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Bonus and Discount Cards

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Bonus and Discount cards are a way of giving a player a bonus or a discount on a certain item in the Shop. As their name suggests, Bonus cards give a player more of the item the card is for, but for the same price. Discount card on the other hand, gives a player an item for a lesser price.


If the item you’re buying is already discounted, and you have a discount card for that same item, the system will automatically pick the better discount. However, if you’re buying an item at a discount, and you happen to have a bonus card for that same item, both the discount AND the bonus will be applied, giving you a great deal.

Discounts and bonuses will vary between cards.

The mechanism by which cards will be handed out to players, is the same as for Double Crystal Card, that is, completely at random.

Important Information

  • Cards can be obtained as daily gifts; one card is chosen randomly.
  • One can possess 2 cards at the same time if he/she is lucky to obtain a second card before a first one expires, but they will not apply for the same category (no chance to have Discount card and Bonus card for the same category together).
  • Cards apply only to Shop items.
  • Cards apply to any number of purchases and remain for 24 hours since obtained.
  • Discount and bonus percentages may vary occasionally.
  • Cards apply to any payment methods.
  • Cards do not apply to special bundles and bonus Premium days for buying crystals.
  • Crystals bonus card applies to crystal bonuses in packets.
  • Bonus crystals are not taken into account when it comes to referrers’ deductions.

Types of Cards

There are two types of cards currently in the game:

  1. Bonus cards
  2. Discount cards

Bonus Cards

BonusCard Crystal.png
BonusCard GoldBox.png
BonusCard PremiumAccount.png

These cards give you more of the item you’re buying, but for the same price. There are three types of bonus cards:

  1. Bonus Card - Crystal
  2. Bonus Card - Gold Box
  3. Bonus Card - Premium Account

All of these give you a bonus on the item you're buying, if the card is for that item. For example, if you have a bonus card for Premium Account, buying it for 1d might give you an equivalent of 2d, 3d and so on. Similarly, you will get an extra amount of crystals or Gold Boxes if you have a bonus card for them.

Moreover, the previously known Double Crystal Card (DCC) is now known as a Bonus Card - Crystal, BC-C or BCC.

Name Minimum Rank
Bonus Card - Crystal Gefreiter
Bonus Card - Gold Box Warrant Officer 1
Bonus Card - Premium Account Recruit

Now, if you have bonus card for an item, that item will have a label over it saying 'BONUS', like this:

Bonus Label.png

Discount Cards

DiscountCard Crystal.png
DiscountCard GoldBox.png
DiscountCard PremiumAccount.png
DiscountCard Paints.png
DiscountCard ProductKits.png

These cards will make an item or a bundle cheaper for you to buy. There are five types of discount cards:

  1. Discount Card - Crystal
  2. Discount Card - Gold Box
  3. Discount Card - Premium Account
  4. Discount Card - Paint
  5. Discount Card - Product/Supplies Kit

All of these cards give you a discount on the item you're buying, provided that the card is actually for that item in the first place. You can receive deductions in crystals, Gold Boxes, Premium Account, paints and product/supplies kits.

Name Minimum Rank
Discount Card - Crystal Recruit
Discount Card - Gold Box Warrant Officer 1
Discount Card - Premium Account Recruit
Discount Card - Paint Recruit
Discount Card - Product/Supplies Kit Master Corporal

Now, if you have discount card for an item, that item will have a label over it saying 'SALE', like this:

Discount Label.png


Both of the cards have a special icon by which they can be identified. These are as follows:

Icon Name
Bonus Icon.png Bonus Icon
Discount Icon.png Discount Icon