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Garage | Container | Special

Type Garage paint
Price in Garage 10 Crystal.png
Rarity Common
Available from IconsNormal 01.png Recruit
Currently obtainable Yes
Found in Containers No
Purchasable in Garage Yes
Description in Garage
This paint was added to the official list in memory of a failed project - the development of an amphibious tank codenamed "Catfish". Designers were planning on giving the "Catfish" the ability to move beneath the waters of shallow rivers, allowing it to take position behind enemy lines. The blue color would have been perfect for camouflage.

Blue is a paint in Tanki Online. It can be purchased from the rank of IconsNormal 01.png Recruit in the Garage for 10 crystals.

Interesting facts

  • Costing just 10 crystals, Blue, along with Red and Orange, is the cheapest paint available for purchase in the Garage.
  • Due to its cheapness and availability, an easily-accessible paint like this one is often required to be equipped in media contests such as Video of the Week - to prevent older content from being used.
  • Legacy paint description:

A paint that doesn't have any defensive attributes. It is bright blue so it is great for blue team games.