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Garage | Container | Special

Type Award paint
Rarity Special
Available from IconsNormal 01.png Recruit
Currently obtainable Yes
Found in Containers No
Purchasable in Garage No
Description in Garage
This paint belongs to the fearsome players of the parkour community, who completed the impossible challenges of Parkour Survival and finished the contest as a single team.

Blaze is a paint in Tanki Online.

Interesting facts

  • This paint belongs to the most skilled parkourists who managed to cope with all the challenges of the Parkour Survival 2018 tournament and proved to be a close-knit team.
  • During the Parkour Survival 2019 it was decided that this paint is going to be used for this specific contest "Parkour Survival" and it will be awarded to the winners of the contest each time we organize this contest. Previous years winners will lose their paint and in order to get the paint again, they have to participate in the running Parkour Survival contest.
  • The paint was given to the Parkour Survival 2020 winners.


Blaze tank.png