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Helper paint awarded for the Best Helpers of the Month

Each month, certain Assistants of Administration are chosen by their respective Administrator(s) as the hardest working in their role(s) during the nomination period. For them, Tanki Online is more than a Game. It's these people that manage to make the game comfortable and worth playing. For their work, they are rewarded with a special Paint, Helper and the special module, Spectrum B, with 20% protection from all turrets and mines. They keep these rewards for the period of a month unless they are nominated for the next month and in that case, they keep their rewards.

List of Best Helper Awards



Best Helper 2020 paint
Best Helper 2020 paint appearance on a tank


Best Helper 2019 paint
Best Helper 2019 paint appearance on a tank


Best Helper 2018 paint
Best Helper 2018 paint appearance on a tank


Best Helper 2017 paint
Best Helper 2017 paint appearance on a tank
Best Helper 2016 paint
Best Helper 2016 paint appearance on a tank