our childhood. Where did we cross the border, where did we become an adult game? We do not think that we make the game for children only. The question remains: what should we consider a game for the youth? We do not always simplify the game by adding augments and complex interaction mechanics. We try to make it so that even a child can deal with it and then use everything that is in the game."